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Whenever we're forecasting Saggitarius' love life, we have to turn to Mercury. They are the planet responsible for your 7th house of love, partnership and marriage, and if they do anything in the sky, so do you. And this becomes even more important at the specific ages of 18, 30, 42 and 54. So if you meet the criteria, you want to pay special attention to all the Mercury retrogrades in the year.

This year actually starts on a Mercury retrograde, along with a Mars retrograde, so the beginning might be a little rough. However, it might not necessarily be for lack of love, but for lack of funds.

Every area of our lives is obviously interconnected, and so not having the funds to go on a date, or not even that, just the stress of being low on cash, can turn us off from thinking of doing anything slightly lovey-dovey.

The good news is that this transit doesn't last very long, as as soon as January is out of the way, things get a little brighter.

However, the second retrograde of the year, starting on the 21st of April, is much more enjoyable. This is because there are a few mitigating factors present. Even if Mercury might be retrograde, Venus, the planet of love herself, will be transiting through that house for most of the retrograde. This can present some opportunities for new passion, but it might still come with a few of the retrograde hiccups, and so you'll have to put in the work. Especially if you're single, this transit can cause a bit of a "hard to get" situation, and so you might have to step up and show your crush that you mean business.

On the other hand, this transit can manifest as literal work for those who are already coupled. The task here might be establishing a balance between your work life and spending time with your partner. This is especially true since Mercury is the planet responsible for both your career and your marriage. It might be wise to be open with your loved one about your stresses from work, so you don't end up taking your frustration out on them. Venus being in your 7th house is sure to help, especially since she will be in a sign where she's extra communicative and willing to listen. Communication is the key to getting through this transit.

Now, the most essential retrograde of the year is the one happening on the 22nd of August in your 10th house.

To keep up with the career theme, this transit is likely to be a reprise of the events that befall on the previous retrograde, albeit without the help of the lovely Venus, since she too will be retrograde, making things especially more difficult.

One of the main reasons this one can be tricky to navigate is that Mercury will be very close to Mars. The red planet can be especially troublesome for those born during the day, triggering disputes and separations at work. This will be a time where if you're single, you're likely to be in the right midset to engage in a relationship, and if you do, you'll have to be extremely careful not to use it as an escape route from your problems. On the other hand, if you have a partner, this could be an excellent time to turn to them for help to vent about anything that might be bothering you. Since the 10th house is also associated with visibility and our reputation, this can be a time when you experience lies and rumours about yourself, and a partner might be the best person to help set those things straight.

2023 is a bit of a complicated year for Sagittarius. Love is likely to be tossed in the backburner for a little while, but don't worry. Life is not just about romance. The ultimate goal is to teach you lessons on how to get you to stand up for yourself. And while not every Sagittarius will experience this in the same way, be sure to take the time to do things that help you get rid of stress, but don't neglect it. This is the time for you to fight for what you believe in. Good luck, Sagittarius!

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