2018 Love Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

When Moon ruled Cancer people look for the love they have pressing expectations. The choices may be there but you choose not to come out of your shell and take a chance. Romance and the early stages of meeting new people are excruciating hard for Cancerians. Back in the day when families chose prospective suitors for their younger family members it really suited Cancers. Tap into your network and date people that have been recommended for you.

For Cancer people the early part of the year flows at its usual pace and the last third of the year is far richer in romantic possibilities. The Moon is your sign ruler and this is an interesting planet as it grows from dark to light and back again each month during the phases which the other planets do no do. This constant waxing and waning imply that your feelings will change over the course of each month as well.

Every month as the Moon sweeps around your chart is brings feeling and emotions to your love life and close personal relationship. The way you react to love and partnerships will depend on the phase the Moon is in each time it does this and the Moon's stage as it stimulates your two love areas changes every month. So in a way every month is an adventure in moods and sentiments for Cancerians more than the other signs.

The beautiful planet Venus will invigorate your romantic area from September 10th to October 5th and this will be a nice time to spend with the love of your life. The planet of love may let you view your lover through rose-tinted spectacles and often you cannot see their flaws as other do. If you are single, then love may slip in next to you quietly and could be the boy or girl next door or someone you have never considered.

The Sun lights up your romance zone from October 23rd to November 23rd and this brings love to you. You feel good and attractive. It is the time to get out and about and be seen to be happy and a fun person to be with. First impressions do count and when you are looking for romance you need to appear to be fresh and warm-hearted and not tatty and miserable.

The end of the year will be good for romance and from December 3rd until the New Year you will likely have a love in your life at this time. This does not mean it will be the same person you started the year with but it could be someone new. Life will be good at this time and you will be seen as happy together.Committed Relationships

With the serious business of a life-mate being in the hands of the planet Saturn you are likely to wait a while before tying the knot. Many Cancer people are thirty or over before they find their true partner.

The year starts with the illumination of your relationship sector until January 21st. This a good time to get serious about finding a partner. If you are married, then your togetherness will be lovely.

This year Saturn is fully present in your marriage zone. Cancer people will feel the urge to marry or to at least make their relationship more serious or go steady. This could be a marriage of convenience or utility and there may not be the traditional trappings of love like roses and flowers but the relationship works for you. Ignore the comments from those around you who want to break up your happiness. Live your own life and draw the line. Make it clear that there are boundaries to your chosen partner and they had better accept them or keep quiet. Be strong and hold your resolve.

Mars will stimulate your marriage zone from New Year's Day to January 27th and this could signal a time for commitment to each other.

Pluto is placed powerfully in your relationship area and this continues the theme of power in relationships. You may have benefitted when you married and to a powerful person or you could discover that there is a power play in the marriage now. On the other hand, you could be using your undue leverage to make your partner acquiesce and remain in this relationship too long. The knack with this energy is to step back and see what happens. Remove any pressure you have on your partner and if they stay they loved you and if they go they never did love you. Give love freedom this year. From December 22nd onwards you will again benefit from being in a relationship.

Lost Love

Lost love is about when things become more difficult and there are issues that come up in your love life and relationship. The power planet Pluto oversees your romantic area and this shows where love starts through flirting and gestures of love like Valentine's cards and gifts. The ringed planet Saturn rules your serious relationship zone. In 2018 both of these planets are energizing your marriage sector and this shows there will be much going on in your serious personal commitments or matrimonial life this year.

When either of these two planets changes direction there are challenges in your partnerships or the status of your primary relationship. For Saturn these special date is on April 18th to July 10th as this time suggests there will be limits placed on your love. This could be in the form of a cooling down of the passion or your partner is just not there for a while. You yourself may feel the love has cooled off and it may indeed be the case. Don't make sweeping decisions or cut relations before Saturn goes directly on July 10th. For Pluto the sensitive times are around April 27th and October 1st and the weeks between will typically be a time when things from the past are brought up once again for inspection. Learn to accept or ignore what has gone on in the past and look to your future together.

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Kukki 2017-12-12 06:43:42
2017 was the pathetic year for me specially in love aspects......i had break up twice my last breakup was done last month and i still love him and want him back in my life hes Sagittarius. Can you please tell me if he will be back to me or not? ill really appreciated
Thank You 2017-05-24 08:53:50
oh I only hope this is true for 2018 as 2017 was very trying, very exhausting and overall sad! Let's hope for the best in this year of Dog

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