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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope for September 2019

Free Monthly Horoscope for September 2019 for Zodiac Sign Pisces

Pisces September 2019

Pisces, ah, Pisces. Here we are, in September 2019. Earth and Air, ruling the seasons. You're fine with it, really, because you're water. You work with almost everything. Even Fire can be reasonably forgiving around you. But yeah, you've got September in the bag. Mostly. The first part will be fine. You'll be working hard, kind of flying under the radar.
After that, you might find Libra season to be a little disconcerting. You'll get a little itchy to see the world, or distract yourself in other expensive ways that won't help you in the long run. It'll be important to keep that in mind, as you go along this month.
Friendships at the start of the month will be nice
and comforting between working super hard and resting super hard. They will love to get a break from reality via your ideas and perceptions about the world. Sometimes talking to you is like visiting a different, nicer, better air quality, planet. Not to say you're spacey, you just have a different quality to the way you think, and your friends appreciate
As the month goes along, people will seek you out less for escapism, and more for your intuitive nature, seeking answers about themselves and how they move about the world. You've got questions of your own, but you might find it helpful to help others. In the long run, you might find your own sort of balance this way.
Be careful not to give more than you have, however, as this can be an exhausting proposal if you do.

Work will be, at first, very hard and with little reward, besides the usual, but also you'll be fine at it and able to completely separate yourself from work when you get home and relax. It's important to balance this with
your social life so that you don't take work too personally. There will be a lot of progress forward, and a lot of achievement, you just might not get a whole lot out of it. If this seems disconcerting, don't fear, because then it's Libra season! Nice, balanced, charismatic. People will be more bubbly at work, and more interested in what
you're doing. You'll be able to talk, laugh, have a good time with your co-workers. That will be quite refreshing. However, if you are worried about work not getting done, definitely mind the time you're talking and keep a good pace up. You can also let other people know if you need to get back to work because at this point
communication will be excellent and you will be able to easily speak to your needs and get them met. It's a very refreshing feeling, totally try sometime.

Your sense self is going to be a little off for September. Mostly because of the influences of the other elements that will push and pull you in ways that you're not used to.
But you'll go with the flow, you're fine with that. It's just the you that is going through it is going to feel kind of off about it. So it's good to keep in mind some things about how you should treat yourself in September.
Early on, it's better to concentrate on self-care, as previously mentioned, and mostly just do things
that comfort and lightly distract you - not totally, completely, mind-numbing distraction, just like a new TV show to binge watch, like The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance they just came out on Netflix. It's got nostalgia and fantasy elements, which is a nice mixture for you right now. Throw it on, have your favorite snack or drink, and get lost
for a little while.

You will have to get deeper with your self-care as September goes along, and start looking at why you're wanting to visit Paris, fall in love, buy a really nice coat when you have five, that sort of thing. That escapist in you should try looking at what is happening around you that makes you want to
flee. It's probably that weird feeling that you're getting from being in an Air element influenced environment, where things are flowing, but it's just not the right kind of flow. It's harder to relate to. You can relate to your friends all day and all night, but the way they are balancing themselves out, that's not really how you roll.
The whole month is going to be totally fine, just go with the flow, and be careful about your impulses while doing that. Seems counterintuitive, but you should recognize the difference between your natural inclination and the need to get away. It's best to stick to good friends, enjoy special moments together, and most importantly, growing in your own healthy way,
at your own pace, that no other element can really mess with.

Pisces Horoscope Comments

this really makes sense as we are planning a big move to the far north, living off the grid exciting times ahead for me and my family

[ Jenny ] [ Post Reply ]

Will I meet my soulmate this year and maybe what month?

[ susan ] [ Post Reply ]

Great year ahead Great year last year too So much progress and thank you to above for the wonderful and beautiful life I have I am so glad to be in this position

[ Me p ] [ Post Reply ]

Swim with waves and be positive..Embrace all the blessings whether its good or bad.

[ Jigs ] [ Post Reply ]

What's going on? I give. I help. Not to expect anything in return,but damn. Ever since 2003, thing's, life, personal , business, family, work,hell even money just don't seem to have a piece of peace or the pie. Not to be greedy or selfish,but when will my newness arrive,the best to come or the dust
settles? C'mon universe,while I'm still alive ,please let things get better. What's up with this time period? 2003-2017? Help , please!!!

[ AMCW ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah friends m also a piecian March 19th... 2010 to 2016 was the time of looses all kind of

[ Eliyaa ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi friends, I'm from east... But the same thing were with me too. I've seen lots of looses n bad bad experiences of my life forever since 2010 to 2016 I've spent the baddest moments in these years my life gets totally change... I've lost everything that I loved including my friends,family,my study
, my goals, can anybody tell why it happened with me?? Why?? I want that time back I wishhh

[ Eslia... ] [ Post Reply ]

Pisceans are emotionally weak, it is our nature. Same with me I experienced depressive years from 2012-2016 and same with you I want to take back the time when everything is okay. But of course, that's not possible. What I did is I accepted everything wrong/negatives that happened to me for the past
years. I focused to foresight where I want myself to be in the future. Set a goal for yourself and trust your ability that you can do it. If no one will cheer and en
courage you, do it yourself. Tell yourself that you can be what you want to be. Uplift your self-confidence, guard your
emotions and avoid any distractions becoz we pisceans are sometimes easily distracted and disappointed so if possible mingle with positive and strong-willed people. Little by little you can have your family and friends back. Good luck to you.

[ Miles ] [ Post Reply ]

being sad

[ soji ] [ Post Reply ]

My friend my saviour Thank u for being there with me and showing all that excitement best friend ever

[ My friend ] [ Post Reply ]

Best year ever It's kool what's not ment to be is not ment to be I don't mind if my other half brags about he played with my emotions - I'm a giver not taker Oh well then I got what I asked for thou

[ Ms D ] [ Post Reply ]

2015, blessed to have live to go through all my trials and tribulations.although my ex boyfriend broke up with me for a married younger girl, it was a horrible part of my life this year but I'm so so much better thru prayer to God.also having financial problems but I'm blessed to continue to stay st
rong and hold on,because better days are coming!

[ finding myselfa ] [ Post Reply ]

Read the book ask & it is given by Ester Hicks if you havn't already x i did when i went thru same stuff & it changed my life!!!

[ Kk ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Kk, thank you for the tips. I found an audio book on YouTube. For whom ever wants to listen instead of reading or on a financial bind to purchase a book.

[ Maggie ]

While I realise that there is truth to the horoscopes, as Pisces, you must learn to love yourselves. I too am not a social person, but I love to be in my own company...going to the movies etc. Yes, there are a lot of not so nice people out there, but learn to set boundaries for yourselves. Apprec
iate what you have within you.

[ British ] [ Post Reply ]

I meet a guy his a Capricorn.Is he the true love for me we been together for four months...

[ Hope ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 3/2 married my Cap. Love & first sight, 36 yrs ago.

[ B. ] [ Post Reply ]

How compatible is this prediction with reality? I'm a Pisces and don't get much from these predictions.

[ Abite ] [ Post Reply ]

Looking for balance and peace......maybe a roof over my head and a new focus .......Mar 11-65Any news on the front....it's been six years this down spell and I am ready for the good now

[ Lou ] [ Post Reply ]

I've had been dating this Scorpio for almost 14 years now. The last 3 years have been tumultuous. She walked away with no notice, due to a lot of life's stresses, loss of loved ones and life's pressures that became to overwhelming for her, and we've been having having starts and stops ever since.
The latest was a miscommunication on my part where I thought she was ending it so I got fed up and just left without trying to ask for more clarification. Long story short I reached out to her after a several month hiatus because I just love her and miss her and miss my best friend. She was not r
eceptive and is off dating again. I professed my undying love for her and told her I wished to rekindle our love, but that I would respect her wishes and stop communicating with her.All this to the point of this post. This has been a very difficult emotional year for me. It is not as almost all t
he horoscopes predict where it is going to be a fantastic love year for Pisces. Understanding they talk in generalities but we are heading into the second half of this year where things are supposed to heat up and where past relationships are supposed to be revisited. Am I hanging my hat on to much
here. At the very least I just hope that we can get some sort of closure and have at a minimum a discussion. That was my initial intent when I reached out to her and she rebuffed me.Here's to hoping that at least 10% of what the horoscopes are saying about Venus and the 2nd half of 2015 being ste
llar for Piscean love comes true, so we can at least talk if nothing else. I miss my best friend.

[ xbuilder ] [ Post Reply ]

Well I give up. I think people put their hopes and dreams into horoscopes so as not to deal with the reality of their life and situation instead of leaning into it and working thru the "hard". My reality is that as much as I don't want to accept it, it is over. And me trying to find someone or somet
hing that can give me glimmer of hope like horoscopes is just denial and putting off what I have to do which is deal with the reality that I don't want to because it is going to hurt to much. 2015 is going to be a bad relationship year for me, that is not to say the majority of Pisceans out there wo
n't enjoy the successes of relationships, and I wish that for all of you, it's just not in the cards for me. Although I need to acknowledge and be thankful for the rest of my life is going wellI'm going back to being a practical person and stop reading and putting any stock in horoscopes. Ironically
I never read them except when my life is bad. Goodbye

[ xbuilder ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi. I am Pisces born on March 1. The year 2015 look to me the worst I never seen. I have lost a job and nothing is happening right at all. I am having financial loss too with no job.

[ Reddy ] [ Post Reply ]

You will face bad time till 22 April but after that sudden development will come, Now it is the time you must do seedling to get the job in APRIL

[ DR ASHOK ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey dears..born on 27th feb piscean...2015 is nt a gud year for me...my first alliance got cancelled after 3months of relation juz coz em nt much social and friendly..is that d character which is inbuild for pisceans??? Nyway feeling toooo much stressed..

[ Anokhi ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Anokhi Hey dears..born on 27th feb piscean...2015 is nt a gud year for me...my first alliance got cancelled after 3months of relation juz coz em nt much social and friendly..is that d character which is inbuild for pisceans??? Nyway feeling toooo much stressed..
My b~dayi
s the 27th as well.

[ Michelle ] [ Post Reply ]

Even my birthday on 27 feb as well :)

[ Rahil ]

im a piscean born 24th of feb. 2015 for me has been filled with total and complete uncontrolled behavior. ive experienced a death of my loved one, and a horrible marriage with psychological abuse. when will this get better?! 2013 was awesome, i wish i could just turn back time and make the RIGHT dec

[ sad ] [ Post Reply ]

Well same here friend, life has been good until 2013,but sudden turn of events, mistrust, loss of respect, mental and physical abuse from wife. Keeping fingers crossed that bad times will get over and good times will come soon

[ Piscean ]

I have also experienced the worst year and my 2013 was amazing!!! This year is a total flop but you are not alone!

[ Marilyn ]

I am also pisces of the same date of 27 Feb yup I am also not social. Dnt b stressed

[ anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

Life is what you make it and how you get what you want Sometimes we have to live learn and forget and then move on Hope that helps

[ Mango ] [ Post Reply ]

I am going though something financially. I was wondering will it change for the positive in a couple months or more? What shall be my outcome? Rewarding I hope.

[ luner ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, it will get better - but not perfect until 2016. Is this about a job? If so, you'll find something that works - but it gets better in 2016. If it's just a "situation" - hang tight and just "know" it's getting better.

[ Kim ] [ Post Reply ]

You won't make money if you are dishonest If you are honest then you will make good money but not at someone else misery Also don't give your money away be fair and you will see through the clouds of dishonest people

[ Marcus ] [ Post Reply ]

It depends who good your project is Make sure it's honest

[ Dhula ] [ Post Reply ]

Halo to all piscians.... Is it true that the things happen as per the astrological forecaste if yes plz share as I have not experienced it atall.

[ Dillil ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi 11 march born I am tired and fed up not one horoscope has gone right for me , like noting matches at all. I even saw the tartoscope as well same story.mr these for really. Like noting matches surprised. Hope things go good with me, life sucks at the moment.

[ Sharon ] [ Post Reply ]

Life is rough in 2015 for most people around, not just ourselves and our fellow piceans.. Like we are kinda special, and because we a re special we are capable of going great places, doing great things for ourselves and others, and quickly climbing to new heights and doscovering new highs. Like tr
y to stop looking so hard!! once youre not like taking planned and carefully thought out steps, and you let go and submit yourself to the natural flow&rythem of life the answer and the relief of finally being at the right place at the right time will be discovered. Like ill tell you what, I
was 21 and i had everything i needed and wanted and fucked up lost everything and landed on my ass. Hard. And its finally looking up, 6 months later... You Will look up too:)!

[ ari ] [ Post Reply ]

Can the writer stop using the word "but" and use "and" instead. But seems to be negative

[ Ctr ] [ Post Reply ]

You will be fine have faith
Message from Sharon Hi 11 march born I am tired and fed up not one horoscope has gone right for me , like noting matches at all. I even saw the tartoscope as well same story.mr these for really. Like noting matches surprised. Hope things go good with me, life suck
s at the moment.

[ Lena ] [ Post Reply ]

heyya im a 23 year old pisces born on the 12th of March. im really loving it,2015 is definitely my year all my dreams coming true.my biggest one is moving to the United states

[ Eve ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too, same age and sign and moved to Us to work. Have you also met a mentor/partner who helps you this year?

[ Mag ] [ Post Reply ]

born on 17th march 1946 my whole life gone working far others now aty 69 plus totaly penniless nobody ready to help not even opwn childrens

[ harish singla ] [ Post Reply ]

Im a Pisces of 18th of March, born in 1970.My experience is that many Pisces in their younger years (including me) are quite the drama queen. The older you get and start to appreciate and except yourself, for who you are, the less this so called roller coaster will play a big part of your life and y
ou will learn, that balance and peace within yourself is living so much nicer. Pisces are perfect for doing positive blurring like meditation, yoga, dreaming, massages and such, especially in the environment of water like a lake, a river or the ocean. As for afraid of being alone: dont worry about t
hat! Learn to have a great relationship will yourself and to enjoy that and youll be ready to find that significant other one, without the disappointing aspects of before, when looking for someone to complete you, because you were not ready (yet) to do that for yourself!Love, peace and happiness :-)

[ Sieg ] [ Post Reply ]

Thank you so much for your post, I needed to read that at this very moment in time.

[ DEBORAH ] [ Post Reply ]

I was with a Pisces for 6 years I'm a virgo female. I'm soooo in love with him. But he has repeatly cheated on me thruout the relationship and never would commit marriage wise saying I was not a nice person and evil?? He was always dramatic, constantly treated me as if he was better, smarter and I w
as not good enough for him. He's very secretive.. But I'm still in love:( he kicked me and my girls out before Christmas and has jumped in another relationship. I often wonder if he will realize I'm the one? I don't know what to do? Let him go? Or fight my the one I love who seems to despise me. Al
l as a result of his cheating, and my reactions. Is as if he believed I was suppose to accept this behavior and wanted to end things anytime he was confronted by me on these issues. He's hard to read, please any advice

[ Natelie James ] [ Post Reply ]

Natelie - so sorry to hear this. I am a Pisces and understand him, as I did something somewhat similar in my past. First, he cheated because he's a Pisces. Not that they all do - but we have that part of us. Never commit? Interesting. We ALWAYS have to have love and romance in our life. Him pu
tting you down and cheating and non-committal is all him, as a person. He has something in his past life that's happened he is repeating again in this life. Sad, he needs to learn his lesson or he'll do it again.He DOES and WILL feel guity - we always do. BUT, I don't think he realizes how deeply
you were committed to the relationship. I have heard from men I dated in the past (now happily married for 24 years) that told me how much in love with me they were. I NEVER KNEW. I never knew the relationship meant that much to them!Don't put yourself down and accept this behavior from any man
. You are kind, a great friend to all, and a very giving person. Your prince will come - just don't let him walk all over you and disrespect you.

[ Kim ] [ Post Reply ]

Pisces and Virgo is the most incompatible. You need to date a fire or earth sign. No water signs. Too different.

[ Savvy ] [ Post Reply ]

He doesn't want marriage, he called you evil and cheated on you, and he with another woman. If you can drive your car looking through the rear view mirror I'd be impressed! Stop looking behind you. Sweetie, he's gone, bye bye and wish a man with low integrity well. You have a lopsided perception of
him so you are in a fantasy about the reality that he is not worthy of YOU. Make a list of all the negatives and and equal list of all the positives so you can see him with a more balanced perspective. He broke your trust, probably lied, insulted you verbally and you have 2 girls. Do you want to lea
rn that HE is the kind of man they should attract because if you stayed it would be your responsibility for giving them a poor role model of what a good man looks like. Don't let go for you, protect your girls and give them the best example of a healthy relationship. You were given a gift by him goi
ng you just can't see it though that veil of fantasy which is sooo not like you, Virgo. Love yourself more and expect to be treated better than this one did. Every day will get easier if you remind yourself that you are wasting valuable time waiting for a dysfunctional unfaithful person who does not
want to commit and possibly may never put his fishy fins on solid ground. If he comes back it should be on you terms, not his. He cheated, trust is GONE. Period. You see, not all us pisces are so, so , unconscious. Peace and hugs

[ Pisces ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born on the 20th march 63 love my life but been through the mill but throughout i have kept my positivity but what i am wondering , they is going to be a total eclipse on my next birthday is this a negative or positive for us born on that day would be interesting to know

[ trisha ] [ Post Reply ]

life s sick ..without a job

[ ja ] [ Post Reply ]

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I have been there, and I know how difficult it can be. There is really nothing that I can say that will help. I hope things look up pretty soon.

[ Person ] [ Post Reply ]

me too...every prediction says tat I will get a good job...but sick m jobless still for one n half years...also lots n lots of personal problems...m adopting the situation..but still it hurts me a lot...to an extreme...no job...no money..no peace in life...dono for wat cause m living still

[ Ja ] [ Post Reply ]

To all my dear pisces, I am a male born on February 26 1977.I am seriously concernned with myself as when I day dream I always imagine living alone, this is just one of my problems.To my fellow pisces ,please share ur life specifically if some one is born on the same day as mine. I want to look into
the mirror to see whats good or bad. With every positive thing it immediately follows with a negative.

[ Param ] [ Post Reply ]

I agreed with your last line (With every positive thing it immediately follows with a negative), that's really true.-- Pisces

[ Pisces ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello Param,Oh wow, I see there are quite a few people born on February 26, I am a male born that day too. That week is very special. I have had vivid dreams and see them as if I was there and awake. I think they are just messages, nothing negative, everything for the good. This year will be a great
year for ALL of us. :) Have a great day!

[ Frank ] [ Post Reply ]

hi ya, I'm a picses born feb 29th hey try looking up chinese horoscope signs on the year you were born it has alot to do with it I think. good luck !;)

[ lena ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello Param. I'm a female pisces and I was born on February 27, 1983. I understand you concerns but please be optimistic, change will come :)

[ Desire ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Param To all my dear pisces, I am a male born on February 26 1977.I am seriously concernned with myself as when I day dream I always imagine living alone, this is just one of my problems.To my fellow pisces ,please share ur life specifically if some one is born on the same day a
s mine. I want to look into the mirror to see whats good or bad. With every positive thing it immediately follows with a negative.
Hello Param,I am sharing with you life changing stuff.Please Google about "Law Of Attraction" and "The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind" "Thoughts Create Reality"
. You seem to have limiting beliefs about yourself.Please read the above material. They are just the beginning.Our dominant thoughts create our reality. Please change negative thoughts into positive.Wishing you great life.Love,Jo.

[ Jo ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks Jo,I will surely check this out. & if I am able to grasp what I read would love to communicate with this group again.Regards

[ Param ]

Hi param me to I born on February 261984...dont think too much just relaxand alway be happy. =)

[ lanz ]

All my dear pieces , our respective sign predictions are merely a reminder to us on a specific days or months. There are roller coaster years of different age. As long we live on , life will be better off when our turn came. SMILE...

[ kimguan ] [ Post Reply ]

been on 11 yr roller coaster with my now for real ex Pisces, weird thing if u start Ur walk, they don't seem to take u serious, wish the current 1strenght, irony she sends him to Me for a time out session, these 2need to leave me alone

[ Ja ] [ Post Reply ]

2014 is not my year.Pisces, i'm starting regret to born on ur sign.stress too much. :(

[ Nicole ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a f*ckin' Pisces and since 2011 the horoscope doesn't match not at all. According to predictions in Nov 2011, May 2012, Sept 2013 and now in Oct I should have great career chances but I'm still jobless.

[ D-fens ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a pisces, and this month's horoscope was spot on. My life has always been on a roller coaster, seems like no matter what I do, I just can't avoid certain dismay.As soon as the 1st of the month came, my husband told me he is moving out very soon, telling me he couldn't be unhappy for the rest o
f his life. (But I think all of the misunderstanding has a lot to do with his antidepressant medicine and his over reaction to my way of talking). And as soon as the mid month came, he walked out on me. I started to believe this is not my problem anymore, it is just my destiny and no matter what I
would have done differently, the result would just be the same.On the work front, work was driving me crazy as well and I am almost ready to quit. It is always like when it rains, it pours. Never a surprise to my life. Just want to know what have I done wrong to this universe!

[ Yin ] [ Post Reply ]

Pray for your good fortune .... Love yourself sometimes in life that how it appears but some paths change in life and I am sure you would rather be happy by yourself than miserable with an unhappy person by your side... Been there myself so I walk in you shoes and feel the pain.... God bless be stro
ng ...

[ Tara ] [ Post Reply ]

Yin, when God closes a door, He opens another. Look around yourself, count your blessings, this world this life is mortal, what we taken along are our deeds, patience has a reward, if you don't get here then you'll get it there. Keep your chin up & don't blame yourself if things didn't work out. Liv
e your life the way you want to. U know u aren't wrong when you've done enough to save a relationship, rest is the other person's loss. Wish you a happy life.

[ Huma ] [ Post Reply ]

This horoscope is for year 2013???

[ Dek ] [ Post Reply ]

im very interested in knowing about my future in present itself ,so daily morning im watching horoscope with my family:angel: sometimes im getting upset by listing my problems..now i belive our future is in our hands and and listening horoscope is waste of time ..

[ sowmiya yadhav ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi there :)Everyone and every respective horoscope sign will have a challenging troubles most of early years. I strongly believe not to overly react problems encountered, in the coming matured years, we will realise our naive young days. Keep smiling :)

[ kimguan ] [ Post Reply ]

Kimguan, you are so spot on. Many tend to over react and unnecessary drama, driving others away. The young panic and over react because it is what they see on TV all the time. Best to just let time go by and meditate over it first. I'm a Capricorn and have been on roller coaster ride with my ex who
is Pisces.

[ Tony ] [ Post Reply ]

Very hard to do but distance yourself .if he really wants you he will contact. I have just done that and it can work. If it doesn't which did happen to me a long time ago then he is not the one for you

[ Jemima ] [ Post Reply ]

I've tried talking to my love last week but he is just warning me to get lost. What should i do? Help me.

[ Danushi ] [ Post Reply ]

You should not worry.If he is warning you to get lost ,try and figure out why he is saying that,what have you done or is he in stress.

[ Helper ] [ Post Reply ]

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