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The end of the calendar year brings a lot of celebration with it. It also brings a great deal of reflection on what's been and what's to come. This is true of all the signs, although all will be facing particular areas in their lives that will be especially potent as we get closer to the 31st. 2019 has had a lot of strive, but also a lot of productive change. This brings its own stress with it, but it also means the possibility of growth is there. Think about pruning a tree: it's rough process on the tree, you lose a lot, but it's all in the promise of growth coming in the spring. This is exactly what the past year has been like, which is good because 2020 promises to have even a lot MORE change in store. Prune away, universe.

December is the great celestial culmination for all of the signs in 2019. Not just an end to the traditional, Western calendar, it's also the end to a number of stellar cycles. Jupiter has been in his home sign of Sagittarius since November 8th, but the end of the month brings his fantastic voyage to a close. That's a long travelled trip by a huge entity. It's a bit like your beloved uncle taking a cruise around the world. With those travels, he's sending postcards to all you, favored nephews and nieces. Those postcards can take many forms. Jupiter is enhancing powers for many people, but also acting as a sort of celestial bodyguard, raising the confidence of anyone who sits in his shadow. Fire signs will have a lot of courage towards the beginning of the month because of this. Water signs will feel a great rush of power toward the middle of the month. All will wind down and reflect as the year comes to an end.

Lest you think the only players in the sky we care about are the exotic ones, the moon will have a rich part in this tapestry. There's a fantastic new moon appearing in Sagittarius on December 7th. This will cast all sorts of shadows across the signs. This lunar voyage will square Mars and Neptune, bringing all sorts of power to the Earth signs. What does this mean for everyone else? Depending on the sign, this moon will bring with it chaos that can be harnessed for good, or perhaps the security of having a large stellar object at your back, or perhaps the comfort of knowing a longtime celestial friend is there watching out for us, available to comfort.

That's a lot of activity in the skies. The energy off of all this movement is available to those who know where to look for it and how to corral it for their personal needs. Venus and Mercury are the two planets most signs will have some inner connection with. Mercury is going to be directly casting its powers on December 6th on water signs in particular. Venus will be empowering the love lives of a number of signs, synchronizing with harmonious ley lines in the Earth, improving and empowering connections between all people.

And most prominently this month there's a powerful full moon in Cancer on December 22nd. This is going to be a focusing agent for many signs, causing some to evaluate the world around them with fresh eyes and for others to see wonders and secrets that had previously were hidden to them. It's no accident that the moon has the last grand act of the year. This has been a powerful moon year and its strong presence ushers in the era of great change 2020 will bring.

All of the signs should take this auspicious time to reflect and evaluate on the year that has passed. A number of powerful movements have occurred in the skies this year and the effect they've had has been powerful. 2020 is promising to be a time of even more change and chaotic energies, making the need for an end of the year reflection crucial to start things off on the right foot.

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