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Chinese Horoscope 2021 Pig

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Ox. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2021 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Pig.

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Horoscope 2021 Pig, Year of the Ox for Zodiac sign Pig

It’s been a year of chaos and turmoil in 2020. The world is completely altered and you, Pig, have been battered about by the forces of the universe more so than any other animal. You deserve a medal for what you’ve been through and the sacrifices that you’ve made. Good on you, Pig. So where do you go from here? The easy answer is also the most accurate: you’re going straight to the top, baby. Read on.

January will most likely find you pausing to catch your breath for a moment. But only do so for a moment! Life is about to put you on a very active roller coaster and the starting point is January 1st. The whole month is going to be an upward climb for you in many areas, Pig. Your job, your relationships, your issues with money, even transportation and issues with travelling are going to tax you in increasing amounts over this month. Nothing terrible, but you’re going to feel your burden get heavier and heavier. There’s a reason for this burden. 2021 is, as you know, the Year of the White Metal Ox. You get one guess as to who is carrying that ox on their back all year. That’s right, Pig. You have some extra animal baggage that you’re lugging around this year, but don’t think of it as a burden. The Ox chooses who gets to transport him very carefully. You see, in the protocol of the stars, the honor of carrying the Ox through the year is a very high one indeed. This is because the creature who can do this proves to the planets that they are indeed a strong and worthy being, worth sitting with the gods. While that extra weight may feel like a burden this year (and don’t blame the Ox for being heavy. He’s been stress eating through all of 2020), remember that it is an honor and a privilege to be his transport.

So after the hill-climbing of January with that great celestial Ox on your back, February is the other side of the roller coaster. It’s going to be a fast-moving downward slope that might scare the hell out of you, but will also provide great thrills when it’s over. Maybe you’ll even get one of the photographs from when it’s plummeting down and your hair is blown behind you. It’s going to be wild, Pig. You’re going to feel all sorts of activity in every area of your life. Good thing it’s the shortest month of the year. Everyone around you is going to be screaming and you might not be sure if it’s out of joy or fear. They might not know either. That’s okay, no one is in serious danger, but you will have people around you who are a bit afraid. This is where your empathetic skills are going to come into play, Pig. When the world is going completely mad, make sure you offer up a shoulder of support for those around you who are worried. You don’t have to have all the answers (or ANY answers, really). You just need to be there and be a listening ear.

April is going to bring some potential health and wellness issues that you’ll want to address immediately. Sorry to alarm you, Pig and truth be told, they’re nothing that terribly dire. But the fact is: you’re not getting any younger. Turns out, none of us are. If you haven’t recently, get yourself to the doctor for your regular checkup. And take any sort of twinge, pain, cramp, or twist seriously and ask them about it. This is the month for you to be extra vigilant in that department. You’ve got a lot of living ahead of you, so get the vehicle tuned up.

By May and into early June, you’re going to have some very interesting encounters that will shape the direction of your life for a long, long time. Have you ever met someone who - from the first minute they spoke - you got the sense that they were just not from the same world as you at all? Whatever it is about the way they carry themselves, the way they speak, the tone in their voice….they were just clearly from a different pool of people than the ones you normally associate with. You are going to have a similar encounter at some point during this time. This person will come out of nowhere, perhaps as an associate of a friend of yours or someone related to your job. When they appear it truly is going to feel like the clouds part and the sun is shining just on them. This is going to be a very special person in your life, Pig. Listen to what they have to say, answer any questions that they have, and trust that any advice they have for you is probably a good idea and will lead you to great things.

Has there ever been a gift you’ve gotten that has completely changed and revolutionized your life? We’re talking about something like getting an electric guitar for your birthday, something that you would point to in your biography and say: that was the day in which everything changed for me. Maybe it was something material like a guitar or maybe it was a celebration or just some extra spirit from someone you care about. Whatever form it took, it changed your life so that there was a before and an after. Well Pig, we want you to keep your eyes open for a similar force coming your way in July. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate your birthday in July or not. You’re going to get something gift-like that you’re not expecting: an honest to God surprise. Look for this around the second week of July or so. We would be overstating it to say it’ll totally change your life, but there will be a very clear difference between before you get it and after. Don’t worry: its effects are all positive, but you might be somewhat shocked at the transformation. Keep track of what you notice that’s changed. You’re going to want to tell the story later on in life.

By autumn you’re going to have some strong thoughts about a new direction for your career and we encourage that strongly. It’s hard to say what it is - perhaps the arc of the Dragon across the sky during September - but there are strong forces around employment at this time, all saying that if you think it’s time to move, then it is. This is a great pivotal moment for you, which only means that you have a great opportunity to break into something new if - and we strongly emphasize the if - you have an interest in doing so. If your current job situation is working out well for you and you’re happy to stay put, by all means, do. But if there’s the slightest desire to find greener pastures, if there’s an itchiness to move on to somewhere else, if you just want to have a big dramatic quitting scene, then that’s your time.

As for what you’re moving to, that’s of course up to you, but we have some suggestions. You’ve been a hard one to pin down in the past, Pig. You’re a creative creature, but you also relish the structure that comes with a banker’s job. It’s been hard for you to find the right balance of those things in a way that would make you happy. You’ve made lots of attempts at it, of course, with varying levels of success. You need to think about what’s worked and what hasn’t. But keep your eyes on that target: something that will support the wild, Dionysian part of you and your flights of fancy, but also give you the structure and order that helps you thrive and sleep at night. Don’t worry too much about the paycheck just yet. That will come with time. Trust that such a job is out there and that you’re perfect for it. Keep a good sharp look for it around the end of September or so and if nothing makes itself known, cast your geographic net wider. It might be time for you to make a move.

The top of the heap is a good place for you, Pig. You’re going to spend 2021 making that climb and getting to the spot that you deserve. And you DO deserve it, whether you completely believe that or not. That process of convincing you of this fact is probably going to be harder than the actual climb. That’s a good challenge to conquer and one that you’re up to. And after this year you may decide that the top of the heap isn’t your thing anymore and that’s okay. What’s most important is that you allow yourself that success. Trust that you are the top pig you think you are.

Chinese Horoscope 2021 Pig
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