2013 Horoscope for Ox Zodiac Sign

2013 Horoscope Ox

Chinese 2013 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Ox, for the 2013 Black Water SNAKE Year

Ox are known for working harder than any other Chinese horoscope sign, and the 2013 horoscope for Ox shows that's not stopping this 2013 year of the black Snake. In fact, they are so competitive that they'll even compete with themselves. Having down well once is never enough - they won't stop until they've accomplished everything they can and have beat their previous records. 2013horoscope for the year of the Snake shows lots of excitement for the Ox.

2013 horoscope - The Ox In Love

The Ox loves to win, and this can affect their love live in 2013 year of the Snake in a number of ways. First of all, if in 2013 they find an object of attraction that someone else wants, then they're likely to work even harder to get it. You can bet they'll win too, because they are nothing if not tenacious. However, the Ox should be sure that the object of his or her affection is really what he or she wants. Are you really interested or do you just want them because someone else does?

Their competitive nature can also go the other way. If they find someone they love and they are loved back, then the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Ox shows that they can create conflict where there is none. They are hypersensitive to someone else wanting what they have, and this can easily turn into possessiveness. They must be careful to let their partner breathe or they may find themselves without one.

Finally, their competitive nature can actually keep them single. Often they are too focused on their career or winning their next sporting event, and they simply don't make time for that special someone in their lives. It's true that sometimes it's worth it to put romance on the backburner, but sometimes it's also worth it to go for it and to be willing to make sacrifices for a lifetime of romantic happiness.

2013 horoscope - The Ox at Work

In 2013 year of the Snake the natives of the sign Ox will have some struggles at work, there's no doubt about that. The only question will be whether they cause them themselves. Like their love live, the Ox feels most content when they are battling the odds and coming out ahead. As a result, they can create or perceive a tumultuous situation at work where none exists. In 2013 the Ox should be careful to take a step back and critically assess their situation before making any serious moves.

That said, of course their tenacious spirit can be put to good use. Other Chinese horoscope signs may take a step back and be afraid to step on some toes to get ahead. The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Ox shows us that the Ox should be prepared to do what it takes to get ahead - as long as what they're doing will really help achieve that goal. Make sure the toes you're stepping on aren't the very toes you should be impressing.

Overall, 2013 year of the black Snake looks good for the Ox. Their biggest struggle will be to know when to tone down their energy, but if they learn how to properly harness it then it could bring a happy, healthy relationship and much success in the workplace.

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