Oriental 2019 Horoscope for Dragon

2019 Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Oriental 2019 Horoscope Dragon, for the Yellow Earth PIG Year

The year of a Pig for a Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Dragon 2019 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Pig Year

Dragon 2019 Horoscope

Those born in the year of the Dragon belong to the elements of the Earth and represent the first triangle of the Chinese horoscope. Pig, the patron of 2019, is the element of Water and the fourth triangle that is antagonistic to the first. As a result, the year 2019 will turn into a dynamic and fundamental one. In other words, any of your words and actions will lead to immediate consequences and results that can easily change something or someone. An energetic and self-confident Dragon should focus on two of his qualities in 2019: his intellect and his passion. It would seem that these features are mutually exclusive in many situations and aspects, but the Dragon quite successfully combines them throughout his life, and this unique skill will reach its climax right now.

As you know, great power carries a great responsibility, but fortunately the patron of 2019 will be supportive of the Dragon and will favor his honest and frank impulses. If the Dragon is facing a situation in which confidence leaves him, he should not surrender in any case. It is not the best option to stay in the same spot because it is not only your own destiny that depends on your actions. Progress in everything is the motto of the Dragon for the year of the Pig! Just do not go too deep into the causes of such events. If something good and meaningful is happening, does it really matter why is it happening? After all, you can get disappointed by discovering the answer.

Dragons with personal ventures should act cautiously during this year in order to benefit. In addition, rechecking all your opportunities before making the next step forward can slow you down, but it will protect you from mistakes that will turn into something critical for others. It is a good time to compete for a spot under the sun. Pig recommends using the old proven method - divida et impera. If the Dragon is not sure whether he will be able to surpass the competitor in everything, you can try doing it step by step. The main thing is to set goals that will be as ambitious as possible, because in the future the foundation established during this period will serve as a support in upcoming periods.

For those Dragons who do not have their own business, the patron of 2019 recommends finding your true calling and finally settling on an area to concentrate your efforts. This cycle is good in terms of a large number of prospects and the ability to choose almost any of them. There is no one to be embarrassed by the fact that the Dragon can make a choice in favor of a sphere that he has zero competence in. For example, you are a lawyer, but you want to work as a doctor. The situation is a bit exaggerated, but the Pig will prove that nothing is impossible in 2019. This time is not for risks, but for deliberate decisions that will predetermine the fate of both the Dragon himself and his loved ones in many ways.

Talking of the loved ones - 2019 for the representatives of your sign will have its own nuances. First, you should not stress too much over anything as almost any conflict that took place in your family will resolve itself in the near future. And if the Dragon really wants to participate, he can speed up the process, but the main thing is to carefully filter your own words to avoid hurting someone. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the love front for the Dragons. If you want to strengthen relationships, go ahead and just take a step in this direction. If you want to part with your sweetheart for a better relationship with someone else (it at least looks like a better one), there are also no problems. Some Dragons will finally make the decision to marry someone, and some will make some smaller, but equally important, decisions. The period of the Pig's year is good because even the most difficult steps will have a minimum of negative consequences (or, most likely, will be entirely free of them), so it is the best time to decide on anything.

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