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When it comes to Sagittarius Money, we always have to first start with Saturn. Even if your chart is in fact ruled by Jupiter, all other planets have specialized duties in your chart, which sometimes even overlap since an earth more often than not rules two separate houses in your chart. For you, Saturn rules both the house of finances and communications, which then elucidates why so many Sagittarius often become writers or public speakers to make a living out here in this world.

With that said, Saturn is also the slowest visible planet we have in our solar system. So the financial state of most Sagittarians is relatively stable for the most part. And here, stability doesn't necessarily mean affluent, but merely inflexible. Since Saturn takes on average 2.5 years to change signs, that's usually also how long it takes for your financial situation to enter a new chapter. This can be somewhat annoying when a Sagittarius has to deal with scarcity, but on the other hand, it's also good knowledge to have since you can plan around that cycle.

2023 is one of those years where Saturn changes signs. This one is significant because Saturn is entering your 4th house, one of the angular or pivotal places in everyone's chart. This becomes even more important if you are around 28-29 years old and have Saturn in your 4th house natally.

The good news is that the 4th house is one of the places that are significantly congruent with the themes and symbology of Saturn. Saturn is the planet of darkness, the underground and all cold things. The 4th house traditionally was literally called the subterraneous place since it points to our underground or the top of the sky on the opposite side of the earth from where you were born.

For those reasons, Saturn in this house means that you have to work the ground and pave the streets toward financial success for the next 2.5 years. While this transit can be a little harsh in your pocket—especially if you were born at night—it's also here to show you any potential holes in your financial strategy. Especially saving plans and home-related expenses. Some of you could even be thinking of reselling your home, which can be quite a time and patience-consuming task.

Now, while this is a transit that lasts almost three years, this first year is likely to be the easiest part of the cycle since Saturn will be getting great support from Jupiter for most of the year. The most giant planet in our solar system is both responsible for your 1st house of self, and the aforementioned 4th house of home, family, and foundations. This can symbolize that by taking matters into your own hands, this year, you have the potential to make sure the rest of the cycle runs more smoothly.

However, it's still important to note that due to the underground nature of the 4th house, in order to make the financial gains you seek, you'll have to work really hard for it. The 4th house is usually where we find people like farmers and construction workers, professions that notoriously require labour. With that in mind, get ready for a laborious ride. The more you accept it, the better results and the less stressful this journey will be.

2023 is a bit of a change in pace for Sagittarius. For the past few years, Jupiter has provided a lot of help for you to establish a solid foundation in your life, but now Saturn is here to challenge if your financial plan is really all that solid. And if you don't have a financial plan yet, this transit can come to show you why it is so important. It's essential to be cognizant that this doesn't mean the year will be good nor bad, but there sure won't be any time for slacking around, and if you force it, there might just be some consequences since Saturn is not necessarily fond of fun and games. So get to work, and don't be afraid to sweat a little, Sagittarius. You got this!

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