2018 Color Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Cancer

Astrology forecast for the 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth DOG

The colors for Cancer are white, silver, and light blue, and the ruling planet is the Moon. The Moon's colors are white, silver and pearly shades. White is a basic color often a part of everyone's formal and casual wardrobe. Chances are, you wear it on a daily basis, especially if your socks and underwear are/used to be white.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope Part 1

Cancer 2018 Color Horoscope 1

The Moon will pass through every sign each month. We look at the New Moons, which are at the beginning of the Moon's cycle, as they occur in each sign. The signs' emphases will color the whole month of the New Moon to the next New Moon.

Brightness and Dullness of Colors Depends on the Moon

The Moon does not go retrograde, so there will be no darker shades due to the restricted motion. What does happen is that the Moon passes through four relatively distinct phases. The new New Moon is dark and unseen in the night sky. It's the quieter or more subdued time each month, when things are just beginning. The First Quarter is a time when things really pick up momentum. The Full Moon is when things come to fruition or fullness. The Last Quarter is when things start to slow down again before the darkness of yet another New Moon. As the Moon goes from dark to light, so should you wear colors that go from dark to light. As the Moon goes from light to dark, so should you wear colors that go from light to dark.

Remember the slower time for Cancer is always the week running up to each of the twelve New Moons in 2018. For these seven days, tone things down to dove gray for the white and darker shades of the sign colors.

On January 17th, the first new Moon of the year is in Capricorn. This can be a challenging month for Cancerians. There will be a lot of self-doubt about your core issues and beliefs, especially your beliefs in the strength and security of your relationships. Cancer people should wear white, black, and dark shades of gray.

On February 15th, there is a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius. Solar eclipses are strong times for Cancer as the Moon dominates the Sun for a brief moment. This is a power day for Cancer people in 2018. Wear white and silver on this day. New relationships start smoothly, and those of you with significant others will find that your relationship has a different, but refreshingly unrestricted, vibe.

During March, the watery Pisces New Moon will support Cancer and all Moon-ruled people. This is the time to start exploring and to stretch toward things that have previously seemed unreachable. White with mauve or sea green will work well for you for this month.

On April 16th, the fiery Aries New Moon calls for flair. Bright red and white are your colors. This month will draw attention to your outside life and create the chance for you to find your home in your career. For those who are in a rut now, this is the month to look into the future and aspire toward better things.

In mid-May on the 15th the New Moon will be in Taurus, and you ought to wear white with pink or a little green. As the Moon grows in light the friendships will develop. This is a good month for Cancerians, and associates will be supportive. You can make new friends now if you're friendly and open.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope Part 2

Cancer 2018 Color Horoscope 2

On June 13th, the New Moon is in Gemini, and now the colors you should choose are white and yellow. If it's summer for you in the Northern Hemisphere, it'll be easier, since summer clothes tend to be lighter. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you may want to stick to yellow details or accessories. This new Moon signals the time of the year when Cancerian should take it slow. This is in preparation for the next New Moon in Cancer. Be reclusive if you must, and take the time to recharge your batteries and care for yourself. Get more sleep and paying attention to self-care.

On July 13th, the partial solar eclipse at the north node will be in its own sign of Cancer. This makes it the best month of the year for you. This is like the new year for Cancer folk. Be ready to stand up for who you are and live in your truth. This is the month for a recalibration of what and who matters. Wear white, pearly colors, and a touch of light blue. Crisp white cotton shirts and blouses will be the best article for you this month.

On July 27th, the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius will slow things down for Cancers. Any lunar eclipse takes something away from you. You may feel drained or worn out. The way to survive this day is to rest and recoup. Avoid making decisions or doing any hard work. If you must anyway, try not to do anything that can't be undone.

The August solar eclipse in Leo 11th brings in white with a touch of gold or yellow. Mix up your silver and other light colors. Now the energy for Cancerian is focused on earning and finances. You may be planning to buy things and this is the month for serious purchases. Invest in your collections and what you love.

On September 9th, the Moon starts its new cycle in Virgo and now you can wear white and lime green or chartreuse. This is a crisp look for Cancers. This is the time to take a quick cooking course or other short class that will feed your mind. Make an effort to meet new people and thought leaders.

During October 9th, your cycle begins in the sign of the scales and now choose white and emerald colors. Silver and pearls or green crystal jewelry like some opals, jade and emeralds work well now. Spend time with your family and get back to your roots. You may start home renovations

On November 7th, the New Moon will be in Scorpio and this sign loves turquoise which you can combine with white. This is a month for fixing up your home or finding a better place to live. To make a house a home is within the meaning of the decor.

On 7th December your ruling planet begins its monthly series in Sagittarius and now you can wear white and royal blue. This can be a slightly nautical look but it promises travel and adventure for you. You don't literally have to wear a sailor suit, but I'm not going to tell you what to do. This is the month for improving your daily rituals and finding healthy options. Work can be busy and you may toil non-stop for this month.

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