2015 Love Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2015 Love Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Love Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood Ram

The subject of love and relations will perhaps be the most relevant and complicated for the Crabs in 2015.

Family Crabs born any time between July 4 and July 7 will experience some difficulties with their spouses. There may be divorces and breakups. But you should not despair: what used to spoil your life and upset the harmony between yourself and the world around you will now be gone. Those of the Crabs who find it in themselves to get divorced during 2015 will be able to quickly find someone new who will give them much needed care, attention and understanding. New relations that family Crabs will develop at the beginning of the year can give them the second chance to start a happy family. Those of you who will tolerate life hurdles and wait for misfortune to pass may end up with an unpleasant surprise at the end of the year. You may be very disappointed since there is nothing worse than failed hopes and false promises.

Married Crabs who were born on different days will not suffer from such destructive consequences of the planets' impact, but may start thinking of introducing changes into their family life. This may be tied to both their family nest and possibly having a baby.

Single Cancer will be lucky in love in 2015. However, you should be particularly vigilant when it comes to the relations born any time between mid-June and mid-September of 2015. You are in danger of starting an affair with a married person without even suspecting it. Use your common sense toward your partner and try to clarify if their previous relations are over so that you don't waste your energy and don't build castles of sand by being with someone who you can't build serious relations with.

Single Crabs should show some initiative and activeness when building their personal life from January 1 to January 21, from October 24 till November 23 and from December 22 till December 31 of 2015. During these periods you'll have a chance to meet someone who you may be able to build strong family relations with in the future.

During the time between July 25 and September 6 your old relations that seem to have long been dead may spring again. Cancer may meet someone they used to be closely familiar with, but parted ways for some reason. During this period of 2015 single Crabs may try to enter the same river water twice by starting a new chapter in their old relationship.

Those of you who are in a relationship, but not married yet, may have some communication difficulties, lack of understanding and support in the period of late July-early September of 2015. Arguments and minor domestic quarrels will take place in your relations; in order to minimize negative consequences you will have to try to show more interest in joint projects and common interests.

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jovy 2015-04-13 03:24:01
I have old currently foreign boyfrend,he divorce for 3yrs,at her wife in Ireland,we meet but negative thought in my mind was there,I don't ask about his past &his present,I intercount w/a married guy soo sad to know,I try to ask him as soon as possible so I'm not wasting time for him,but so sad I fall in love w/him.
wanderer 2015-02-15 01:16:45
so its true lighting does strike twice
lost and found lol
may-anne 2014-12-31 01:45:59
married person again???, haha
aleb 2014-11-21 03:02:40
i wonder who the old relationship to come back will be

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