2015 Pisces Finances Horoscope

2015 finances horoscope for pisces
The Fishes will be busy solving their financial issues in the first half of 2015. You may have to resort to borrowing money in order to realize some of your ideas Ė your personal savings may not be enough no matter how hard you try. Donít look down on an opportunity to borrow some money from your family and close friends: youíll see how easy it is and whatís even more important how profitable it will prove. Donít be shy to tell others about your desires (all that has anything to do with your financial opportunities) and soon the thing youíve been dreaming about will be yours completely free, that is for nothing. However, truth must be told, you may feel a bit awkward in this situation. But you must agree that itís better to make a deal with your conscience once and get a royal gift afterwards than proudly work two jobs like a slave in order to have your dream come true. Moreover, others will not only find it easy to make a gift to you, but also pleasurable. Thus, donít be shy, ask for presents, borrow money (within reason, of course) and donít limit your desires. Trust us: others will be able to afford helping you make your dreams come true. And youíll be able to afford paying loans back in timely fashion and getting good profit out of it.

In the second half of 2015 you shouldnít expect any generous presents from your life, but you can certainly count on your other halfís assistance in solving financial problems and making large purchases. Your income will grow in the first half of the year and it wonít go down in the second half of 2015. This can speak to the stability and proper management of your finances.

During February 21-March 31 you should be watchful of your savings: the risk of spontaneous unnecessary expenditures is getting more probable. There may also be urgent spending brought on by broken appliances or your malfunctioning car. Keep a sharp eye on your wallet: you may get targeted by a thief.

During July 25-September 6 you are advised to avoid borrowing money/applying for credit. You should also refrain from lending money and investing your funds. The risk of losing the greater share of your capital is high.

It is most advisable to make large purchases and investments during February 21-March 17, May 8-June 5 and November 9-December 5.

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