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Monthly March 2020 Horoscope

The major astrological element in the month of March 2020 will, of course, be the continued retrograde motion of Mercury through the 9th. Mercury in retrograde brings confusion, misunderstanding, technological breakdown, and high emotionality from all the signs of the zodiac. Fire and air signs will be especially prone to emotional outbursts and breakdowns. Mercury, however, will be moving out of this trend by the 10th, calming things down considerably as the month moves forward. Everyone would do well to avoid unnecessary travel during the first two weeks of March. Non-essential medical procedures and any major financial moves should also be avoided until Mercury begins his direct approach. A way to avoid major hassles during the retrograde period is to communicate, as much as possible anyway, face to face. This will take some of the uncertainty out of things, but is by no means a silver bullet. Perfect understanding will be more or less impossible until later in the month. This will be especially true when dealing with older family and friends. They are rich in wisdom, but Mercury will play havoc with their sense of understanding. Be patient and don't get frustrated.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 22nd of the month. The taskmaster of the charts, Saturn has been in Capricorn for over three years. This move shifts the power of Saturn, maker and enforcer of rules and hierarchies, into a mode of teaching and nurturing and growth rather than punishing or discouraging imagination. This will be a period more ripe for learning, exploration, and new ventures. Intellectually, this is the best time of the year for learning a new skill and opening yourself to new ideas. The pursuit of hobbies and side-jobs will be especially successful during this period. Air signs, in particular, should look for opportunities in business and in romance. New ways of thinking and new ways of seeing will be everywhere if you look.

Vesta enters a new house, Gemini, on the 21st. This is a period of increased luck and even magic for signs across the chart. Gambling will be fruitful, and the numbers that are important to you should be sought out. This also heralds a time of health for the world and her inhabitants. The universe will soften after the 21st. Look for nagging injuries to heal up a bit after the 21st and for exercise to pay off more as you approach the end of the month. Diet and exertion are what is key here for everyone.

The Sun makes a move into Aries on the 19th. This, of course, is a good sign for Aries and other fire signs. It could also bring a big financial shift to the rest of the chart. This could be a swing into the black or the red, but it will be a swing. Make sure you're prepared by either saving to weather the hardship or saving to make a big investment at this time. The only bad move at this time is to do nothing. Preparation and vigilance are the keywords during this period.

The spring equinox is of almost equal importance to the Mercury in the retrograde period from the early part of the March. The equinox is always a time of shifting the balance from the old to the new, from the new to the old. The Spring equinox, in particular, is a time of renewal and rebirth, and the spring of 2020 will be no different. This is a time to lay in plans and provisions for the year ahead and to chart a winning course through the choppy waters ahead. Look to the wisdom of your collaborators after the equinox, but don't hand over total control. Foresight will be especially valuable throughout this period. Look forward, rather than backward. Do not feel overly attached to what has come before, but search your heart and mind for what you desire for the future.

Above all, keep an open mind in March. This is always good advice, but the confluence of events in the skies dictate this especially during this month. Advantages and disadvantages are liable to switch places throughout the month, so if you're feeling discontent (or a stifling sameness), just wait a little while and things will be tossed up into the air again soon enough.

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