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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope for December 2017

Free Monthly Horoscope for December 2017 for Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus December 2017

The majority of planets are forecasted to be in the upper half of your chart this month, dear Taurus. All of the planets will be in the upper half of your chart starting on the 9th. On the 14th, the Moon will also be in the southern hemisphere and will remain here until the 27th of this month. These positions will
manifest as growth in your career sector and successful achievements. You will be more concerned with your objectives in your professional life and social life, as this hemisphere is all about your outward focus. Your personal and emotional life will take a back seat this month, which is a welcomed change for you!

On the 9th, Mars moves into your 7th house
of partnerships. This relates to one-on-one relationships of all kinds, such as business, romantic, friendships, and even enemy relationships. Mars in this house will make you feel more dominant and controlling of others, but not necessarily in a negative way. Mars encourages you to take charge when it comes to making decisions here, as a leader, and maybe even an aggressor.
If you find yourself getting too feisty, take a step back before you create competition or hostility between you and your partners. You may feel impatient in the workplace, encouraging others to pick up the slack and get projects done on your deadlines. In your personal life, you will be more controlling at home, with family and loved ones. This is
not the time to resolve arguments or disagreements, as you will find a way to win no matter what! Regardless, you can use Marsí energy for good this month, to take action where no one else can. This alignment also teaches you how to compromise, even if it may be in hindsight.

Since last month, Jupiter has been in your 7th
house as well, and will remain here until next year. You will expand your social circle, and these individuals may bring with them material abundance to share! You will have pleasant company over the next year, and it is a great time to have fun with friends and new acquaintances. If you are thinking about marriage or deeper commitments to loved
ones, Jupiterís luck will ensure that you have a bountiful and harmonious connection with your partner. You may be entering into new money soon, whether it is through inheritance, financial mergers, or a bonus in your income. Enjoy this alignment, lovely Taurus, for it will bring you great luck and success for an entire year! On the other hand, your financial
planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde in Sagittarius from the 3rd to the 23rd of this month. Even though you will be coming into money very soon, retrograde periods are notoriously challenging, given unexpected payments, bills, and expenses. It is wise not to spend a lot of money right now, even though you have the propensity to overspend in this alignment.
Try to do any holiday shopping earlier in the month, or preferably have it done by the end of November.

Venus will be in your 8th house starting on the 1st, and will remain here until the 25th of this month. If you are a single Taurus, you may not be so interested in dating during December, as this alignment encourages
you to think about the bigger picture of partnership. You will be more attracted to those who are financially secure and who are also emotionally balanced. If you are in a relationship, your partner may see a surge of cash flow or become financial independent over the course of the month. You will definitely channel your deeper, sexier side, as this
house rules extremely masculine and feminine energy. You and your partner are sure to connect more intimately, but not on a superficial level at all. You will both see each otherís souls during this aspect. This aspect truly cuts to the core of the matter! You will be a deep, soulful person this month, and Venus will encourage you to be
your most authentic self. You may also merge finances with your partner, as it is a good time to make long-term commitments and set goals for the future. Venus enters your 9th house of expansion, philosophy, and higher learning on the 25th of this month. You will see new and beautiful ways to learn about something you have a passion for.
Venus encourages you to find that inner peace inside of yourself to get in touch with what you truly care about. You may also feel more independent from your partner during the last week of December, and you will encourage them to also explore what is important to them outside of your relationship. Venus is loving and the 9th house is
all about freedom. You will enjoy this alignment until mid-January!

On the 20th, Saturn enters his natural home in Capricorn, your 9th house of expansion. You will feel more in touch with how your work relates to your deeper desires in life. Saturnís reign in your 10th house will remain for the next 2.5 years, so your professional path will definitely be
an ongoing trend for a while! You will be very focused on achieving your long term goals and accomplishments, but may realize that your career has limitations. This house is all about growing outside of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a new job, this time will serve as learning about greater responsibilities within your chosen field. Saturn may
push you out of one job sector and into another, as you desire higher learning and new knowledge at this time. The latter part of December will merely get the ball rolling for this new path in life, and it may also manifest outside of your profession.

Overall, your career path is forging ahead into new beginnings. You are quite accomplishment
and goal focused this month, and this will continue to be a trend for you until next year. The Universe wants you to enjoy your freedom, success, and social partnerships, lovely Taurus!

Taurus Horoscope Comments

i loved a boy he left me and he says he doesnt want any relation with me now..even he doesnt talk seeing when am front of him.doesnt want to meet me

[ soji samuel ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to earn money n become successful powerful and meet rich buisness man and marry a weathy person

[ Babita ] [ Post Reply ]

Getting over the loss of my "boyfriend" who just left and doesnt contact me anymore since July, and feeling isolated by family and work "friends". August seems like a lonely, on your own sort of month (

[ Katlyn ] [ Post Reply ]

My gf also left me and thats the reason im here,

[ Greywitt ] [ Post Reply ]

He left me for no reason

[ linna ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow. Same here. I'm starting to be grateful for it. In time you will too

[ Monique ] [ Post Reply ]

I want to know about my financial status in this month from today at the in of march..

[ Miguel m.Arocha ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm having a very good start this month.My spouse has being wonderful to me,supporting and encourage me each step of the way. The solution to most problems above and below is just a lack of confidence. Taurus Gain your confidence and believe in yourself with absolute conviction in your ideas/intuiti

[ David ] [ Post Reply ]

Square I agree fake it till you make it smiling gets others smiling and gets us smiling feeling a hole lot better even though we could be feeling blue. I love Nike just do it! or what I'm proud to say Nike I just did it! =) For all Taurus peoples

[ Claudvandam ] [ Post Reply ]

Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus? 12horoscopesigns Taurus Weekly Horoscope provides a brief insight into your week ahead. Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now!

[ 12horoscopesigns ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from 12horoscopesigns Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus? 12horoscopesigns Taurus Weekly Horoscope provides a brief insight into your week ahead. Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now!
i want 2kw wen s my marriage

[ Mythily ] [ Post Reply ]

I lost my job and my boy friend

[ lele ] [ Post Reply ]

I too Lost my job in early this month :-(

[ Livya ] [ Post Reply ]

I too lost the city I loved The work I loved and the girl I loved. Nowadays traveling a lot to get over with all this.

[ JS ] [ Post Reply ]

I made many mistakes and took my family for granted.

[ ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow I don't often read about Taurus case I don't believe in it but everytime I read it's really me.. Tells slot about me.. And yeas im into something right now my dreams about my grandma and this are just the right combination to tell my self that this is me..

[ mia ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh wow for me everything is perfect it seems as if what you talking about never happen to me as well. But now I have new job, excellent salary, two brand new cars SUV and SEDAN, my marriage back on track, my son graduated from college. so hang in there it will come right like I said i've been in you
r situation and i came out GOLD consider yourselves victorious TOO it's just a matter of time. LOVE U ALL Toreans we are strong earthly people. RISE and SHINE stay BLESSED

[ Valerie ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally end of this world got a boyfriend such nice but about carrier totally down sounds like a hell nothing to be done for sure its sucks drive me crazy now financial go down on earth

[ Nadine ] [ Post Reply ]

My life as a tauren has been awesome in terms of growing up and being who I want to be,but the one thing that bends me from inside time and time again is my love life. I met some individuals who I could've loved passionately and some I still very much do.but it seems I am either just fooling myself
or it just isn't gonna work out. It says 2015 will be great year for love as a tauren,I sure hope so as I am fed up with lonely,pretending to be happy and cheering people around me yet being totally heartbroken on the inside. I want to keep my hopes up for 2015..but I'm afraid of doing so for obviou
s reasons.

[ jiesus ] [ Post Reply ]

You and I both..... let's hope 2016 is better relationship wise as it is almost the end of 2015 and no prospects in terms of a relationship to report. Remember that it is better to feel lonely waiting for the right person than to feel lonely whilst being with the wrong one....l

[ Niksha ] [ Post Reply ]

I just went through a heart break. Its so awful.

[ mama ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Taurus ... Rain has fallen into my life, but a lot of good has come as well ... I met the love of my life .. I get to be closer to my daughter ... Of course I could sit here and complain how life throws me curve balls but I choose to be greatful for what I DO have instead of dwelling on what
I don't ... life is only 10% of what happens and 90% of how one handles it ... Prayer is very important but so is believing in ones self .

[ Jason ] [ Post Reply ]

Pregnancy is most stressful just before the baby emerges. When life seems too hard, a baby is probably about to be born. Maybe the baby is you. Maybe you need to change in order to take advantage of a fresh layer of opportunities many Taureans are about to come across in their lives. Whatever ha
ppens, refuse to be depressed. Hard times don't last, but depression is a medical condition that lasts throughout life.

[ kolalad ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh My God! I was desperately searching for an answer why this year has been such a disaster for me, and I came to the right place. Finally an accurate horoscope for Taurus. What is the way forward? I have never had such bad luck as since Jan this year and it kept getting worse. I have counted ab
out 5 good days since January. Where is the end of this???

[ Louise ] [ Post Reply ]

my life and as a tauras sucks. shit always happens to me where is the good things in my life

[ amit ] [ Post Reply ]

So true. I am in my darkest days now, for both career and love. No clear vision on what can be done to get out of it.

[ Emilie ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah true taureans would have experienced the bitter taste in almost every aspect of life. My case , its pointing towards the end of my married life, struggling financially with my child. Frank enough, I have never thought to start a new relation, but without my knowledge changes are happening in me

[ Sree ] [ Post Reply ]

i feel like I'm dying

[ Anne ] [ Post Reply ]

Ladt year i have promblem my family until now what will i do.

[ Stellaumprasert ] [ Post Reply ]

we have many problems in life ok? think of it your not the only one that has many problems or family problem I, for instance i had a terrible life because my family is not a perfect family but I just accept the fact that my family arent that prfect so I just carry on ,move on and just smile act nor
mal and continue life.

[ square ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello,I wanna say that from 2012 January until now, nothing GOOD happend. TOTAL B*LSH*T!!! finance/love/sports/others...

[ Red ] [ Post Reply ]

Same with me...since the end of 2014 and the start of 2015..I lost my job, my boyfriend left, my rent was raised....never ending BAD luck

[ dreamer ] [ Post Reply ]

hi, may i hope we can think for a chance for ourselves, i need a understanding hoping u can understand me than anyother signs..........forget the past, do i have a chance to heal us n be happy life.

[ wake up ]

Message from Red Hello,I wanna say that from 2012 January until now, nothing GOOD happend. TOTAL B*LSH*T!!! finance/love/sports/others...
Totally agree with u Bro......all I fibd till 2012 is pure unluck and neutral times...no luck..ever since... :(

[ arun ] [ Post Reply ]

I left my husband end of jan, at the moment it's as if I have no feelings don't want to go bk. I want my life back.

[ Shell ] [ Post Reply ]

God will help you

[ imdan ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite understable little bit frustrating, :ups:

[ marjie m ] [ Post Reply ]

omg okay my sched's been delayed a lot, things came up and shit. people came to hate me. i would either be late or miss things all together and til now, plans are getting canceled. i dont even want to plan anything anymore hahahaha

[ momo ] [ Post Reply ]

rely on god,..god will take care of every trials we are facing ..problems come and go so it depends on how we handle it .. :) best thing to do is to pray ...

[ chan ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from chan rely on god,..god will take care of every trials we are facing ..problems come and go so it depends on how we handle it .. best thing to do is to pray ...
I'm still hoping for the very best thing that will happened to me. I'll still go on and strive harder. Good luc
k for me!!

[ Imelda ] [ Post Reply ]

its a little frusterating.

[ xxo ] [ Post Reply ]

?) may allah bless us with success guize ?)

[ sehri ] [ Post Reply ]

Em not finding luck en life em really frustated from dis em not getting wht 2 do..pls guest me sumthng...so

[ sumaiya ] [ Post Reply ]

It is actually funny to read this I have been unexpectedly late for many things this month even when I have left extra early! And it has become quite frustrating for myself family friends bf and work. No matter what I do I can't seem to avoid it these past few weeks :(

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite correct forecast for taurians

[ Veera ] [ Post Reply ]

I can not wait to see what my fate dertemines of my life.

[ Anusha ] [ Post Reply ]

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