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Maybe I'm saying this because I'm married to a Capricorn, but Capricorn's love life is one of the most interesting ones in the whole zodiac. This is because, with your 7th house of love, marriage and partnerships being ruled by Moon, your partners or your love life as a whole is constantly in flux and changing just as often as the phases of the Moon.

For that reason, it's always a little complicated to keep track of what's going on, but one thing that constantly tells us something about your love life is the nodes since they're mathematical points intrinsically tied to our one and only satellite.

This year, on the 11th of July, the Nodes are actually changing to signs that are pretty related to the themes of romance, and these are Aries and Libra.

The thing with the Nodes is that they always connect signs and topics that oppose one another, for that's your home life and your career, and the tricky thing will be finding a balance between the two.

The North Node is the point that shows the area where we'll be hungry for development in this 18 month-long cycle. Meaning that this transit is not just essential for you this year, but for a bit next year too. Since the North Node will be in your 4th house, you'll feel the need to spend some time alone at home to lay a foundation for significant projects and aspirations you have for the future. If you're single, this is quite an easy task to do. It opens room for a lot of fun and flings here and there, but nothing too serious that could potentially distract you from your goals. On the other hand, if you're married or coupled, this can be a much harder transit to navigate as you might feel an impending need to spend some time alone.

You'll have to be very careful to not let your partner get on your nerves for minor reasons. This is especially true since your partner, like we discussed earlier, is prone to many whims and random changes in mood or routine.

And that's a good segue into the South Node in your 10th house.

The South Node is usually symbolized by the tail or buttocks of a dragon. And we all know what comes out of the rear end of any animal. With that in mind, the main thing with the symbolism of this point is that of release and purge. Since the 10th house is the place of career, through this cycle, you'll be invited to resist the urge to focus too much on work on your reputation. And as much as you'll be begging to have some me-time, holding space to socialize, go on dates, or have some spicy times with your partner will be an excellent way to take your mind off of your to-do list.

One thing that's also important to note about eclipses is that they also show us where eclipses will be happening in your chart.

This year the eclipses that will be most significant for your love life will be the ones at the very end of 2023 in mid-October and early November. With those, you'll want to be prepared for significant developments in your workplace that will force you to turn an eye to your partner or to go looking for partnerships. So it's best to start working on it before the eclipse actually comes around. This is especially true if you are 18, 30, 42 or 54.

2023 is a year for Capricorn to step away from a go-getter spirit and focus on more romantic and laid-back matters. It's important to remember that not everything is about work. So relax and love on, Capricorn.

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