2015 Cancer Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for cancer
Cancer, it looks like youll have yourself one difficult year in 2015. The planets, unfortunately, are not on your side, and well see this as early as April 16, when we see Pluto retrograding in Capricorn, a sign its been in for a long time now. Youll have trouble getting any kind of control in your life during this event, which is set to last until September 24. One positive part (if you want to look at it that way) is that this event will be mainly from others around you, as opposed to all this happening inside you. So, if you get the chance to lay low as much as possible during this time, you should get through it fairly unscathed. Another rough time, which somewhat overlaps with the previous event, is during the latter half of the year. Uranus will be in Aries, which will happen to be at a harsh square to your sign. Unfortunately, this isnt good news for you, Cancer. You want to make a change in your life, as youre too agitated with it at this point and time. Be cautious though, because these changes will more than likely go the wrong way since you didnt take the time to research beforehand. This is a great internal struggle for you, and youre left not knowing what to do with yourself. You can create a positive spin to this though and break yourself out of a rut or get away from a negative situation. We have a Mercury retrograde to worry about around September 17, and this one is worse for you than usual Cancer, as it happens in Libra, which squares your sign. As par for the course with this particular retrograde, miscommunication is common at this time. Youll have trouble expressing yourself as well, which is usually one of your strong suits, so no doubt youll feel lost. Just be sure to tread with caution at this time, and you should be okay going through this rough time. The lunar and solar eclipses, thankfully, wont bother you all that much this year. Of course, youll still feel the pull like everyone else, but it wont be that bad.

January starts off on a high note, at least thats how you feel. All is well and good in your world, until we hit mid-January, and then youll suddenly feel so distant you wont know what hit you. This could be an internal struggle all around, so youll have to figure out what is in your head and whats happening in front of you in order to drag yourself out of this acute funk.

You achieve to succeed in February, or at least this is what you strive for. Youre driven this month, and youre working very hard for even a small win in your life. It could be an A on a test that you studied very hard for, or even getting accolades from your boss for a job well done on a project. While in your search for mini victories, remember whats the most important in your life. If something isnt comfortable in any way, or if your family feels that what youre doing is too much, then you should probably take it easy and tone your search down a bit. Youll notice this feeling during the end of February, so prepare yourself as the month goes on.

Remember the eclipses? While you will not be directly affected all that much, the month of March will show that they are still pretty important. The first solar eclipse of the year, falling on the 20th, will affect your path for the remainder of the year. There is a new path in your life that you suddenly will pursue. Youll be all about your future this month, and for once, you can go for it without your emotions totally getting in your way.

The effects of last months eclipse will carry into April, especially since it falls at the end of March. Your emotions, which are a huge part of you normally, are out of control this month, especially in the beginning of April. Because of your heightened emotions, your feelings will be hurt much easier and this, of course, will lead to a damaged self. Look inside yourself, and adjust accordingly. Youll need to develop a thick skin to get through the month. Dont take things so seriously, and learn to laugh, even if it hurts. Your core, which is extremely important to you, Cancer, needs to stay intact in order to stay your true self. Also, be on the lookout for Pluto squaring your sign on the 16th, this will not help matters, as youll feel like youre losing grip on your control.

Patience will be your best friend in May. Your past comes back to haunt you mid-month, and itll be something that you thought you put away permanently. Dont shrug it off, however. Pay attention and try to figure out why it came back for a second go-round. There may have been something you missed, and while you wont be too thrilled that this event is back in your life, learning what you missed before will help you put it back in the past-where it belongs.

The start of the summer months, June, helps you to get your creative juices flowing once again. Youve been in such a slump with this that knowing you can express yourself once again will be like a breath of fresh air. Now, be forewarned, this isnt an overnight epiphany. It will take time for this to fully develop back into your system, but believe me, youll welcome it with open arms. Youll notice it more and more as June carries on, and by the end of June, youll feel it full-fledge.

Since you are a creative being in general, having this energy back in your life makes you thrive in all that you do. July takes Junes slow-starting energy and runs with it. Your confidence is sky-high right now, especially beginning to mid-month. Hesitancy is not part of your vocabulary this month, and youll go after anything you want, because you want it. The excitement is what youre all about right now.

In August, you crave comfort, in any way, shape or form that you can get it. Food, of course, is your number one choice, and obviously that can get out of control real quick. Exercising good will power is key at this time, and learning other ways to deal with anything that is bothering you is a good idea. Remember that comforting yourself with superficial objects, like food, will only relieve you for a short time. Exercise is a good idea, as is dropping the very thing thats causing you stress. The beginning of August is when youll feel the biggest amount of stress.

September will be, probably, the hardest month for you in 2015, Cancer. Communication will be a huge issue for you this month, especially mid-to-late month thanks to the Mercury retrograde on the 17th. And, because youll have a hard time controlling how everything is interpreted, youll have the strong urge to just run away from everything since youre highly misunderstood right now. Since you dont like confrontation, the issue right now is saying something that youll regret later. Keeping quiet will be best for you right now.

The inspiration that was such a big part of your summer has officially faded away come October, especially in the beginning of the month. Your career comes into question now, and youll be trying to decide whether or not you should move on. While youre strongly feeling a job change now, dont fully act on this feeling. Youll more than likely have some kind of remorse if you do, and lets be honest Cancer, acting on an impulse isnt really your strong suit.

In November, you seem to let your emotions rule the roost. Come mid-month, youll be a regular Jekyll-Hyde. If youre in a good mood, youll be energetic and basically bouncing off the walls. But, if youre in a bad mood, youll be very lethargic and lazy. Talk about total transformations! If youre going back and forth between the moods, youll be all over the place too. Be careful with this, as they could completely take you over. Your energy will need to be manually managed, and thankfully, youll have your trusty ol feelings bank to tap in to and keep you grounded.

Youve had quite the emotional year, Cancer, and in December, youll be feeling every bit of it. You cant quite figure out where to exert your energy, so youll have trouble focusing on anything and everything this month. The end of the month, and the year, will be the most trying. Is there a special person or part of your life that hasnt been getting much attention? You may want to solely focus on them this month. Youll feel much better, and much more balanced, if you do.

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Lexi 2016-02-15 04:14:43
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I hate being cancerian. I am a drama queen and worst of all i cant keep my big mouth shut for more than a minute, I also hate being hypocritical and manipulative. Oh god, I hate it!!!!
ddd 2015-06-11 14:22:27
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Really hate it when told im havin a crapy year in advance 🙁
Kuntakinte 2015-01-10 17:58:51
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This good and bad days reading (more bad actually) is totally opposite of Cancer general reading for 2015. Don't understand

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