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If we're to be honest with ourselves, Cancer's love life tends to be full of ups and downs. Since this sign is ruled by the Moon, who changes phases almost every 3 days. This year, this characteristic aspect of your sign will be felt.

In 2023, romantic matters start a little rough. This is mainly attributed to the double retrograde of Mars and Mercury that ended 2022 and took some time to be smoothed out. Although neither Mars nor Mercury is primarily responsible for Cancer's Love house (the 7th place), the fact that Mercury will be in that house is undoubtedly significant.

This transit is likely to manifest a certain degree of misunderstandings or anxieties surrounding partnerships at any level. Even those who share their business with a partner might also be affected by such transit.

The good news is that Mercury, as a trickster planet, can often be all but smoke and mirrors. Many of these anxieties and fears have a good can be ungrounded in reality, so the thing to focus on as the year starts is to look for the source of issues from within rather than externally. You might feel drawn to start pointing fingers at potential enemies. Still, there's an excellent chance that you'll be your worst enemy, here.

With that said, if you're trying to find your better half, you may want to wait a couple of months into the year to do so.

Especially as we approach the 21st of May with the ingress of Jupiter in your place of Good Spirit—the area in the chart we usually find information pertaining to our community— opportunities to meet new people are likely to be abundant. This is an especially opportune time for those who have Venus in Capricorn or the 7th house natally. A transit like this is usually the best way to come across potential lifelong partnerships.

Though, the places in which you may find these people might be somewhat unexpected. So far, we've talked a lot about a few different planets, though none of which are actually responsible for your 7th house of marriage and union.

Whenever we're trying to investigate Cancer's love life, we're to turn to Saturn, the lord of your 7th house. Having such a planet responsible to take care of our romantic life usually means we're in it for the long run. For that reason, Cancerians all around the globe are more focused on cultivating a serious relationships rather than finding a one night stand.

This year, Saturn will be changing into your 9th house, the place of foreign things, philosophy and long-distance journeys abroad. For this reason, it's more likely that when you go looking for a future partner, or conversely, to spice things up in your relationship, the answer will be found somewhere far from home.

Now, we have to remember that Cancer's 7th house has a long-term focus and to echo that, Saturn moves relatively slow, meaning that it will stay in this 9th house for the next two years to come. The first part of this new chapter can be a bit confusing, and things might seem like they're not going anywhere, but if you're willing to stick around to see what happens, the results can be rewarding. Especially since any planet in the 9th house has a mission to support the desires of a native.

If you are 18, 28, 30, 42, 54 or 66, the Saturn change of houses is hugely significant, so you should take any opportunity you may find to explore these foreign, philosophical or even religious topics since they might point toward your future partner or the future with your current partner. While most of the benefits from this transit are likely to be experienced by Cancerians born during the morning, those with nocturnal births can also reap some of its benefits, even if for you the journey might be much more complicated.

When it comes to love, 2023 is so-so. Only the select few with Venus in their 7th house have a lot of ease to look forward to. The rest of us have to turn our heads to Saturn and play his long game of wisdom and patience. Either way, love, like wine, gets better with age.

Good luck, Cancer.

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