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May 2021 Libra Horoscope

The tactful and open-minded Libra, you are the ruler of balance. Everything in your life must be as it should and should be as it may. During your stay in the 2nd house of the Taurus, expect to feel off your natural equilibrium. Your energy will be mixed with those of Taurus and Gemini, so your concentration will be extremely focused on yourself and your inner thoughts. This will be an emotional period for your existence and you might find a love interest or a love loss. It’s important to keep balance as much as you can so you don’t break down spiritually and suffer feelings that you can’t handle.

Get ready Libra, you’re going to feel so many incredible emotions during the month of May!

Mercury will move its alignment into the house of Gemini on the 3rd, causing Libra to develop intricate ideas and creative philosophies. Libra is already a sign of intellect, and with Gemini’s influence over the sky, they can become a booming factory of communication! Libra and Gemini are outstandingly compatible, spawning the belief over generations of astrological studies that the two are the perfect match. This works excellently, and the Libra is very capable of matching the speed in which Mercury rotates. In fact, when Mercury is in Gemini it will allow Libra to better express themselves with friends and become likeable by all zodiacs. Take this time to write Libra! You are just as creative and mentally driven as Gemini, so the thoughts you have now will really be worth the remembrance.

Along with your celestial influences of creativity comes the alignment of Jupiter quintile Uranus, bringing a pouring of emotion. This event happening on the 5th can throw off your creativity and cause you to see the world behind tear-filled eyes. Libra is always trying to remain balanced, but at what costs? Sometimes Libra can exile people because they don’t fit perfectly within their scale. Libra is not a sign that forgets strong connections easily and this forces them to always seek out ruined friendships to mend them.

Libra, you will cry. You will miss old friends and lovers dearly. Do yourself the favor and reach out. It’s okay to forgive and your heart has plenty of room. Allow this period of emotional turmoil to develop your sense of empathy.

There’s no perfect timing like the alignment of the True Node (the North Node of the Earth-Moon) sextiling Chiron. The True Node is your sense of direction. Just like the North Star that humanity has been using for millions of years, the True Node is our compass and tells us where we go. Who are you destined to be Libra? Who do you WANT to be? That’s where the True Node takes you. Chiron, the representative of wellness and health, is the destination of the True Node. This means you are going to focus incredible amounts of energy into your well-being. Now that you’ve encountered emotional turmoil and possible reconnections with lost ones, your sense of direction may be confused. It’s perfectly alright Libra, take this alignment and force yourself to become aligned too. The balancing scale is your favorite tool, so analyze where in your life you can bring more balance. It may be more balanced meals or a more balanced life between fitness and leisure. Find what lacks and find what has too much.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to balance the different aspects of your life, it may seem like the efforts are fruitless. At the end of May, Saturn’s Retrograde will begin and force energy to slow down. What does this mean for Libra? Expect your soul to desire a cleansing. You will feel tired and feel aches in your muscles. The strict workout plan you set last week may not be accomplished during Saturn’s backward pull. You may find the momentum and excitement of talking to a novel reconnection will fade, and perhaps the relationship will back into the shadows of nothingness. Let it happen. You are not in control during Saturn’s rule and that’s okay. Be happy that you at least got to speak to that person one last time and prepare for the final pull of retrograde.

Mercury will then follow in its regression of energy and begin to move backwards, and it will allow you to take a break from all the self-analyzing of this month. Sure, you might lose creativity and your previous ideas may seem silly, but do not believe that narrative for a second Libra. Your ideas were magnificent and your attempt to reconnect with old flames proves that you are a noble and good zodiac. Maybe your mind may seem foggy now, but Mercury’s energy is a fading one. The energy of Mercury is at its strongest during its initial pull, but it dims down in power as the days pass. June will allow you to be more level-headed, so do not fret. The balance will soon be here and all will be well in the world of Libra.

My loving and balance-seeking Libra, you are a sweet soul. You love hard, but fall harder. Remember that you are also a sign of intellect and trust decisions. You hold the level of balance that other zodiacs only wish they could have.

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