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The Astrology memes all over the internet always paint Capricorn as a hardworking money-hungry entrepreneur of some sort. While that's not entirely true for every single Capricorn, there is, one of the reasons why that might be the case is because the ruler of your 1st house of self and the planet responsible for your 2nd house of finances and resources are one and the same, that's, of course, Saturn.

Now, this doesn't always make Capricorns money hungry, I, in fact, am married to one, and he by no means is that much of a financially invested individual. But one thing that we can say for sure, whether money is a big part of your life or not, is that events related to that life sphere usually spill into your sense of self and how you navigate life.

This year you're about to go through a significant shift in pace for financial matters. This is because, despite Saturn's slowness, he finally is leaving Capricorn's 2nd house and entering the 3rd house of communication, friendships, daily rituals and fraternity.

This transit can make money matter quite different in 2023. This is because for the last 2 years or so, you've had Saturn in that very house enabling him to provide substantial support for those life topics. That transit might've been highly constructive especially if you were born during the day, pushing you to establish financial plans, investments, and even resources you share with your partner.

Now that Saturn is going to the 3rd place in Capricorn's chart, he's in what's known as aversion. This means that Saturn is unable to see that particular place, which can make money matters rather interesting. For those born during the night, this can actually be a bit of a relief because, despite Saturn being responsible for that house, people born at night usually tend to experience Saturn as more challenging energy rather than constructive. This can mean that instead of providing a solid foundation, Saturn might've come to implement some financial restrictions in the past, and his aversion status in 2023 can significantly soften the grip of the ringed planet around your bank account.

For those born during the day, this is not so bad either, but it can come to signify that there will be a push to solidify the foundations that were played in the previous cycle. And because of the nature of the 3rd house, this could involve a great deal of document signing, business deals, and even grant requests. This might be even more significant if you make art for a living and/or are 28, 40, 52 or 64. Here the aversion can simply mean that some of your financial efforts will be out of your hands, and you might have to wait on the decisions of others for things to move forward.

Another transit worthy of mention is the Venus transit through your 8th house this year. This transit lasts for almost half of the entire year since Venus will also go retrograde in that same house. While retrograde became synonymous with difficulties, this transit can actually be rather beneficial. This brings collaborative efforts that might be slow to develop, but that could yield financial abundance in the end. Especially since the 8th house is also related to loans, this can be a good opportunity for financial abundance to come from partners, peers and banking institutions.

2023 is a year that requires a bit of strategy from the Capricorn native. As far as quality is concerned, this is a bit of a neutral year that could require a bit of finesse for any substantial gain. Because of the 3rd house focus, it might even be wise for you to take a short course on how to manage your finances better. Even if that's more spending than making, it can be a great way to ensure you have an ample financial future ahead of you. Who said being a student can't be profitable? You could very well learn the next thing you need to get rich (just avoid any get-rich-quick scams). Good luck, Capricorn!

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