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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope for October 2017

Free Monthly Horoscope for October 2017 for Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus October 2017

This month will be filled with love, spirituality, and guidance for you, dear Taurus. You have been doing a lot of work over the past year to make strides in your professional development. While this focus on career will remain steady throughout the month, your focus will shift to more personal matters. Jupiter has been in your sixth house since last
November. The sixth house rules job, service, routines, and responsibilities. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo. More than half the planets reside in your sixth house right now, so the month of October will be one of the significant opportunities on the career front, and you will be introduced to lucrative people along the way. You
may have recently made a big transition in your career, or are soon to make one, ultimately serving your highest purpose. You will be completely settled into your new role by the end of this year. Jupiter will leave your sixth house on October 10th. He has been by your side through and through, so you can thank him for your
growth in this sector!

Jupiter will enter your seventh house on October 11th. Your seventh house is the house of partnerships and love. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will bring his prosperity to you in this sector. You may see budding partnerships in different aspects of your life, well into next year, as Jupiter remains in your seventh house until November
of 2018. Auspiciously, Mercury follows suit on the 17th of this month, transiting into your seventh house, too. But thatís not all! The Sun makes its way into your seventh house on the 23rd! Can you see the focus here? Love, love, love! There is nothing like a Taurus in love, and you will certainly have your fill this month, which
will last you until next year. If you are in a relationship, you may see your partnership blossom with this person. If you are a single Taurus, you will have the opportunity to meet many eligible partners, and they certainly won't be shy about coming to you! Understand that while you are free to have fun, this alignment will ultimately lead
to a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Venus, your ruling planet, oversees the seventh house of love and partnerships. On the 5th of October, Venus and Mars will be in conjunction. This is a fabulous day for being intimate with your partner or lover. The surge of feminine and masculine energies with ignite a fire in the bedroom. You are certain to
have a romantic evening! This alignment breeds raw creativity as well. If you are an artist or enjoy working with your hands, today is perfect to venture into a new project, or completely let go in your art modality. The planets encourage you to express yourself, baby! Venus has her solstice on the 16th of this month. The solstice encourages you
to reflect on your relationships. Who do you feel most connected to at work and in your personal life? What about these relationship gives you strength and harmony? This is also an excellent day to feng shui your office and home environments. If you have sensed that there are energy blocks in the room, figure out the best way to create
openness and calmness in this space. Sometimes, the position of objects needs to be changed to invite in a different perspective. With your eye for beauty, making your space look amazing will be a breeze!

Your social life and friendships will be equally active and fulfilling during this month. You are sure to have a lot of outings, focused on having
a good time. You may have the tendency to overcommit to making plans, especially with a loved one. Make sure to schedule enough downtime for yourself this month! While you enjoy making everyone in your life happy, generous Taurus, it is important that you pay attention to your health during October. If you see signs of fatigue or stomach issues, common
for your sign, you need to rest and take it easy. There will be plenty of socializing opportunities for the rest of this year and next to keep you busy! Make an art of self-care or a beauty routine. Enjoy soaking in a luxurious bubble bath or rubbing your skin with gentle emollients. A detoxing regimen once a week is important
this month, so schedule it!

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th, and you can be sure that any communication you have with someone else or with your internal self will be honest and open. While Scorpioís energy can be cutting, the truth is bound to come out. Scorpio encourages us to be real, raw, and truthful, even if it hurts. Following
this, it will be a time for conflict resolution when Mars enters Libra on the 22nd of the month. If there is an issue at work, you can anticipate having a conversation to solve this problem. There may be activities happening on the backend as well to make positive strides. If you are encountering a problem in your personal life, you
may get clarity today and feel like you can move forward. With Libra balancing out the intensity of Scorpioís sign, you will be able to trust your judgment today.

The last week of the month will be focused on spirituality. While there have been a lot of activities here on the physical plane lately, lovely Taurus, the Universe urges you to
connect with your higher self now. The growth over the past year in your personal and professional life has given you the confidence to trust in yourself and the cosmic nature of life. In your quiet moments, reflect on what your purpose here is. Take the time to meditate and take walks in nature to spark your spiritual connection. Trust that
the Universe is always here to guide you, and the stars are certainly in your favor. This month is full of love for you, dear Taurus. Rejoice in the planetary alignments!

Taurus Horoscope Comments

i loved a boy he left me and he says he doesnt want any relation with me now..even he doesnt talk seeing when am front of him.doesnt want to meet me

[ soji samuel ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to earn money n become successful powerful and meet rich buisness man and marry a weathy person

[ Babita ] [ Post Reply ]

Getting over the loss of my "boyfriend" who just left and doesnt contact me anymore since July, and feeling isolated by family and work "friends". August seems like a lonely, on your own sort of month (

[ Katlyn ] [ Post Reply ]

My gf also left me and thats the reason im here,

[ Greywitt ] [ Post Reply ]

He left me for no reason

[ linna ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow. Same here. I'm starting to be grateful for it. In time you will too

[ Monique ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to know about my financial status in this month from today at the in of march..

[ Miguel m.Arocha ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm having a very good start this month.My spouse has being wonderful to me,supporting and encourage me each step of the way. The solution to most problems above and below is just a lack of confidence. Taurus Gain your confidence and believe in yourself with absolute conviction in your ideas/intuiti

[ David ] [ Post Reply ]

Square I agree fake it till you make it smiling gets others smiling and gets us smiling feeling a hole lot better even though we could be feeling blue. I love Nike just do it! or what I'm proud to say Nike I just did it! =) For all Taurus peoples

[ Claudvandam ] [ Post Reply ]

Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus? 12horoscopesigns Taurus Weekly Horoscope provides a brief insight into your week ahead. Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now!

[ 12horoscopesigns ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from 12horoscopesigns Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus? 12horoscopesigns Taurus Weekly Horoscope provides a brief insight into your week ahead. Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now!
i want 2kw wen s my marriage

[ Mythily ] [ Post Reply ]

I lost my job and my boy friend

[ lele ] [ Post Reply ]

I too Lost my job in early this month :-(

[ Livya ] [ Post Reply ]

I too lost the city I loved The work I loved and the girl I loved. Nowadays traveling a lot to get over with all this.

[ JS ] [ Post Reply ]

I made many mistakes and took my family for granted.

[ ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow I don't often read about Taurus case I don't believe in it but everytime I read it's really me.. Tells slot about me.. And yeas im into something right now my dreams about my grandma and this are just the right combination to tell my self that this is me..

[ mia ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh wow for me everything is perfect it seems as if what you talking about never happen to me as well. But now I have new job, excellent salary, two brand new cars SUV and SEDAN, my marriage back on track, my son graduated from college. so hang in there it will come right like I said i've been in you
r situation and i came out GOLD consider yourselves victorious TOO it's just a matter of time. LOVE U ALL Toreans we are strong earthly people. RISE and SHINE stay BLESSED

[ Valerie ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally end of this world got a boyfriend such nice but about carrier totally down sounds like a hell nothing to be done for sure its sucks drive me crazy now financial go down on earth

[ Nadine ] [ Post Reply ]

My life as a tauren has been awesome in terms of growing up and being who I want to be,but the one thing that bends me from inside time and time again is my love life. I met some individuals who I could've loved passionately and some I still very much do.but it seems I am either just fooling myself
or it just isn't gonna work out. It says 2015 will be great year for love as a tauren,I sure hope so as I am fed up with lonely,pretending to be happy and cheering people around me yet being totally heartbroken on the inside. I want to keep my hopes up for 2015..but I'm afraid of doing so for obviou
s reasons.

[ jiesus ] [ Post Reply ]

You and I both..... let's hope 2016 is better relationship wise as it is almost the end of 2015 and no prospects in terms of a relationship to report. Remember that it is better to feel lonely waiting for the right person than to feel lonely whilst being with the wrong one....l

[ Niksha ] [ Post Reply ]

I just went through a heart break. Its so awful.

[ mama ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Taurus ... Rain has fallen into my life, but a lot of good has come as well ... I met the love of my life .. I get to be closer to my daughter ... Of course I could sit here and complain how life throws me curve balls but I choose to be greatful for what I DO have instead of dwelling on what
I don't ... life is only 10% of what happens and 90% of how one handles it ... Prayer is very important but so is believing in ones self .

[ Jason ] [ Post Reply ]

Pregnancy is most stressful just before the baby emerges. When life seems too hard, a baby is probably about to be born. Maybe the baby is you. Maybe you need to change in order to take advantage of a fresh layer of opportunities many Taureans are about to come across in their lives. Whatever ha
ppens, refuse to be depressed. Hard times don't last, but depression is a medical condition that lasts throughout life.

[ kolalad ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh My God! I was desperately searching for an answer why this year has been such a disaster for me, and I came to the right place. Finally an accurate horoscope for Taurus. What is the way forward? I have never had such bad luck as since Jan this year and it kept getting worse. I have counted ab
out 5 good days since January. Where is the end of this???

[ Louise ] [ Post Reply ]

my life and as a tauras sucks. shit always happens to me where is the good things in my life

[ amit ] [ Post Reply ]

So true. I am in my darkest days now, for both career and love. No clear vision on what can be done to get out of it.

[ Emilie ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah true taureans would have experienced the bitter taste in almost every aspect of life. My case , its pointing towards the end of my married life, struggling financially with my child. Frank enough, I have never thought to start a new relation, but without my knowledge changes are happening in me

[ Sree ] [ Post Reply ]

i feel like I'm dying

[ Anne ] [ Post Reply ]

Ladt year i have promblem my family until now what will i do.

[ Stellaumprasert ] [ Post Reply ]

we have many problems in life ok? think of it your not the only one that has many problems or family problem I, for instance i had a terrible life because my family is not a perfect family but I just accept the fact that my family arent that prfect so I just carry on ,move on and just smile act nor
mal and continue life.

[ square ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello,I wanna say that from 2012 January until now, nothing GOOD happend. TOTAL B*LSH*T!!! finance/love/sports/others...

[ Red ] [ Post Reply ]

Same with me...since the end of 2014 and the start of 2015..I lost my job, my boyfriend left, my rent was raised....never ending BAD luck

[ dreamer ] [ Post Reply ]

hi, may i hope we can think for a chance for ourselves, i need a understanding hoping u can understand me than anyother signs..........forget the past, do i have a chance to heal us n be happy life.

[ wake up ]

Message from Red Hello,I wanna say that from 2012 January until now, nothing GOOD happend. TOTAL B*LSH*T!!! finance/love/sports/others...
Totally agree with u Bro......all I fibd till 2012 is pure unluck and neutral times...no luck..ever since... :(

[ arun ] [ Post Reply ]

I left my husband end of jan, at the moment it's as if I have no feelings don't want to go bk. I want my life back.

[ Shell ] [ Post Reply ]

God will help you

[ imdan ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite understable little bit frustrating, :ups:

[ marjie m ] [ Post Reply ]

omg okay my sched's been delayed a lot, things came up and shit. people came to hate me. i would either be late or miss things all together and til now, plans are getting canceled. i dont even want to plan anything anymore hahahaha

[ momo ] [ Post Reply ]

rely on god,..god will take care of every trials we are facing ..problems come and go so it depends on how we handle it .. :) best thing to do is to pray ...

[ chan ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from chan rely on god,..god will take care of every trials we are facing ..problems come and go so it depends on how we handle it .. best thing to do is to pray ...
I'm still hoping for the very best thing that will happened to me. I'll still go on and strive harder. Good luc
k for me!!

[ Imelda ] [ Post Reply ]

its a little frusterating.

[ xxo ] [ Post Reply ]

?) may allah bless us with success guize ?)

[ sehri ] [ Post Reply ]

Em not finding luck en life em really frustated from dis em not getting wht 2 do..pls guest me sumthng...so

[ sumaiya ] [ Post Reply ]

It is actually funny to read this I have been unexpectedly late for many things this month even when I have left extra early! And it has become quite frustrating for myself family friends bf and work. No matter what I do I can't seem to avoid it these past few weeks :(

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite correct forecast for taurians

[ Veera ] [ Post Reply ]

I can not wait to see what my fate dertemines of my life.

[ Anusha ] [ Post Reply ]

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