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If you ever want to forecast the state of your own health throughout the year, there's always a planet that you should pay attention to: Venus. Despite being the planet most connected to ideas surrounding relationships and love, to Sagittarius, Venus is the planet responsible for taking care of your 6th house of health and toil.

This year is actually quite the vital year for Venus since she goes through her retrograde cycle that only happens about every other year. This retrograde can be very significant for your health, especially if you are 29, 41, 53 or 65 since these years tend to highlight the topics of the 6th house.

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it means that it will stay in a particular place in our chart for an extended amount of time. In Sagittarius' case, this one will be happening all throughout the Northern Hemisphere's Summer and early Fall in your 9th house, tying the topics of this house with your health.

The 9th house is usually where we find anything alien or foreign to us. This is why it usually involves travel in some way, shape or form. So you should be extra careful if you plan to take a trip this summer since it could involve some health upsets—especially if you were born during the day since Venus tends to be more problematic for diurnal births.

This doesn't have to be the end of the world since it can be anything from a stomach upset or just a severe case of allergies. Although if you already have pre-existing conditions, you might want to go for a check-up before going on your trip. But even if you don't need health insurance of some sort might not be such a bad idea if you're planning on going somewhere you've never been before.

The Venus transit is not all bad, however. Because this is the 9th house, it means that Venus will be trine to your Ascendant (if it is in Sagittarius) or your Sun, if this is your sun sign. In which case, she will be in an excellent position to provide support for matters related to the body, albeit to a lesser degree during the retrograde (from early August to early September). Those who were born during the night probably have very little to worry about this one, but it's also best to stay on the safe side.

One of the things that Venus is responsible for as far is concerned is the throat or kidneys, so you might want to go to your doctor and ask about those two areas specifically.

Still, the retrograde shouldn't be a significant reason for concern, especially since Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) will be transiting through your 6th house of health through most of the year. Still, if you do fit the ages listed earlier, you might want to stay on the side of caution, even if the heavens are, indeed, on your side. Good luck, Sagittarius!

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