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This year Money is one of the primary topics of focus in the life of Cancerians.

The main reason why this area is highlighted is the Venus retrograde of 2023. Whenever we have a retrograde, it means that a planet will stay in a particular house for much longer than usual. This year, the retrograde will happen in your 2nd house of finances and resources, so it won't be surprising if your bank account experiences some significant changes ahead.

Venus will stay in this house from the 5th of June to the 9th of October, with the retrograde happening between the 22nd of July to the 4th of September.

Though we're used to retrogrades standing as a significator of challenges, this Venus retrograde has more positive effects than otherwise. Especially if you were born during the night, making Venus your primary planet of good luck, this transit could gift you with the charm and beauty to attract further opportunities for profit—through only while Venus is in that place while moving forward. When she goes retrograde, the same joy that brought you good fortune has the chance of getting slightly more complex. It might be that during the few months of retrograde, you have to change or revise the way you're broadcasting yourself. And this is especially true for the Cancer who relies on their appearance to make money, such as bloggers, performers, actors, etc.

On the other hand, since Venus also represents both your family and friends in your chart, the revision might be related to these types of relationships. It could be that around the retrograde, there's a shift in projects and collaborators. One of the possible manifestations of this transit is that a current partner has to leave a particular project, and consequently, you have to turn back to some old collaborator to get the job done. The positive thing is that this trip back to the past can yield even better results than if you stuck to the plan.

Whenever there's a retrograde, we have to be ready to go back and forth between different options. Especially when it comes to Venus, the big question is: Who do I want to work with? Which partnership will be more profitable?

While this transit is quite potent for every Cancer, those who are 25, 37, 49 or 61 and are born during the night should be even more attentive this Summer.

A pivotal day to mark on your calendar is the 13th of August, when both the Sun (the planet responsible for your 2nd house) and Venus will conjoin in that very place. This transit can bring the favours of important and wealthy femme individuals. If you take that chance to surround yourself with femininity, that energy will become a much more active presence in your life since, after this conjunction, Venus will become a morning star.

Traditionally, when Venus is a morning star (when she rises before the Sun). She becomes more forward in the way she delivers her blessings. While this is an excellent time for those, who work with or for women, anyone who relies on beauty, the arts or performative enterprises to make a living can get ready for some busy times ahead.

With that being said, this transit can be somewhat troublesome for those who have Mars in their 2nd house and were also born during the day. Under these specific circumstances, Venus can also trigger external jealousy. In that case, you might want to be a little quieter about your victories to not draw the wrong type of attention towards yourself.

2023 is a promising year for Cancer. For the past little while, your sign has been hit with some rather challenging transits, but this is the first year in a period where your sign gets to be free from the scrutiny of the more challenging planets. Instead, you get the blessings of Venus and the Sun to help you have a profitable and prosperous year.

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