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If you've ever spent any time researching things about your sign, you probably already know that Aquarius is under the supervision of the ringed planet Saturn. Yet, you might now know that the Moon is the actual astrological planet responsible for taking care of your health. Such events like the New and Full monthly lunations, and especially eclipses, are of great concern to your health. Especially if you are 29, 41, 53 or 65, years where the 6th house of health topics are usually highlighted.

With that said, if you are on any of the pages listed above, you'll want to pay special attention to the Moon and the eclipses. This is because not only are those ages important for the state of your body, but this year, the Lunar Nodes or the points in the chart that tells us where eclipses will be happening are what's known as angular in the Aquarius chart this year.

In simple terms, anything that's angular or pivotal in your chart is super important.

Because the Nodes will be across your 10th house of career and your 4th house of the home, you'll want to be careful with work-related injuries, primarily if you work with anything that has hosted the potential for deep cuts and fall from heights. The 4th house symbolism is also important to consider here since it can make your very home inhospitable in some way, shape or form. This could come in the form of home-related stress or even something like mould-related allergies. So be sure to check that everything is running according to plan, and make an effort to spend more time outdoors to get some fresh air regularly.

The eclipses happening in April and May are the ones that you want to pay extra attention to and be more careful with. They occur on the 30th of April and the 15th of May.

Though these might sound a little scary, I probably still wouldn't worry about it too much if you are not in any of the ages listed above or your ascendant is not in Aquarius. But it's always best to be on the safer side of things.

This is especially true because you'll have Jupiter, the planet of good health and fortune, transiting through your 4th house for most of the year. This is important because your 4th house is where the Moon's said to be exalted. Meaning that this house contributes to your good health in general, but Jupiter will be boosting strength and resilience every time the Moon passes through it on a monthly basis. If you were born during the day, the benefits of this transit are even more potent. So just make sure to check that there are no ventilation or humidity problems around the house, and you should be suitable for the most part, Aquarius. The heavens are on your side this year. Good luck!

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