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May 2021 Virgo Horoscope

The helpful, the kind, the honest; Virgo is a sign of friendship and determination. They are the best friends, relationships, and family members you’ll ever encounter. Virgos are truly kind-hearted and rely heavily on their morals. They believe in doing what’s right, staying true to others, and keeping things organized and clean. The month of May will bring an analysis of the inner self, something Virgo is not necessarily comfortable doing. However, the alignments of the planets and stars will force Virgo to put themselves first for once. When Virgo looks inside their spirit, they may view their inner mechanisms with scrutiny. The 2nd house is the place where you can learn to be gentle with your own soul.

It’s all about you Virgo, don’t forget about yourself!

Pluto Retrograde begins on the 27th of April and extends into May, giving Virgo the urge to examine the balances within their lives. Virgos are naturally very hard on themselves and are always striving to be a perfectionist everywhere they go. Virgo is represented by the Goddess of Earth and Agriculture, therefore several of your life's imbalances will center around your work in the materialistic Earth. Take this precious energy and put it into gardening. Anything that requires the cycle of life. This practice will feel cleansing and be the equivalent of the destruction Pluto can bring. Evergreen Virgo, you hold a perspective that is more down-to-earth than others and by managing the circle of life you will find the answers to your deepest questions.

The Last Quarter Moon is a time that brings logistics and analysis into the house of many zodiacs. This moon phase happening on the 3rd combined with the reversal pull of Pluto’s Retrograde will have you striking down decisions that are based on absolute logic. What serves you will stay and what doesn’t will be removed. Simple as that! Virgo is a sign of organization; it is crucial that Virgo stays tidy. Look at your finances and expenditures and see where your money is going. The influence of Taurus’ responsibility combined with the logistics of the Last Quarter Moon will create an amazing accountant.

When you’ve finished organizing your finances, Mother-Earth Virgo, it is time to organize your communication skills. How are you speaking? How are your manners? How is your posture? Every aspect of communication is important for Virgo to feel confident in the social world. Watch yourself in the mirror during Mercury’s entrance into Gemini happening on the 3rd and reflect on what you would like to be different. Practice yoga to stretch out those limbs and gain a more graceful stride. Practice chewing with your mouth closed to remain mannerly. Learn to self-soothe and adopt new ways of breathing. Mercury in Gemini is when you focus on your communication and that includes spoken language, body language, and intention. For the perfectionist that is Virgo, this may seem daunting. Better this way, as there is no other zodiac that sweats the details more than a Virgo.

Once the Virgo’s subconscious spirit feels confident in their newfound self, they can begin the transition to the external world. The Virgo’s most sacred place is their home space. This is the only location Virgo can shed the outer-shell of perfectionism and accept their vulnerability without judgement. Jupiter quintile Uranus brings the nester out in Virgo. Settling into the alignment on the 5th, it’s going to be an era of extreme organization and detailing. Label the food in your fridge, renovate your closet by color and size, buy crisp filing folders to feed your perfectionist’s yearn to be organized. It will bring you ethereal peace when you find everything in its place...

On the 8th day of May, Venus will enter Gemini. After all the work and seriousness, the Earth Goddess will begin to feel extremely flirtatious and outgoing. What does this mean for you, Virgo? Well, you have more space for new things now since you’ve decluttered. Go shop for daring new clothes that Virgo wouldn’t wear otherwise. Try new styles and new home decor. Take pictures and organize your social media layout too. When Venus enters Gemini the Virgo flourishes! People will flock to you because of your meticulous way of being and blooming energy. Wear a short dress or a fitted crisp suit, you'll look great!

The month of May is pretty smooth sailing for you. The triple threat of Saturn’s Retrograde, the Blood Moon, and Mercury Retrograde will never have the same effect on logically-controlled signs than with emotionally-ruled signs. With Saturn’s Retrograde on the 23rd, your energy may slow. During this time, you will want to bask in your home with a good book and a nice smelling candle. The Blood Moon will most likely come and go since you’ll be keeping to yourself indoors. Even though the Blood Moon is extremely penetrative, the organization that Virgo makes is no match to the unorderly way the world gets during a Lunar Eclipse. Lastly, say goodbye to the communicative and flirty sense you developed in the earlier days of Mercury’s stay in Gemini. This doesn't mean you have to throw away all your new fancy clothes, but it does mean that your focus is now back to its usual technicalities. Don’t put yourself down either for owning fashion that you feel is out of character for you, it was still a decision Virgo made during its most outgoing version of themselves.

Virgo, my perfect organized friend, you can be very scrutinizing of yourself and it’s important to understand that no one is perfect (yes, not even you). Don’t be mean to your soul Virgo. Love yourself, for you are the friend of the zodiacs and earth-keeper of this chaotic universe.

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