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May 2021 Aquarius Horoscope

The progressive sign that represents creativity and ideas for the future, Aquarius is the Atlantean with all the technology for the soul. Aquarius is forward-thinking, revolutionary, and friendly. During the Venus-ruled month of May, Aquarian interest will sway towards the path of romance and relationship. A sign who prefers to develop genuine friendships before love, Aquarius will find that it's falling faster than usual and might even find that summer romance just in time. With influences from Gemini, Taurus, and emotional Pisces, Aquarius will release their grip on the rope of activism and social justice and pay more attention to their personal growth and bonding.

An Aquarius love story is like a movie, and it’s just as exciting for the audience as it is for the Aquarius.

After the fog lifts from the storm that Pluto Retrograde brings, Aquarius will be a clean canvas for emotional pastels to draw a new picture. Pluto Retrograde is the first day of May, actually beginning in the late days of April, and might represent itself in the form of a breakup, a death, or any kind of human loss. Perhaps not the physical form of the action will happen during Pluto Retrograde, but the water-bearer’s emotional and spiritual dealings with the event might come to a head during their stay in the 2nd house. This is the time to finally throw away your ex’s mementos, purging yourself of a love lost and bringing in a new chapter. Perhaps set a small fire and burn away the memories and let go. Aquarius is a sign of constant movement in one direction and that direction is forward. An Aquarius rarely lives in the past, so when they linger in it for too long they always have to ceremonially release themselves from its vices. Just remember this event is a happy one, and you’ll feel nothing but warmth and peace. You’ll smile, cry, and feel grateful for your Aquarian resilience. Once you’re cleansed, the powers of Venus and Gemini will seek their way through.

Mercury is a sign of communication and Aquarius is so eloquent and well-spoken. When this planet enters the house of Gemini, it transforms the water-bearer into a stimulation seeking creature that must drink from the waters of novelty. This is when that special someone is going to catch your eye, and it will happen just like this: You will feel the urge to talk and share your ideas and suddenly you will find yourself connecting with a co-worker or friend and talking about all your spirit’s nuances and opinions. The person you share this with has a lot to say as well, and you both bounce off of the ideas that you share and bond over the similarities and ideals. One thing about Aquarius is that they are extremely attracted and drawn to people who see the world as interesting and layered as they do. If you have a lot to say about a certain topic, don’t feel shy to talk an Aquarius’ ear off. They’ll be marbled that someone has that much of an opinion towards something, anything. Yes, the Aquarian is both a great listener and communicator. When Mercury enters Gemini and Aquarius begins chatting it up, someone will respond with the same communicative energy and cause butterflies in the water-bearers heart.

Days in this month will go slow and you’ll find yourself wanting to return to the stimulation of the one who interests you. When Venus enters Gemini on the 8th, it solidifies your feelings towards the special someone that brings you a new wave of inspiration. Venus is the planet of beauty, flirtation, and materialism. Your friendship with your new soul-bearer is going to go from chats that exceed lunch hour to subtle glances from across the room. Aquarius isn’t much of a flirt and always retains a sense of respect for the other person. Therefore, when Venus enters an Aquarian heart, it flirts in the persona of bashfulness. Blushed cheeks, sudden smiles erupting from your facial muscles when you think about this certain someone on your way home, subtle glances where you quickly look away, being shy when your conversations begin but always warming up and finding yourself talking to them for hours once again (cue the song “So This Is Love”). The best materialistic gift an Aquarius can receive is a friendship, and once they find it, gravity will cease to exist.

Jupiter enters Pisces on the 13th and completely establishes the feelings Aquarius is experiencing. Although bashful in the initial process of courtship, Aquarius is very direct. If you--creative and trusting Aquarius--find comfort in someone and can talk to them about anything, you will find that you’ll slowly open up to them about your romantic feelings. Fear doesn’t rule Aquarius, and because they tend to build a rapport before they build their image as a romantic interest, the receiver of their confessions responds tolerably and kindly. Whether this person feels the same or not, (they most likely do because hey, you’re Aquarius. Who wouldn’t want to date you?) they will respect you and remain your friend above all else. This is comforting for Aquarius, whose most precious possession is their friendships with others. If your interest responds mutually, the rest of May will be a honeymoon of a new adventure. No planetary alignment or celestial event can penetrate these stardust lovers.

But don’t go too crazy water-bearer. You still have responsibilities and real-life to take care of. If you want your new relationship or new friendship to continue at the same pace, you have to set aside time for yourself and your progressions. Remember that you’re a progressive sign above all else, and just like any accomplishment, structure and discipline will take you up the ladder. When Saturn’s Retrograde begins on the 23rd, you’ll have to take time away from your beloved and focus on working. You’ve been spending a lot of money lately, which is normal in a new relationship. Going out on dates is not cheap and if Aquarius can spoil their new partner they will. But bills are coming, the new month is coming, and you need to prepare. Saturn will help you, and its energy will have you focused on work and projects again. It will return structure in your life and slow you down some. Make sure to communicate this with your loved one, for they too are under the influence of Saturn and you don’t want self-concentration to be confused with distance.

Maybe some space will be good, after all, you don’t want to burn out a new relationship too quickly! This chimes perfectly with Mercury Retrograde, which will slow down your communication and creativity making you feel socially off. It may feel like your new friend and yourself are not in sync, but this is exactly why it’s crucial to spend some time with yourself. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and you both might find humor in that you’re spending so much time together. Since Aquarius is a tolerable sign and their partner will have to be by default, both can be very understanding of each other's time. Trust that Mercury will have you chopping up sentences and saying compliments that sound like insults, so just stay inside and don’t talk much. Remember this heightened energy will only be intense for the first few days.

Enjoy the beauty of May, Aquarius, and think towards the future. The summer is coming and you’re already feeling the hot sun and fresh breeze of June. With your new partner in hand, you’ll feel ready to enter this next chapter of your new happy, and progressive life.

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