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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope for September 2019

Free Monthly Horoscope for September 2019 for Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo September 2019

Virgo, happy birth season to you! It is your time to shine and do what you do best, which is several things at once. This month does start with your number, but then loses it promptly and leaves you a little confused with half done projects and nothing going the way you planned. Never fear, there's a reason for the season
and that reason is Libra, your neighboring sign that loves, and you're going to see this ad nauseum, balance! Which you are an expert at, in a very different way, which clashes. Someone who can balance spinning plates on several sticks can't necessarily also hold heavy bags of flour perfectly even for an hour - nevermind also try to spin the
plates at the same time.
As the month starts, Virgo, you will find your friends coming to you for advice and guidance which you will dole out faithfully. You may have one friend that depends heavily on you and you will be very attentive and have a good idea of where they are heading in life and advise accordingly. Relationships, in
general, will feel natural and fulfilling, for a bit. The transfer into Libra season will be subtle at first, but then you will find that you are no longer as in control and things have developed that were not expected at all. Your friendships will not be too badly affected by this, but you will not seek the same sort of
people out. You will be more likely to need advice and guidance than you will be giving it away. Finding friends that also need help, in the same way, will be useful because you both could vent and then distract by helping to solve each other's problems.

You should love what you're doing to give it your all, as you are
less likely to put your energy to projects you don't care about, but even if you don't love what you're doing, Virgo season will have you working hard and with joy.
You've got work projects on several more burners than you knew you had, and you're not alone for once. The influence of your sign is making people work hard
around you. Saying with you would be an exaggeration. You are not always a real team player, but you fake it well, especially when most are keeping up with you so it's not so obvious you're doing so much on your own. It's best to let this happen and not be too concerned with others taking the focus off of how
well your work is turning out.

But then the other foot drops and it's Libra season, and you're all turned around now like you've lost the map to your life and have to draw a new one from memory. Things at work will get confusing and irritating. You'll miss Virgo season, but will have to continue forward into a mass of
projects that you now have to finish feeling less than motivated. Getting upset at work is likely and it is best to pace yourself and give yourself plenty of time to get projects accomplished in order to avoid upsets all together.
Your work environment will be less hospitable to your focus and it'll be best to forge on ahead without
worrying what other people are doing unless it directly relates to things you need to be done. Unlike most of the zodiac, you start September feeling in sync and are abruptly informed otherwise with little idea how to adjust. Stability, albeit an unconventional sort, is your friend, and the start of the month will hold a lot of good feeling moments
and healing busywork.

Libra will come in and remind you that working all of the time, both at work and at home, with no end in sight and personal care being thrown so far on the back burner that you can't see it anymore is not healthy. Instead of seeing this as something happening to you suddenly, realize this is just
a light shining on things that were already there in the dark. It's a rude reminder of how important it is to take care of yourself before taking care of others. It may take a long time to get back into your good feeling space, and balance may never be as perfect as Libra would demand, but your idea of balance
is very different from an actual scale.
Altogether, you are bound to feel both the best and the worst this month, which may sound awful, but you'll find a path forged from these days of struggle that will guide you for much longer than you may realize. Most of your struggles will be against yourself, and it's good to acknowledge
this fact and not be too quick to avoid dealing with it.

Virgo Horoscope Comments

i m also virgo i studying abt virgo a lot many fact i know want to connect any one...

[ rohit ] [ Post Reply ]

i m a virgo girl ... i worn blue sapphire now is it good for me or i should avoid it?

[ sadia ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a virgo born on 8-26-85 I'm w a Scorpio and he says he wants to marry me, but we have been in conflict (ups n downs)I feel in my pit of my stomach he is cheating/cheated but I can't prove anything. Will we last, get married, or if not when will I truly be happy and loved? My be is above his is
11 07 79

[ Jessjarr ] [ Post Reply ]

Trust, "that pit in your stomach", & slow everything down, until you know 100% where that pit came from.Do not be afraid to trust your own feelings.\

[ Jones ] [ Post Reply ]

Im virgo person.born of March 23 1989 .N have the habit thinking alot.But can't take steps forward for any works.so now I want to marry within few month.Who is perfect soulmate for me.

[ Bishal chaps ] [ Post Reply ]

My date of birth is 04-11-1995 i married a Libra guy is this relationship will last?

[ Thriveni ] [ Post Reply ]

I I am a Virgo girl 19 years of age not I'm with a Virgo guy we been having our ups not downs but for sum reason he does trust me

[ Virgo girl ] [ Post Reply ]

im a virgo, and anytime any sorta love emotion happens i try to push it away, even though i want a relationship, im also afraid of getting hurt in the process, i wish i wasnt so indecisive

[ Ashley ] [ Post Reply ]

Same here. Pushed people away because of the fear of getting hurt. First, with a capricorn male who is really kind and emotionally stable. Then years after with a taurus male who is also kind, stable and someone who gets me. Maybe a lesson for us virgo people is just to stop over analyzing and just
let go of fear. Im on my mid 30s now and still single.

[ Melissa ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Taurus (F). 5 yrs has passed still heartbroken by a Virgo. Virgos are Logical which I admired. Because you guys make a decision based logic not emotions. But if maybe give the notion to this thought. Love is based on matters of the Heart not by Mind.

[ Concepcion ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Virgo. I am the same Ashley. I get intimate and push it away. I regret having pushed away a Capricorn 5 years ago who I still care for to this day. Two years ago he contacted me, but I still was afraid to say all I felt. Consequently, we did not make a connection. Now he lives in my homet
own, where I've moved away from years ago. Funny how life is. Who knows what's in store. Though he was not perfect, he was emotionally and spiritually perfect for me. Logic can get in the way as Concepcion has stated with Virgos. I ran when I let logic and knee jerk reactions to potential problem
s throw me. I've worked on my self in this time, and know communication is a must. Even if telling how unconfortable I am we matters of the heart, and I naturally run from being scared of getting hurt. Ashley, Virgos like us hurt ourselves because of our fear when we hold back. Better to be in m
otion and enjoying a true connection because hurts come in any relationship...Mother, Brother, Father, Fiend etc. The thing to remember is that Joy comes in those same relationships. And the love and joy that we miss by disconnecting to our true desire to have a relationship is all we are stuck wi
th. Time to make cherished memories. Love and follow through to discover joy. As the saying goes...Love like you can't be hurt. Now That's Living!

[ Joyce ]

Im inlove with libra man.. i realy love him and he want to broke up with me and i want to die right now.. i realy love him.. im 21 yrs old

[ virgo girl ] [ Post Reply ]

So, did you got over him ?

[ The concerned ] [ Post Reply ]

It's not about now. If you can make him respect you then you could stay.THEN, ask yourself how you think you'll feel in six months. Then twelve months from now about it.....weak or empowered? Then ask yourself what you need. Your feelings will have been lost in the shuffle; don't lose sight of them.
Have fun!

[ EvileDNA ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo born August 24, married for over 31 years to Taurus born April 29.Amazing husband and dad. We had an awesome life together. Last 2 years he had an affair With a cancer woman 28 years younger. Came back home 2 months ago after going back and forth between me and mistress but he is sad and rese
rved. Will it last? Should I let him go? I love him a lot. He claims he loves me too.

[ Virgo ] [ Post Reply ]

Let go remain friends!No need to be miserable. Life is too short for the Bull

[ Ima Virgo ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You have given this man 31 years!!! and I can't imagine what the thought of walking away must be like. We share the same birthday and it's been a hard year for our hearts. I only ask you to think about the fact that he has betrayed you in the worst way imaginab
le. He has turned his back on your 31 years in exchange for his loins. Your soul knows what to do....the question is if your mind and heart are ready. Never walk away if your not ready! I'm so sorry this was done to you.

[ Megan ] [ Post Reply ]

No you should not take him back.

[ VirgoToo ] [ Post Reply ]

Leave. Run, don't walk.

[ Jackie ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo woman deeply in love with cancer man.. been one year together.. then... All circumstances against. . Separated. Didn't change my feelings for him at all. Will we have a real chance?

[ des ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm virgo too don't trip just give some time don't trip if she's in love with u he will get back on track. Virgo guys are like that or worst in the some way but talking helps. Not fighting

[ George ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm in love with Pisces guy But he stopped talking to me Will we ever be together

[ preru ] [ Post Reply ]

Study sy related ya month kasaa rahy ga Marty liyaaa plz tell meee

[ aisha ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Virgo born September 13,1990 dating a cancer born July 2,1978 will things get better

[ VirgoNation ] [ Post Reply ]

No. 30 years and no better. Get out while you can

[ Virgohope ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo mindScorpio, Aries, Aquarius, Taurus : kindCancer, Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn : just for have fun,

[ Vrgboy ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi, I am a Virgo girl, in love with a Aries, he is very good.

[ Virgo girl ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also in love with a Aries man. He is passiate, loving and family oriente. I love that aries.

[ virgo girl ] [ Post Reply ]

I am in love with this Sagittarius, very experimental, love her for real

[ UgaVirgo ]

Virgo 9-18. Divorced from Cancer. No luck in love since. Will I ever find my true love?

[ Bwine918 ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo, born Sep 15. Sun (22 degree) conjunct Pluto (24 degree)at 5th house. Mars at Sag 26 degree square my Sun-Pluto. What might expect from 13th Sep Eclipse? Currently having severe problem at job (Aquarius 6 degree MC).

[ Sona ] [ Post Reply ]

Same birthdate; have issues at the office with preferential treatment given to the usual few. Virgo's not know to flaunt their abilities, but those who kiss up to management seem to get ahead.

[ Sue ] [ Post Reply ]

Do you work at my office? This is insane. And I won't kiss up. I am based on merit and do an incredible job, but it doesn't seem to matter. All that seems to matter is who I "whore" to. Is this why American business if failing?Hang in there

[ Nicole ]

Sept 7 baby here.male..hate Pisces...they're snakes ....don't get along with Gemini..All other signs second best after Virgo!

[ ant ] [ Post Reply ]

Im also getting along with Pisces. We're too opposites in characteristics but I never hate it. Oftentimes we fight but it doesn't brought us in trouble,rather we still strong united and I find it as our way of showing care and love to each other.

[ zwit ] [ Post Reply ]

But i am getting along with piscessss!! Its really nice between uss ! And by the way i am also sep 7 baby!!!! Hahahaha its true!! tekaree !!

[ Attu ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Virgo and been with Sagitarious man for 20 years, married 15 of those. Perfect life partners, but not soul mates. We have same family and life goals and have a happy life. Just opposite in interests, so passion a bit lacking. But passion doesn't last forever anyway and usually when there is hi
gh passion, there is also relationship drama. Virgo and Sagitarious like Beyonce and Jay Z. Strong loyal female, successful dependable male, great together.

[ Virgo/Sag and Happy ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a virgo woman who has been married to a gemini man for 22 years. We are getting divorced. I never want another man, I don't care what sign he is.....

[ Rae ] [ Post Reply ]

Virgo woman married to Gemini man for 20yrs. We are getting divorced!! Ugh...I feel ya!

[ VirgoStar ] [ Post Reply ]

Please find Jesus and thats all you/everyone needs. God bless!

[ Dave ] [ Post Reply ]

You will meet a total stranger he will be your love

[ olan ] [ Post Reply ]

Can you tell me more about virgo's Education scope? i need it asap if posible cause i dont see any thing related to education scope in there

[ Star ] [ Post Reply ]

Bunch of grapes... If you feel that way why do you take your "supposed" valuable time to come on here to read and comment... Take your advice

[ Gemini ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Cancer and I have a Virgo boyfriend that I have loved for 15 years. We have tried to be together for only brief periods in the past but I couldn't stop loving him. His indecisiveness about me drives me crazy and each time we parted ways I really can't tell you who's idea it was. Now we've bee
n together again without distraction for more than a year. He's been mention on the word ring for at least three months now, so I thought we were moving forward this time. Well he once again dropped a bomb on my enthusiasm because I started looking at ring designs. I wanted to find one that was uniq
ue, that I'd enjoy wearing, and didn't break the bank. He told me in no uncertain terms yesterday that there would be no ring between us just as plainly as he told me there would be a ring three months back. Why does this man keep breaking my heart? Breaking up with him is not an option. I've been
there and it never worked out for me. I can't shake him. I love him so much. What do I do?

[ Cher ] [ Post Reply ]

He still loves his first live..that's all..thanks

[ Belle ] [ Post Reply ]

Im a Virgo. He will never gonna get engaged with you. Never!!!Hes just killing time with you and he will have no mercy on you, no matter how much do you love him. Dont ask the reason why.

[ shaks ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Virgo woman and was dating a Capricorn man and it's been six months since we broke up , I have not dated since then he has some issues that I didn't particularly care for but I stil love him. He has a genuine heart and that's important for me , but he was too busy helping everybody and not eno
ugh we time.

[ Gee ] [ Post Reply ]

This is the exact description of my relationship with a Capricorn this last year. I was always last on the list. He would get upset when I took care of things he thought I should need him for. When I needed him, nothing. It has been 3 months, I still love him. With no desire to ever consider an

[ Misha ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a friend who is bi, mostly gay but in denial. He is an Aries age 46 and recently got married for the second time after a two and one half month engagement to a 34 yo never married Virgo. He is controlling to say the least What are the chances of a long term success or will it be short live
d? if so how long do people give it. He told his wife three weeks before the wedding that he has had sexual relations with a man but hat is in his past.

[ James ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm virgo my husband scorpio. We are going through a very hard time in our life. Everything was going well and he decided to chase me from our house. I don't knw whether he's cheating on me. I still love him. I've been faithful to him. I don't understand what's going on with him. I don't know if we
are going to get back together or not

[ cany ] [ Post Reply ]

Find time to talk to your husband heart to heart,,,,don't let your bad thought stay in your heart...

[ Virgo Girl ] [ Post Reply ]

I think it's a Virgo theme to break away from bad relationships. I am getting divorced after 14 years (married a Sag) and he kicked me out too! As a Virgo, you're strong and will get through it - don't go back, this is your chance at freedom.

[ MovingOn ] [ Post Reply ]

To all virgos, Capricorns are the best. I'm a Virgo my husband is a Capricorn, we met almost 10 years ago, and for both of us it feels like we met yesterday everything is still new our feelings for each other, our looks for each other, we even hold hands when we are sitting on the sofa.Scorpions sti
ng, always go will the other earth sign take care

[ Virgo ] [ Post Reply ]

I have a Virgo boyfriend and I'm a Virgo too. He cannot commit to me and is always looking for other women o Facebook. One day he loves me the next he hates me and is going out to find the "one". Lol go figure nothing's perfect unless both people want to work on it ....

[ Me ] [ Post Reply ]

same here, he loves me then he loves me not. wth?

[ christine. ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Me I have a Virgo boyfriend and I'm a Virgo too. He cannot commit to me and is always looking for other women o Facebook. One day he loves me the next he hates me and is going out to find the "one". Lol go figure nothing's perfect unless both people want to work on it ....[/quo
te]maybe u two shud communicate more. Have a serious converse abt where dis is going. Staying quite, or ignoring this doesn't solve issues. You need to have some amicable discussions with yr virgo boyfriend. Thats the only way. And sniffy is right keep checking yr emails. :)

[ puppy loves kitty ] [ Post Reply ]

Do you check your emails consistently? Plz Check your email. That's all i can say.

[ Sniffy ] [ Post Reply ]

I like being a virgo lady in relationship with a virgo man. I always enjoy this guy's accompany not like the Pisces man who is selfish

[ Moito ] [ Post Reply ]

YEAH YEAH YEAH...Don't you just love internet??The place where boring people come to complain and share their micro-wisdom...I too am a virgo, surprisingly enough, and I too have an Aquarian girlfriend- and guess what; it works. There isn't one set rule for anything in life, there are different life
styles and different people. Some things may be true, i won't deny that but there are so many alternative ways to a "relationship" that to say "this person can't be with that person" is just childish...grow up internet nerds ;)

[ bunch of grapes ] [ Post Reply ]

People choose their own depth of understanding. If you want deeper answers then engage with those with a deeper ability to express their experience. The surface dwellers get their answers easier than the rest. Don't be a hypocrite and slander those who are no different from yourself in terms of comm
enting on the internet. It's very low of you and quite boring too as it is hardly an innovative use of the internet. It's always been used to slander random people to make others feel better so shame on you.

[ Master Of Disasters ] [ Post Reply ]

hi bunch of grapes,agreed

[ Virgo Girl ] [ Post Reply ]

I am an Aqurian Girl...and my enggagement got broken up 2 weeks back... he was a virgo.. earliear he was supporting me but now he also step back. not even trying to resolve the issues happend in our both families...i just know what to do..

[ Ritu Gupta ] [ Post Reply ]

Life is the combination of both sides of a coin. So leave behind everything ans go enjoy life.

[ mami ] [ Post Reply ]

Aquarius are not a match for virgo. Virgo and Virgo get along great. Scorpions are good if they don't push virgo into a corner with their mood swings. I always get along with leo's. I'm not a match with Taurus or Capricorn :/ . I love Virgo's, they're the best sign of the zodiac :P

[ Moly ] [ Post Reply ]

i agree moly, you seem to have a grasp on the truth

[ escalon ] [ Post Reply ]

True... above prediction is so currect . I am undergoing trouble at every spear of my life both professional and personal.hope this august passes by fast and i get get tosee some positives.true i am a virgo and i just get along really well with leos.and some virgos. I never could gel well with pisce
s the early march borns. Many sagitarious are also problems....i guess vergo people are too choosy when partnership is concern.

[ pragya ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from pragya True... above prediction is so currect . I am undergoing trouble at every spear of woworlrldmy life both professional and personal.hope this august passes by fast and i get get tosee some positives.true i am a virgo and i just get along really well with leos.and some virg
os. I never could gel well with pisces the early march borns. Many sagitarious are also problems....i guess vergo people are too choosy when partnership is concern.
I could never get along with pisces I've learn how to work with them my mother & cheating husband my world has been wirl pool u
pside down inside out. However I can't help who I love and hate @the same time.. That life. Pisces watch out this Virgo . this Virgo stronger than ever

[ mari9348 ]

after 3 yrs without contact ,suddently my husband message in fb to ask annullment.

[ darna hipolito ] [ Post Reply ]

how sad.. :( i cant believe it..

[ Sam ] [ Post Reply ]

thats why you need a cusper aq/cap... great virgo match.. if no cap.. then war is at hand!

[ alicia ] [ Post Reply ]

Aquarius women are horrible. Divorce them cut ties and don't be nice. They take advantage.

[ Elle ] [ Post Reply ]

July 2013? Do you just repeat last years write-up?

[ Kat ] [ Post Reply ]

my x is an aquarian. Im a virgo..it will NOT work EVER. They make great xwives. good friends..not lovers..you will bore her and she will drag every friend int he world into yours.

[ steven ] [ Post Reply ]

I am facing marital problems with my wife.she is Aquarius and I am virgo

[ Eric ] [ Post Reply ]


[ MONICA ] [ Post Reply ]

I sorry very dengerious your life

[ Padma ]

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