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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope for October 2017

Free Monthly Horoscope for October 2017 for Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarius October 2017

Jupiter will be in your ninth house until October 10th. The ninth house of philosophy and higher learning is Jupiterís home base, and with Jupiterís fortune, you will feel the planetary symmetry already! You may have been feeling very free spirited over the past year, eager to explore other cultures and ideas. This planetary alignment could have influenced you to change
careers, invest in higher learning, or open you to see other ways of looking at the world. You may have even expanded your physical horizons by traveling and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This year has already been a tremendous time of internal and external growth for you, dear Aquarius. Are there any other dreams or intentions you have considered
that are still on hold? Give them one final push during the first week in October, as Jupiter remains on your side!

After the 10th, Jupiter transits into your tenth house of career. The planet brings with it auspicious opportunities for you to grow in your professional life. While you are inclined to have financial gains this month, the focus on
career will mostly be of recognition, status, and esteem. Your hard work will be rewarded, and you will take great pride in your accomplishments moving forward. Jupiter remains in your career house until November of next year, so expect to be the top dog wherever you are! You may receive a lot of praise and public recognition over the next several
months as well. The tenth house is run by Saturn, our other friendly giant of the solar system, and he is right next door in the house of friendship this month. These two planets will work closely together to ensure your well-deserved success and growth! Saturn will encourage you to be disciplined at work but expand in your social relationships. Because
you will be presented with new opportunities in the workplace, you also have new ways to connect with others. An opportunity may arise for humanitarian work with a group. The planet also encourages you to be loyal to your longtime friends. They were there for you during difficult moments of your life, will keep you humble and clear headed during these
high times, too. Both Saturn and Jupiter, because of their long transits through each house, often influence us on a more long-term level. You might not see immediate changes, but these two planets work to benefit you over the course of time.

When Venus, the planet of love, enters Libra on the 14th, you may feel extra giving. Venus is the
planet of If you are an Aquarius in a romantic relationship, do something nice for your partner. This does not have to involve material expenses, but can simply be a thoughtful way to make their day brighter. Venus in Libra encourages us to seek balance through kindness in our relationships. If you are single, today is a great day to be
kind to yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, or something relaxing and invigorating! This planetary alignment may urge you to compromise on issues in other relationships, as you want to seek the kindest and fairest way out of a situation. However, be mindful of your willingness to acquiesce at work today, and do not make any big decisions that you have
been mulling over. In terms of love, the rest of the month will be fairly ordinary and uneventful. Luckily, you will be busy enough that you wonít even realize it. As if you had time for romance this month, anyways!

On October 19th, the new moon is in Libra. Today and the next day will be great times for you to clear
out any areas in your home that have been gathering dust and/or clutter over the summer. It is finally time to clear out all the old junk and make space for better things to come! Use this opportunity to be creative in your home as well. You may enjoy decorating with accent pieces and practical furniture, making space feel open, useful,
and vibrant. Good colors for you this month are orange and deep blue.

On the 22nd, Mars is in Libra. Mars, the planet of action and animal energy, will ignite your raw, sexual energy. Today is a good day to be physically intimate with your lover. Luckily, Venus counters Marsí masculine energy with her soft touch. These two planets align perfectly
for bedroom activities! As Mars is more aggressive than creative, use this energy over the next several days to make decisions that require a fair trial. Because of Libraís need for balance and justice, Mars will see to it that you have fair judgment and excellent conflict management skills in any sticky situation. If you allow your energy to flow with
this alignment, the results will be harmonious.

Your ruling planet of Uranus is stationed retrograde in Aries. While this planet is full of surprises, when it retrogrades, its alignment can spark a sudden urge for you to ask questions in an unknown situation. You may be prone to anger and react with a hot temper, but fear not airy Aquarius. If
you can understand that your planet only wants you to question your intentions and authority, so that you can line up your values along with it, your emotions will be quelled. Trust in the Universe. Itís for your own good!

During the last week of the month, focus on the delightful Halloween festivities coming up! Use your intense imagination to design
a fabulous costume, or channel your inner child by carving pumpkins! The stars want you to have fun and enjoy this mystical experience. If you do attend parties, keep substance use to a minimum, as you have been exerting a lot of your mental and physical energy this month, and may need extra time to recover.

All signs point to great
pursuits for you this month, lovely Aquarius!

Aquarius Horoscope Comments

will I find my soulmate this year

[ DSf ] [ Post Reply ]

You've got the year wrong, or you are using last year's horoscope. now 2017, 2016 is over.

[ Dana ] [ Post Reply ]

Work for it and you will have it

[ Saya lora kho ] [ Post Reply ]

6 feb 1991, i am afraid of so many.casual relationships,i want to get into a permanent and final relation , as soon as possibl.,,,,,bcoz this is hampering my performance.,,,i am becoming more and more insensitive towards anyones emotions.,.,please help me out.....i dont want to waste my te on casu
al one a

[ rama ] [ Post Reply ]

When will I find my soul mate

[ liz ] [ Post Reply ]

Look in your friendzone. You probably already know him.

[ bok ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too breakup after 4 years.....difficult to forget......

[ Ayesha ] [ Post Reply ]

mee tooo

[ rohyn ] [ Post Reply ]

I having lot of problms plz help me out.. When i get marry... Plz plz reply me

[ Shruthi ] [ Post Reply ]

I will marry you

[ Shyam ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a lot of probs too.

[ Rob ] [ Post Reply ]

just broke up last month. after 8 months affair & so many more things he just realized, he dosen't feel attracted enough toward me...huh

[ parveen ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel disappointed in searching well paid jobs at gandhidham. Anyway still i have confident for getting it.

[ Raviprakash nair ] [ Post Reply ]

Really spot on! Had around 6 or 7 job opportunities/contacts this month. Went with the only one that felt "Right". Have worked my butt off the past year, guess it payed off now!For all those of you commenting on how or when you will get a job: NO ONE - not even the universe - will give you a job. On
ly you can secure your future job, not the stars.

[ Anette ] [ Post Reply ]

Your assertion is not correct.I have been trying desperately for last 3 years for a better job. Have tried everything from having CV made professionally to going through career consultants and all. I have only got 3 interviews so far and each time some vague reason was given for not giving me the j

[ frustrated ] [ Post Reply ]

3 years later you start realising your cv don't work ;) ??

[ Husky ]

When i will get job. 2 year searching job. one time i got offer letter at accenture but before joining date my leg was fractured. still searching. great think say lets hope for this month..thank you.. :D

[ Sanjay ] [ Post Reply ]

I have been desperately trying to get a better job for last 3 years, without any luck and despite more than 500 job applications. Any changes look in sight?

[ suhana ] [ Post Reply ]

I am really confused with my life. Show me the right path

[ sujata ] [ Post Reply ]

The right path is where you are on. It is up to you make the journey the way you see it fit. The stars can only tell us as a general guidance to us all who are born under its influence, but the individuality of one's travel is up to our own self. Don't be afraid make that first step. Guide yourself
with your intuition. As long as you harm none, including yourself, you will see the fruitful destination no matter how difficult your adventures has had been. You got this Sujata. You are strong and you know it.

[ Aqua ] [ Post Reply ]

I m very greatful to you becouse u provide me a positive attitude ..love u :like:

[ neeraj ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing spot on but spooky.but good help for me to read this. Thank you.

[ amanda ] [ Post Reply ]

will I be able to have another baby

[ ekanem ] [ Post Reply ]

When will I get the new job...?My financial crisis will be controlled with new job or not...?

[ Y Shrinivas Patro ] [ Post Reply ]

When I get a jobWhen my life vl b colour full

[ arjun ] [ Post Reply ]

First, there are 3 decans in each astrological sign. The astrological forecast is different for each decan.Second, astrological reading is usually metaphorical. A love relationship can be romantic, but also can be how we relate to ourselves and (then) to others -- whether in family, work, or social.
Job can be work we need to do on psychological level.Third, fate has greater influence on our lives than we admit. The last paragraph speaks of destiny. That means, no matter how much psychological / spiritual work you do, nothing will change until the archetypes (represented in planets) change. So
me circles call it 'divine timing' -- a fancy word for 'destiny'.

[ Houla ] [ Post Reply ]

When will I get job

[ shashi bala ] [ Post Reply ]

Are you people for real? Astrology cannot tell if you will get a job or be successful. Only you can do that...

[ batgirl ] [ Post Reply ]

HaiI want to know that when will we get a job or start a business . And also what about my study. Plz help me we are in trouble reply me.

[ R N ] [ Post Reply ]

I've been headhunted for 2 jobs requiring desired change of city - will I be successful?

[ julie ] [ Post Reply ]

after the eclipse in scorpio 10/23... if you've been working hard towards it. If you haven't been working hard towards it, then you will be influenced in another direction

[ aq ] [ Post Reply ]

looking for a job ...when can i expect

[ Ramana ] [ Post Reply ]

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