2018 Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Sagittarius

Astrology forecast for 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 2018 Horoscope for people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

As heavy Saturn stimulates your earning area, you will finally be paid what you are worth. There can be some delays in getting the cash but when it comes, it will be because you are worth it. Do not underestimate the strength of Saturn to control your finances this year.

As the elusive planet Neptune languishes in your secret sector this year you will be concerned with growth of your spiritual life and taking care of things behind the scenes. Fill your psyche with good things and experience meditation as a long-term health option.

In 2018, Sagittarians will find that work gets crazy as on May 15th, Uranus enters your daily grind area. You will find new and innovative ways to do your day-to-day activities and chores, and you may even go temp if that appeals to you.

When Jupiter goes into your sign of the archer in late November, you will experience a surge of growth and expansion. You can confidently step onto the stage of your life and play your part. You can develop in many ways and will be lucky for twelve months from this time.

As the new year dawns you are off-the-mark sharp and until January 25th, the planets bring a powerful start to the year for all Sagittarians. This is the time to purge unwanted things from your life and to embrace the best of your ideas and visions

Late February sees you concentrating on home life and it is time to make sure all is well at home and that your family will support you as you go out and live your life. Everyone needs a support system and for archers it could be an extended family group or just your parents. Knowing someone is there who believes in you is often all that is needed.

After the solstice in March is the start of your fun time for 2018. You can enjoy life and spend warm days doing what you love. You are optimistic and feel good. Take walks and hike in the woods. It is a good time of the year and not much will get you down this month.

When Chiron enters your 5th house on April 24th , it signals a time for you to give extra time and love to your children and loved ones. You may be called upon to help youths or younger people overcome their problems. Your role is to be there, listen, and not judge. Empathy for their plight will be a strong theme for you now.

From around May 25th to June 13th will be two and a half weeks of harmony, and you will find support. Sagittarians practicing spiritual enlightenment will have the chance for broad understanding. This is a fluid and easygoing period and should be enjoyed.

From June 21st for four weeks, you will be aware of what others expect from you and what you have to give them in return. This can be an eye-opener as you realize your debts to others. This is the time when people call in their markers and you get to pay up. If it is your spouse calling the shots, it can cause some tension in your relationship. You may be cited as not pulling your weight and avoiding commitments.

July 23rd can be when you sign up for a new education course or enroll in a summer school class. Any further knowledge classes started now will be good for you. If you are at the end of a course and exams loom you will probably do very well. This is a good time to take your driving test or get your pilot's license.

During the two middle weeks of August, the energy shifts again and there will be relaxed and fun insights that can spark you to strike out on a new journey of the soul. For instance, you may be inspired to travel to India or learn other religious teachings.

Your career will take center stage in late August and this can be a time for a new career path or a promotion. You could receive accolades or other honors and respect now. If you have been planning a career move, this is a good time to make a change.

The days between September 5th to September 17th herald a second time this year for archers who will have the support and votes of powerful people. This can seem like sheer luck but with closer inspection, you may see the movements in the background as some people provide their support for you.

From September 23rd you may wish your were somewhere else. Spend time with friends and colleagues and participate in a group of like-minded people who know your story. To discover community in an unlikely place has its benefits. If your life is off track and you need group therapy then this is the time to seek it. By the same token, you can be a friend or sponsor for others now.

Your down time of the year begins on October 23rd as the solar light streams into your darkest zone. Spend your moments doing everyday things and don't start anything new. Attend to any niggling health issues that you have been ignoring. This is the time to light up the dark corners of your life for examination. Take your time and decide what needs to be fixed. You don't have to do everything at once. Plan what to do to improve yourself.

On November 23rd, the Sun lights up your life, and you can be whole again. Be true to yourself and honest with others.

After December 22nd, you can dash out and do last minute shopping for the silly season and find bargains that reflect your values. The year ends with you perhaps spending more that you thought but everyone is happy.

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Jamie 2017-12-12 21:10:31
I hope i get job four the new .
uzma 2017-11-21 21:46:45
it could be pssible to become a again mother in 2018
pragz 2017-05-24 09:45:22
Have to be more Carefull ...sounds like waring !
Zaffarsaddique 2017-05-24 08:39:35
Wants to go abroad but not happening, hope 2018 will help me with that.

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