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Aquarius is one of the lucky signs that get to have Jupiter, the planet of abundance, as the planet responsible for its finances. While in theory that would have you manifesting financial plentitude quicker than Jeffrey Bezos, unfortunately, Astrology doesn't work like that. So what could 2023 possibly have in store for you?

Despite Jupiter, it was not being able to guarantee billionaire status for everyone, though this year that's about to end, it certainly might've gotten close. Especially if you were born during the day and are 25, 37, 49 or 61, this is because he transited through Aquarius' very 2nd house through a good chunk of the year. This is important because whenever a planet is responsible for a house and is also in it, whether by transit or when you were born, this enables them to gift you all of their best without any restraint. However, it's also important to note that the planet also shared some of those days with the 3rd house, where you might've gotten a push to do business, signing contracts, and in some specific cases, even lending money away to your siblings or friends.

Now that this progression is long over, Jupiter will enter your 4th house, which might not be quite as good as the 2nd for financial matters, but it's sure to still impact in significant ways. This is because the 4th house, beyond being the place of family, foundations, and service to the land, is also a pivotal house. Whenever planets are in these houses, they're said to be stronger than ever, making them extremely relevant in a given year. From this 4th house, Jupiter also forms a harmonious aspect with your house of finances, so get ready for that wave of good fortune to continue giving, albeit in a different way.

As mentioned earlier, the 4th house embodies some symbolism related to the home, so having Jupiter transit through it can be a good time for buying or selling a new house. Even renting can also benefit from this transit since you're more likely to find homes with cheaper rates due to Jupiter's blessings.

On the other hand, because this place is also related to farming and the underground, it could be that most of your assets are more tangible than a few extra zeroes in your bank account. This transit can be manifest as an abundance of food and goodies especially coming from your parental figures.

Moreover, Jupiter is not the only planet that has responsibility for your finances. Venus can also provide help from time to time since she's said to be exalted in your 2nd house. This can be especially noteworthy for those of you born at night. With that noted, the Venus retrograde around summertime can prove to be more significant than you'd expect for your pocket. Because it's happening in your 7th house of partnerships and romance, it could be that your partners are the ones who experience some of the consequences of the retrogradation. In turn, you could end up having to be a bit of a provider in some way to your loved ones who might be in a bit of a pickle.

Because Jupiter is still in a strong spot, this might not be so problematic. Still, it might be wise to be a little frugal from June onwards, especially since at around that time, Saturn, the ruler of your sign, will also be entering your 2nd house, emphasizing the themes of finances—for better or worse. Even though this could be a little tricky to navigate, it's far from the end of the world since the heavens will be strongly supporting you.

2023 might not be the year for you to get rich, but it's sure to be a year where you get the opportunity to pay some of Jupiter's blessings from the previous year forward. Take this year as a calling to help someone in need, Aquarius. Your sign is naturally altruistic, so make good use of your innate blessings. Good luck!

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