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Scorpio is born between October 23rd and November 21st and is a Fire Sign. While passion is the Scorpion’s ruling element, its emotional control has been honed to such perfection it often comes as a surprise when Scorpio reveals its depth of emotion. The Scorpion does nothing halfway and puts everything it has into its endeavors – including its love life. If you are lucky enough to catch a Scorpio, your life will never be the same.

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compatibility attributes

Scorpio Compatibility Attributes

Scorpio Attributes

Of all the Signs of the Zodiac, the Scorpion is the most capable of experiencing the full range of human emotions. Scorpio fearlessly walks the landscape of human experience from the bright mountain tops of joy to the desolate chasms of pain. This disposition to face what others would turn away from is a key element of the Scorpion’s iron will and control of itself. Even when Scorpio appears to be out of control, in either rage or passion, rest assured it is holding back.

Unlike its fellow Water Signs, who tend to be quite unworldly, the Scorpion navigates well and confidently through the material world. Scorpio’s strategic nature helps it set goals while its persistence allows it to reach them. Anything the Scorpion sets its mind upon; it will eventually acquire or achieve. Scorpio has absolute focus, and its obsessiveness can be quite intimidating. When the Scorpion chooses a mate for life, it is single-minded in its devotion and will demand the same level of attention from its partner.


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Scorpio Compatibility - Elements that Attract the Scorpion

Elements that Attract the Scorpion

When Scorpio commits, it gives its mate its full measure of attention and wants the same in return. To attract your Scorpion, you must prove you are capable of this. Scorpio will test you by telling you little things about itself and then watching to see if you remember them. Listen carefully and put the information the Scorpion gives you to use. Suggest its favorite restaurant for your next date, rent its favorite movie for a “Netflix and chill’ night, or take the time to read its favorite book and you will go a long way toward proving yourself to wary Scorpio.

The Scorpion is more than a little eccentric in its tastes and wants a partner that will appreciate this quality. You may have always had a white-bread existence before meeting your Scorpio, but it’s time to say goodbye to normal. The Scorpion loves the darker side of life and isn’t really interested in someone who can’t face that. Be prepared to go to the local New Age shop for crystals, Ouija boards, and other Occult paraphernalia. You may also find yourself delving into a book or watching a television series on serial killers. If you encourage Scorpio in its oddities and go along cheerfully, the Scorpion will love spending time with you. The bonus here; you get to share all the wild and weird stuff about yourself without worrying it will freak Scorpio out.

Independence is important to Scorpio and it isn’t at all interested in a mate that is needy. It’s important that you continue to participate in your customary activates and spend time with your friends. Don’t make your Scorpion your whole life and then expect Scorpio to be able to take care of your every need. If the Scorpion sees that you have a life you enjoy and are working toward goals and dreams, this will go a long way toward reassuring Scorpio that you won’t be a burden, but a helpful partner to be proud of.


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Scorpio Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Scorpion
Elements that Repel the Scorpion

Scorpio is so good at control that its emotions can be incredibly hard to read. It’s important that you don’t assume anything or push the Scorpion to reveal more than it is ready for. However, there will come a time when Scorpio tells you that it wants more. This is not the time to play games. While the Scorpion loves the thrill of the chase prior to a commitment, it won’t appreciate any temporizing or teasing after it has placed its trust in you. If you are not ready for a commitment, but honest and tell Scorpio so outright. The Scorpion will never be satisfied if you are only partially invested in your relationship. It is also a very bad idea to try and make your Scorpio jealous. You may succeed, but the angry Scorpion’s sting will be far more painful than anything you inflicted on it.

The Scorpion considers trust its most important possession. It is very difficult for Scorpio to give it and very easy for you to lose it. With its long memory and tendency to hold onto grievances, your Scorpion may forgive, but will never forget it if you fail to act with integrity. While large indiscretions such as cheating and outright lies come to mind, it is actually the little things that count with Scorpio at the beginning. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, be there. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you make a promise, keep it. This will show your Scorpion that you are honorable and worthy of the trust it is considering bestowing on you.

While Scorpio is an emotional being, the Scorpion does not neglect logic when it chooses a lovemate. Scorpio has a list of qualities it wants in its partner and it will watch you carefully for evidence that proves whether you do, or do not, possess them. Most importantly, the Scorpion watches how you behave with others in order to calculate how you will treat it later in the relationship. The way you treat your family, friends, even strangers speaks volumes about your true character. Rest assured, your Scorpio is watching your every move.


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Scorpio Compatibility - It’s All About Controlled Passion
Acquiring Scorpio - It’s All About Controlled Passion

Scorpio spends its life struggling to control the passion that seethes within its soul and the Scorpion needs a partner that offers it support in that endeavor. Pay attention to your Scorpio’s needs, feel free to be a little weird, show your independence and you’ll be sure to find the gentle lover under the Scorpion’s hard shell.

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