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As much as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is usually the first planet you think about when you think Sagittarius when your work life is the matter at hand, we have to turn to a planet that very much opposes Jupiter in every aspect: Mercury.

This is because Jupiter, especially as the patron of Sagittarius, is all about faith, whereas Mercury demands data, information and a healthy dose of skepticism. Still, one thing that both Sagittarius and Mercury have in common is the restless drive to get busy.

Because Mercury is the planet responsible for your career, Mercury retrogrades become extra important when addressing your work life. Especially if you are 21, 33, 45, 57 or 69, this year we have the most retrogrades we can have in a year, so let's break them one by one to see what they can possibly mean for your career.

2023 actually gets us kickstarted with the leftovers of a Mercury retrograde that started in 2022 in your 2nd house of finances. You want to pay special attention to this one since the same retrograde cycle will repeat itself later in December of 2023, doubling down on the themes here.

The 2nd house is all about commerce and finances, so if your work involves accounting or anything to do with the lending and taking of resources, you want to continuously double-check your work. If you don't, however, there's a good chance that this retrograde can also come as a warning to avoid being late at work since it's likely to become more of an issue. This retrograde ends around mid-January. The December repetition of the cycle goes from the 12th of the month to the very end of it. Although halfway through the retrograde process, Mercury will go back to your 1st house, enabling you with essential ideas on better presenting yourself at work.

The next Mercury Retrograde takes place in your 6th house. Similar to the 2nd house transit, this is closely related to your 10th house of work. Although, the 6th house involves burnout or tasks that you're not necessarily thrilled to do. The retrograde can intensify those feelings of laziness and lethargy. This one happens in mid to late April, so if you have the opportunity to take a bit of a spring break, that'd be a good time to do so. On the other hand, if you don't have the freedom to do so, you might want to distribute some tasks to your coworker or even just get a lot of work done before the retrograde comes around.

The next one is perhaps the most critical retrograde of the year since it happens in your very own 10th house of career. Although retrogrades get a bad rap, it may work in your favour here. This is because usually news articles forget a fundamental fact about retrogrades. Whenever there's a retrograde, the planet stays in a particular house for almost twice as long as it usually would. This is important because Mercury is exalted in your 10th house.

Take full advantage of this time happening all the way from late July through early October. This is an excellent time to make big plans as you'll be blessed with the Mercurial attention to detail that Sagittarius sometimes lacks. Your sign is all about speed, so a retrograde or two can be beneficial to slow you down and get you to commit to one big project. September should be the best time to ask for a raise, present a new idea, or even simply be recognized for your past efforts. To take full advantage of it!

With that said, the many retrogrades of 2023 are all here to serve you, Sagittarius. As much as they can be a bit annoying from time to time, there's a whole world of opportunities waiting for you this year. Just remember to slow down, take breaks, and plan to showcase your big idea in the fall. I know I don't have to tell you this, but think big! This is your year to shine.

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