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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope for October 2017

Free Monthly Horoscope for October 2017 for Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer October 2017

October has a lot to teach you, dear Cancer! Saturn remains in your sixth house throughout the month of October, and it has been here for quite a while. Saturn acts like a disciplinary father, teaching you important lessons about work and commitments. Saturn is comfortable in the sixth house because this is the house of work, service, physical health, and
routines. While you may face challenges this month due to Saturnís intense rule, you will see the most opportunities for growth as well. The hardest lessons are often our most rewarding in the end, and this will be revealed to you when Saturnís reign in the sixth house is over by this December. Until then, your focus will generally be on
resolving issues within your job, career, or relationships at work. You will be forced to reconcile with what does not fit so that you can be as productive as possible. Once you overcome these obstacles, you will feel extremely driven in your professional sector and move forward faster than before. Saturn also encourages your higher self to engage in service work.
Because you are such a caring Cancer, giving back will feel exceptionally good this month. Find a volunteer opportunity that calls to you. If you feel financially secure, donate to a charity of your choice. The Universe will ensure that your help makes a difference!

Jupiter has been in your fourth house since last September, and he will remain there
until October 10th of this year. Your fourth house relates to family and home. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and may have brought you many gifts that will carry into this month! Over the past year, you may have physically expanded your family in some way, invested in real-estate, remodeled your home, or improved upon the relationships in your
family. The first week in October is for you to simply enjoy the fruits of your labor and appreciate the loving space you have created for yourself and your loved ones. After the 10th, Jupiter moves into your fifth house of fun and romance. Kick back and enjoy this new alignment! While quite different from the domestic fourth house, the fifth
house offers the perspective of being light-hearted and joyful. Jupiter encourages you here to not take life so seriously, as he will continue to bring you luck in your romantic, pleasurable, and silly endeavors. If you are a single Cancer, you might meet someone towards the middle to end of this month that is sure to show you a good time!
While they may not be relationship material, they will sure give you some needed adventure! If you are a Cancer in a relationship, this is the perfect time to do something fun and whimsical with your partner.

Until October 14th, Venus will be in your third house of communication. With Venus inspiring beauty and harmony wherever she goes, you might find
yourself engaged in lighthearted and idealistic conversations for the first two weeks of the month. This alignment is also an indication that now is a great time to have open and honest conversations with your partner. Because Venus prides herself in compassion and understanding, you will be especially eager to compromise here. Just make sure that you are being heard as
equally as your partner, as this can arise as resentment later if you do not address this head on. Your communication skills will be stellar, so trust your judgment and say your truth. You will be happy you did in the end! After the 14th, Venus moves into your fourth house of family and home life. Venus ensures here that your
home remains well decorated, organized, and peaceful throughout the rest of the month. Take time here to feng shui anything in your space that needs to be rearranged. While Venus works on a physical plane in the fourth house, your emotions will be influenced by her feminine nature, and you may feel a deep-seated need to be nurturing towards family and
loved ones. Your family will appreciate how much you care, and your gestures of kindness will radiate throughout your home, creating a pleasant environment for everyone to thrive in.

The new moon on the 19th will be an especially good time for you to reflect on your goals. What has been bothering you lately that you need to address? What areas
of your life do you feel are lacking, and what areas are bountiful? Are you taking care of yourself? On the 23rd, Mars has his solstice. This may be a time of transition in your career or professional life. While this can be scary, you are in good hands, and this change is necessary for you to move into a better
situation. This new opportunity will also bring financial gains with it, so you can look forward to a little extra cash coming up soon!

Over the entire month, you may notice that your dreams are especially active. Because you are a water sign, your psychic intuition is naturally heightened. Pay attention to your subconscious, which often sends you messages in the
dream state. If you enjoy journaling and documenting, start a dream journal to record these images, events, and messages. You will begin to see patterns unfold and a completely new adventure will arise! Trust in your inner dialogue and know that your higher self is sending you these symbols in dream form.

Lastly, lovely Cancer, the stars wants to remind you
to channel your inner child. Halloween on the 31st is the perfect opportunity to engage in silly festivities and playtime. While you are so often purposeful and productive, it is important to take time away from the intensity of life and bask in its simple joys. Have fun this month, and remember to keep your spirits high! The Universe is guiding
you every step of the way.

Cancer Horoscope Comments

Life is not changing at all ... Suffering from last 7 years... No idea whether God is there for me or not ... Sufferings are not getting over . Sufferings from enemies , failures cheaters.life has become hell.Hope God will bless me this year and will overcome all and lead a Happy life again.

[ Saturn ] [ Post Reply ]

GOD is with you and He is keeping you ... remember- He will never give you more than you can handle. May God continue to bless you, guide you and comfort you. In Jesus name, Amen.

[ Godiva ] [ Post Reply ]

is this a typo February 2016 or the incorrect year's horoscope?

[ nas ] [ Post Reply ]

If it is last years it suits my this year to a T. I cannot believe how spot on all of this is.

[ Zeena ] [ Post Reply ]

time is running out quickly but i am sailing in the same boat for the past 15 months...what should i do...?

[ Amit Mehta ] [ Post Reply ]

SSuch a bad year for me in 2015 and it's still continue with negative vibes start from January till may it's like emotional roller coaster for me every thing is getting worst I don't know how to come out from all these negative energy

[ S ] [ Post Reply ]

Same here! Since September of 2015 nonstop hurdles and trying my hardest! I feel things are going to start looking up for us though... Hang in there!

[ C ] [ Post Reply ]

Such a bad couple of months till the last day of MarchFeeling battered and disappointed. Praying for some peace in my life this April.

[ G ] [ Post Reply ]

such a bad start into 2016.. to the point it made me laugh how bad everything is turning out like a comedy of errors ..just going through it with growing dismay.

[ dabble ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from dabble such a bad start into 2016.. to the point it made me laugh how bad everything is turning out like a comedy of errors ..just going through it with growing dismay.
WoW. Yeah, 2016 had to be the hardest, trickiest, almost funny year of my life so far. I mean Dec. 201
5 was a great start to an absolutely exhausting year. 2017 has been better for sure, of course at new years I was working but had such gratitude for the new year, so "may your 2017 be a little less shi**y than 2016" was my quote that night.

[ kia ] [ Post Reply ]

I know exactly how you feel - don't worry, keep your chin up and stead forward. No rise if there's no fall.

[ Lily ] [ Post Reply ]

It was a lot of self realisation and lonely time. Bucket full of emotions the year 2015, I can say it tested me continuously ... I wish we get something better in 2016 . Anyways we are harder outside but genuine inside.

[ Himanshu ] [ Post Reply ]

Also!! Born 7/7/1977. 2015 was a test year ! Tough one too !

[ R ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from R Also!! Born 7/7/1977. 2015 was a test year ! Tough one too !
I was born 7/6/76. I often have to repeat my birthdate when asked in a professional setting. Lol

[ Nik ]

Me too. its been not so easy. lets stay positive 7/7/1987.

[ Montana ]

my birth date is also 07/07/1994 . having worst time since 2015.

[ kiran ]

thanx for all the advice, foretelling.. i truely appriciate it all. though cancer, its been a tough year though. emotions, communications and other stuffs... ?)

[ esther ] [ Post Reply ]

Ok. Don't judge because this is complicated.2 Cancers in the running for 1 Leo and how do you figure out which is going to have good news and the other bad? It can't go well for both of us girls. No he's not a bad guy or maybe he is. But either way, how do I use the horoscope to even know which it'
s meant for?

[ EDD ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi EDD I am not quite sure how u feel about the Le4o born man but let me tell you something I have also been attracted o a Leo born man for 2 years. my experience is that they keep you hanging even though you are true to how you feel with no result. its truly mad love.

[ Miss forever wanting him ] [ Post Reply ]

very tough..... living horrible life. praying god to be all okay

[ prasi ] [ Post Reply ]

what happen prasi

[ rohan ] [ Post Reply ]

Hope you're... It's been tough year for this Cancer. Reall need strength to pull through :(

[ G ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from G Hope you're... It's been tough year for this Cancer. Reall need strength to pull through
Loosing courage is equal to death

[ Hk ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Hk Message from GHope you're... It's been tough year for this Cancer. Reall need strength to pull through Loosing courage is equal to death
It is at times hard to be a cancer because what I am going. Through. Is not right my family boyfriend. They have done me so wrong.
How. Can you say u love me when all they. Do is steal. From. Me and lie I have been. Going through. So much .right now I fill so lost and empty. But one thing. About use cancer. We are very. Strong. And we have a big heart.

[ karen ]

I pray things get better in July

[ flower child ] [ Post Reply ]

be positive. you decide your future, you are the brain of all not even god.

[ patrisy ] [ Post Reply ]

many failure happened to me this month, i've tried so hard to make it better but the result always worse. i will never ever give up till get what i want

[ tsundere ] [ Post Reply ]

I worried about myself

[ gina ] [ Post Reply ]

The report is Apt for me ! Thank God still all is well !

[ Big bro ] [ Post Reply ]

wow dead on, I am trying everything new this month including romance, finally, I am feeling fabulous about everything

[ Sandykins ] [ Post Reply ]

This is spot on for me. I'm stepping into the world of contacting and I am finding it very hard as I have not got a contract yet

[ Lyndon ] [ Post Reply ]

Not sure if this is right horoscope for October 2014 as it mentions In terms of the work direction, October 2013 will bring plenty of complications to Cancers. Could you please post for appropriate year! Thanks!

[ G ] [ Post Reply ]

quite accurate

[ Rene ] [ Post Reply ]

Hooolllyyyy crap.!!! This was the best monthly forcast I have ever read. And I read A LOT!!!!! AND funny as it my be, I started my first day working for the Advertisement Company Mephisto Shoes! And I must say for being in the shoe industry for 10 yrs plus, I am Very Impressed with the Richness and
Quality of the work they put into every shoe. And now back to this forcast? It's the best one I've read yet.

[ Kristina ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!! this is great all what u said happens this month

[ adeniyi ] [ Post Reply ]

Please update your monthly forecast to 2014. Thanks

[ Ranni ] [ Post Reply ]

Love this stuff!

[ Awesome! Miles ] [ Post Reply ]

you shouldn't post an old horoscope..its obviously old because eof the reference to the date.

[ anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything said in this month report is wrong and makes no sense..not even close to the real aspects this month. for cancer july 2014!!!

[ loveastros ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks 4 giving me great information.I'm really worried about myself. :(

[ Hania ] [ Post Reply ]

Man, I should have read this a day ago lol mistakes made but to be learned from.

[ Sunny ] [ Post Reply ]

This sounds rewarding for me since I am a kind and caring person to everyone naturally. :)

[ Kingramses ] [ Post Reply ]

thanks for the great work ... it would help me be aware of situations ahead. :)

[ sabrina ] [ Post Reply ]

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