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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for December 2017

Free Monthly Horoscope for December 2017 for Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Capricorn December 2017

The planetary concentration is now at the most eastern position in your chart this month. This symbolizes your personal identity, independence, and necessities. You will focus a lot on yourself and the changes you need to make for your personal happiness. Your career goals will also be redefined, in addition to how you see the future in general.

Venus will be
in your 12th house starting on the 1st until the 25th of December. If you are in a relationship, you will feel extremely tied to your partner and often confuse your needs with theirs. This is the house of the subconscious, so all of your deepest fears and desires will manifest this month. In some way, you might feel conflicted in
love, and will need to express your feelings clearly to understand what is going on. You can get hurt quite easily if you are in love, feeling much more vulnerable than usual, especially if your affections go unreciprocated. You will be extra giving this month, and very compassionate towards all people in your life. If you are a single Capricorn, you
will be drawn to a lot of different people, and will be open to having casual or serious relationships. The more romance you can get the better! On the other hand, you may feel more discreet about having these relationships out in the open. You may feel the need to keep them secretive or have short affairs. This is because you
are hiding from yourself, and you are afraid to get hurt this month.

Mars enters your 11th house of friendships on the 9th of December. You will channel your inner humanitarian, and see the ways in which you can create an environment to promote the highest good. You will invest a lot of your energy focusing on ways to fix the
problems of society, and will develop a new perspective on how to solve these issues. Because you have close friendships rather than a larger social circle, you will share your ideas and opinions with others whom you trust. You will be more dreamy than usual in this alignment, as you have high hopes for the future. You will also apply yourself
at work to achieve your personal goals, but will need to focus on building a team in order to create the greatest success. You are independent and strong-willed, so this may not be your strong suit, but cooperation and compromise are key here, Capricorn. Let your hardened self-soften up a little!

On the 20th, Saturn moves into your 1st house.
This is usually an uncomfortable alignment for other zodiac signs, but for you dear Capricorn, this alignment is quite natural. Saturn is the disciplinarian of the solar system, and he is also your planetary ruler. You and Saturn are both hard working, take responsibilities seriously, and are methodical in how you approach life. This alignment will further emphasize your true nature,
however, Saturn may make you overly cautious. Over the next few years, you will really begin to apply yourself in your career, choosing an environment that emphasizes production, accomplishments, and clear goals rather than experience within the process. You will feel very organized, steady, and practical at work, and your supervisors will see you as a foundational employee within the organization.
You will feel quite comfortable in a job that is routine and that requires planning, which might make you shift careers over the next few years. Saturn will help you redefine your sense of duty and honor in work, and you will also find fulfillment by helping others achieve their goals. You will focus on self-sufficiency, financial security, and independence from
authority in this house. This is probably the most perfect alignment for you in the chart, dear Capricorn!

Mercury will be transiting retrograde through your 12th house of the subconscious starting on December 3rd until the 23rd. You will have to exercise patience here, as a project you have been working hard on, seems to stand still. You will have to
rely on movements behind the scenes to take place, but it is best not to make assumptions about the process or outcome. After Mercury stations direct towards the end of the month, things will begin to flow and materialize. It is an also a good time to get closure on an issue that has been bothering you for some time. Because
this is the house where inner workings and hidden feelings reside, the Universe encourages you to reexamine problems in your life that are still causing you to suffer. Define your attitudes and perceptions of past events, relationships, or aspects of yourself, so that you can let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you now.

Jupiter also remains in your 11th
house of friends well into next year. You will expand your social connections and make more friends than you ever thought possible! While you can be somewhat stubborn and fixated, Jupiter will bring you a lot of people who might break down these walls. You will feel joy from hearing and expressing new ideas that are more progressive than your conservative
nature. Jupiter will expand your awareness of your community and also introduce you to other ways of learning, growing, and contributing to cultural society. You are spiritually quite inclined in this alignment as well, and will be seeking an enlightened path to walk upon.

This is a very interesting month for you, Capricorn! With planets transiting between the very beginning and
end of your chart, you are quite balanced between your personal identity, and the identity of your higher self. This may lead to spiritual exploration as well as a deeper understand of the nature of reality. You will also enjoy good health all month long, making your goals even easier to achieve. You are powerful and strong this month, and the
stars encourage you to shine, accomplish, focus, and dream!

Capricorn Horoscope Comments

I found my sagittarius friend after yrs.he was excited me too. After months of wooing me, we decided to meet.by God he freaked , was really scared. Couldn't bring himself to meet me.i had to cancel everything. I am a cappie 8 Jan. Very strange never experienced any thing like this before.

[ Sadsad ] [ Post Reply ]

cap or not luck with love you can forget adout

[ ] [ Post Reply ]

the problem for Capricorn ppl right now is pluto

[ aa ] [ Post Reply ]

My birth date is January the 5th my career as an actor and singer how's going to be this year

[ Patrick geha ] [ Post Reply ]

I am capricorn tell me about yesterday my feeling

[ Lucky Sharma ] [ Post Reply ]

Born 1/19/41 had breast cancer2016 undergoing radiation thru 1/12/17 caught in early stages; am optimistic for full recovery and prayer is helpful to me. after all a higher placed being than I decides our lives and we make choices basedon our idea of right and wrong. my son and only child is incar
cerated and working hard to prove his worthiness to be released; pray for him thank you for looking forward with positiveness

[ jean ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 1/19/69 and i have a son, only child. When i read your comment i couldn't help but think if it is going to be my life in 28 years. I wish you full and speedy recovery and best of luck to your son.

[ Jan19 ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Capricorn...what does my marriage look like. Will I be happy.

[ jo ann ] [ Post Reply ]

The right decision is usually the hardest one, being humble & sincere captures how you will move forward. Career wise, moving forward or up might feel like a step down but really a step up in the right direction. Choose your issues selectively & address each one with utmost care & sensitivity but do
nt ignore them. You know what u want & what you need. Don't settle untill you feel good regarding where you are moving both in love & careers. You have the answer already you don't need other peoples confirmations. Be well.

[ CH ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! Wonderfully said. Bless you

[ Kt ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm born on 9th January 1984, looking for a abroad job opportunity. Any promising way to get a abroad job, good finance. What about my marriage life.

[ Shinil Anand ] [ Post Reply ]

Just keep on praying to the Lord shinil .. And he will give u the right woman in ur life

[ Jelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

Im a Cap 31st December i have had a horrific 18 months and its getting worse i read my horoscope just to see how normal imaginary hope can be..

[ Dee ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Dee Im a Cap 31st December i have had a horrific 18 months and its getting worse i read my horoscope just to see how normal imaginary hope can be..
I'm also a cap 31 dec. my whole year has Ben crappy too

[ Rhonda ] [ Post Reply ]

SAAAAAAAAME 12/31 & a shitty year

[ Angie ]

Im a Cap also, Jan 18 and I have been through alot of horrible/tough times over the past 3yrs. One minute I think things are getting better but they just get worse. Im so tired and I feel myself just giving up. They say you must have faith and I do but when your faced with really hard times you can
t do nothing but worry. Ever aspect of my life is a disaster and I just keep trying and praying but nothing helps. Now I see why people do the things they do to survive and Im no stranger to doing what you have to do.

[ FM ] [ Post Reply ]

same, same!!

[ andy ]

I know where you are coming from and feel the same. Going through tough times and try and feel you can feel a bit Steiner and get better and something else knocks you and you give up. I too have faith but struggle. My view is that reading your struggles help me with mine knowing I am not on my own.
Good luck fm and hope you have found a way through

[ C ]

I have had a tough few years with no money, no work, poor health and six house moves and a self-centred partner. Focus on others who have less than us and be grateful for what God gave us and we will attract better things into our lives

[ cindy ]

Hello, I was reading your post....we have to pay attention.we have to keep pressing to be right and be Holy..In this life we will have problems...They make us Strong...don't give up that's what the Devil want you to do..Keep your mind on Jesus and not problems and things...you know what you are deal
ing with but you not concern about it...That's God for you...Be Bless

[ Kbwest ]

Me and my husband got married April now we no to gather we and it October I ddon't know what to do I'm miss my husband but he didn't want to help me and cheating on me do you think we ever get back to gather I don't think my husband love me do you think he miss me or will we get back together I lov
e him but I don't think he ever love me I don't know why he married me for is convenience.

[ lisamcculloch ] [ Post Reply ]

thank you for this non-sugar coated forecast for this month. this is exactly what I have been experiencing - the stereotyping or racism has been overt, in my face and painful, no matter how beautiful, kind, or sweet the salve might be. Racism hurts.

[ ae ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm just done with the nonsense period at home & work & elsewhere people Quiting at work & ratting people out & people getting fired for no reason & family wise I hope my family stop getting in my space of something's I wanna/going to do so the can stay in there lane or support I hope the Atlanta tr
ip this thanksgiving goes great travel/financially/no drama/happy wise& this October I hope breeders cup payout big on the exacta & hopefully have some luck I always bet on the breeders cup and have fun & Hopefully work will get better rest of the year

[ Rolando ] [ Post Reply ]

I am married since four years but I am not convicing for child when I become a mother pls reply

[ Neha Humayun ] [ Post Reply ]

When I go to court July 20,2015 will everything , come out good?

[ Jackie Rodriguez ] [ Post Reply ]


[ WINEME ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes we will keep rising....we ALL ARE going through things but not matter what....STAY FOCUS CAPS!!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON....STAY POSITIVE,& STAY STRONG

[ Ashley ] [ Post Reply ]

:like: living like a goat right now , i'm loving it

[ i don't have a name #suckit ] [ Post Reply ]

!;) !;) good advice

[ elizabeth ] [ Post Reply ]

People - every person on this planet have their own difficulties. It's nothing to do with Mars or Jupiter, those little balls in the sky that God made for us to look at like a decoration.

[ Rose ] [ Post Reply ]

Charming, Mr or Mrs Take No Prisoners! Stop fooling people! Is that a picture of your ugly face at the top?

[ sweetHeart ] [ Post Reply ]

Me and my husband trying to buy a house and getting a loan from the bank. Will the bank approve the loan?

[ donskie ] [ Post Reply ]

Seek God first...he will give you an answer and u must wait on him to speak

[ Kbwest ] [ Post Reply ]

Will i pass the haad exam

[ lesley ] [ Post Reply ]

Is my job safe for next year?

[ zora ] [ Post Reply ]

You can't live your life in Fear..that's what the emery want....do your best...save money...sometimes when you get fired ,layed off...etc...it be in God will..he have better things for you....I got fired on a fast that God had me on..and I laugh...it was he's will cause I wanted to quick...he told m
e to wait and watch he's salvation...but God...when it's God it don't make sense...get your mind off that job and put it on Jesus...

[ Kbwest ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm having an issue with my uncle over my money for a thanksgiving trip & he has this control issue & I'm pushing 30 & he's so shitty that he can't try to control to much anymore & work is going good & love life going with family to Atlanta for thanksgiving & far as the love front the girl I had a c
rush on for the longest is prego so in need to keep in prayer for myself,family&(uncle),formoneyupboost,andbetterluck,Andalusia special lady to come in my life & a fun holiday thanksgiving & Christmas/birthday day after 26th baby I'm so happy to be a cappy

[ Rolando ] [ Post Reply ]

My marriage scheduled for Dec7, broke up on Oct 25.

[ Anush ] [ Post Reply ]

Ihave a same exact story as Anderson. ..even dates match. I snap at him last month though when he was "again" lying to me. But on the end ...I'm the bad one...Ha :) loving , caring, loyal, trustworthy capricorn b*tch...

[ jana ] [ Post Reply ]

my partner left me last august 25,and we have a communication that lasts only untill sept.8,and untill now she didn't text me or call me anymore and she's ignoring my messages for her on facebook,I'm hoping that she will come back again to me this coming end of the month,because I do really love her
so much...

[ anderson ] [ Post Reply ]

we also had the same story...im hoping he will come back to me :(

[ chery ] [ Post Reply ]

I broke up with my fiance on sept 10th. He is starting to come back, not fully yet. Waiting for the end of this month.

[ Newday ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on. September 8th my girlfriend and I broke up. Hoping that they come back by the end of the month. I've heard nothing for 5 days now so I'm trying to focus my best on staying positive and focused on my current goals in hopes that she'll come back at the end of the month as also predicted.

[ tryingmybest ] [ Post Reply ]

Every thing happens for a reason. Look on the bright side or the flip side. Capricorns shall keep on rising!!! :cool:

[ jade ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from jade Every thing happens for a reason. Look on the bright side or the flip side. Capricorns shall keep on rising!!!

[ Geegee ] [ Post Reply ]

Or you could just tell everyone to hang in regardless instead of being a doomist and that in the end all of this is a guide and not written in stone and all of my comment comes from a believer !!

[ Cate ] [ Post Reply ]

I need God intervention in my interview this month.

[ adebayo moses ] [ Post Reply ]

will get job this month? am trying since from last 6 months

[ divya ] [ Post Reply ]

oh god please guide me.. :(

[ jessica ] [ Post Reply ]

did i will marry in 2014

[ srinivas ] [ Post Reply ]

Doesnt look that way..Sorry :(

[ Vixsin77 ] [ Post Reply ]

I am due for a promotion in June 2014. Will I be promoted?

[ Jyotirmaya Satpathy ] [ Post Reply ]

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