2015 Money Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2015 Money Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Money Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood RAM

2015 Horoscope

The year of 2015 will be quite successful for Cancer when it comes to its finances. In the first half of the year you should pay special attention to generating more income-bearing opportunities and increasing your financial wellbeing overall. It will be advisable for you to make large money investments, acquire luxury items, art and jewelry. The Crabs can note a wonderful tendency in their life: the more they spend the more money they accumulate. This should tell you that putting money "in storage" is not a good idea - you should invest it in timeless treasures and make it work. In the first half of 2015 you may expect to have your income improve due to both your salary increase and using your personal opportunities. The only thing you should remember not to do is borrow or lend money even to your closest ones. Otherwise, you are in danger to fully cutting your financial flow dry.

In the second half of 2015 there may be fewer financial opportunities; however, this will hardly effect your overall revenues. In the second half of 2015 it is profitable to invest money in transportation, suburban real estate and your work if you are an entrepreneur.

You should pay special attention to the period of July 25-September 6 - the time of retrograding Venus. During this period you are at risk of making the acquisitions which will not generate desired profit and all financial transactions can be cancelled. Be prepared for heightened expenses on various ultimately useless things. Try to limit your appetite in both literal and figurative meaning of this word: unreasonable expenses may greatly damage your budget.

These are the most favorable periods for large acquisitions and money investments in 2015: January 4-27, March 18-April 11, June 6- July 18 and September 7-October 8.

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