2015 Aquarius Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for aquarius
Aquarius, youíll start off 2015 on a positive note, thanks to Mars entering your sign back in December of 2014 and resonating until the beginning of 2015. Positive energy is practically oozing out of you, and youíll have the drive and enthusiasm to get things done. Your productivity will more than double to start off the year, and thatís always a good thing. Unfortunately, this feeling may go off the deep end for a bit, as Mercury retrogrades in your sign January 21 through February 11. As per the usual protocol for this transit, miscommunication will plague your life during this time. Youíll have an extremely tough time getting any thoughts to come across clearly, and that will frustrate you to no end. No one will understand what you have to say, so if you have something important you want to get across, you may want to wait until the retrograde ends. Luckily for you, this is a relatively short event, so you only have to suffer with this for a month or so. Going with the flow will help you to not get beaten down during this time.

January starts off on a great note, and then by the 21st, everything goes sourÖwell, the communication part will. Thanks to Mercuryís retrograde, you wonít be able to get anything important done, so if thereís something vital that needs to be scheduled, wait until the retrograde ends. If you do decide to go through with something important this month, you may have a lot of fixing to do, so it wonít be worth it. If you have something to look over, thatís a different story, as youíre not completely starting from scratch. And, if this particular revision doesnít need your full attention, itís even better for this time. Patience will definitely be key to get through this time, and just keep in mind that this isnít forever.

In February, we see Mercury righting itself by the 11th, and your monetary situation around that time is looking good as well. That is, as long as you donít go on constant shopping sprees. Practice will power with your spending, and you will get far. By the end of the month, if youíve controlled yourself correctly, you can figure out what to do with your savings. But, donít plan on spending it until this month is over. A perfect opportunity is out there, just not right this second.

March has you coming up with many good ideas, and not only are they good ideas, theyíre ideas that are completely yours, and therefore you just love them. By mid-month, youíll be practically bursting with excitement to share, but youíll have to contain yourself for right now. You need to do your homework a bit more before the big reveal, and preparation is definitely key in order for your presentation to be a success. Without the proper preparation, your good idea that youíre so excited about will fade away as quickly as it came into your head, and all this energy will be wasted. But, with the preparation necessary, you could be on to something huge!

Your belief system comes into play in April. Mainly, these could be cultural or ones that were instilled in you from your family. In fact, many of your beliefs come from yourself, and from everything youíve learned while growing into an adult. Youíre especially attached to your beliefs, and because of this, are very special to you. Seeing actions and other customs that go against your belief system doesnít sit well with you right now, and youíll be dying to share your belief system with everyone else, and will even try to persuade them to join yours. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on how they should live their life, and you shouldnít be getting involved in something so vast. Worry about keeping your morals and beliefs intact, and others will respect yours. You should show the same respect.

In May, youíll have the strong urge to engage in a hobby, but not just any hobby. Youíll be looking into an old one that was given up a long time ago, but still holds your interest. Around the beginning of the month, youíll be all about it, and will go full-force into this particular hobby once again. Youíll probably find this hobby to be more enjoyable the second time around, and probably more so because youíll have some personal difficulties to get through. This renewed hobby will get you through a lot this month, so absorb yourself into it and just enjoy.

Your goals will come into play in June, and youíll be mulling over them, especially towards mid-month. You want to make sure youíre going on the right track, and even though youíve thought about this many times before, youíre still not really sure. Although youíre still a bit unsure, your confidence is building in your goals, slowly but surely. Once you get there, youíll be able to look back and see the path that youíve taken over the past couple years to get to this point. Enjoy your goals. Youíve worked so hard to get to this point, and once you figure out that your life path is going in the right direction, you will be able to sit back and relax.

In July, youíll feel like a workhorse. But, itís not against your will. You want to get as much done as you physically and mentally can by the end of the month. Your energy is high right now, and wasting it would be foolish. Plus, you feel a bit restless just standing still this month, so keeping busy will help to ward off this feeling. Youíll see the rewards of working so hard this month, and theyíll be very sweet. Youíll amaze yourself with how much youíll get done, and youíll be proud of yourself.

August has you annoyed at the world. Your loved ones will suffer the most, as youíll be short with them over everything, especially the beginning of the month. Your sensitivity level is sky-high right now, so itís no wonder why youíre ready to explode every time someone asks if youíre okay. You have absolutely no interest in being social this month, and itís probably best if youíre not. Everything that comes out of your mouth will be curt and rude, and if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person, it will cause a huge problem that you may not be able to get out of. Take deep breaths when you have to deal with people, and try to be alone as much as possible to let the annoyance pass.

Youíll feel like youíre stuck in a rut in September, but not just any rut. Youíll feel claustrophobic, trapped. You want to rip down the barriers holding you back, but you canít and youíre not sure why, and this frustrates you. One reason might be that itís all in your head, and really, youíre not as caged in as you feel. By the end of the month, youíll feel like youíve been freed from a prison, so just keep in mind that this isnít something that will last forever.

Your dreams come into play in October, and you have to balance being idealistic and practical. You want to be the former, but you really need to be the latter. Many of your dreams are realistically feasible, but there are a few that are absolutely not, but of course, youíll want those ones the most. Because of this, youíll have trouble feeling good about your future. Youíll see towards the end of the month that those dreams that you can reach are what you really want, and youíll be excited to get going on the path to them.

Working with partners isnít really your favorite thing, Aquarius, but in November, itís almost necessary. Youíre more comfortable with a group of multiple people, or by yourself, and the thought of just working with one other person doesnít sit right with you. With a business partner though, you can achieve a lot. In fact, youíll be able to accomplish so much more with this partner, so try it out and see what happens. Youíll definitely be glad you did, and just keep in mind that if you donít think itíll work out, you can get out of the situation. This isnít something that has to be permanent.

Thanks to your decision about the business partner last month, December holds a lot of promise for your career, especially in the beginning of the month. Making a good impression is typically important, but now, itís crucial. Succeeding in the business world is all about who you know, and having many connections will give you endless options and opportunities. Be charming, be polite, and above all, be professional. Youíll see that you have the upper hand with many people, and that many doors will open for you!

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