2015 Pisces Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for pisces
You have a great start to 2015 Pisces, as youíll have Mars entering your sign from January 12 to February 20. You have great energy right now, and youíre very energetic and excited about starting up a new project or opportunity. You have the ultimate control over your life, and youíre very enthusiastic about everything. Make sure you take advantage of this energy, because you can get so much accomplished and it will only help you in the future. Later on in the year, weíll see your ruling planet, Neptune, in your sign from June 11 to November 18. Your imagination is high right now, and buying into fantasy sounds better to you than facing reality. Your daydreams will dominate your thoughts, and youíll feel a strong connection to them during this time. Reality gets lost in the mix, and you really donít want to deal with anything related to it. Youíll be delusional right now, and wonít see anyone or anything as they really are, but how they are through your rose-colored glasses. Donít bank on making important decisions right now, they just wonít get done the way they should be. Your judgment is clouded, and trying to figure out how others are is not going to happen the way it should be. If youíre creative, this is a great time for you. You can gather this delusional energy, and put it into your work. This time is the inspiration jackpot, and youíll be able to get a lot done, maybe even be able to profit off of what you can create during this time. You become very vulnerable, but at the same time, youíre extremely charismatic, and that appeals to everyone. Be careful at this time though, because of your vulnerability right now, youíll have the tendency to trust everyone, and this is never a smart idea. Also beware of falling into drugs and alcohol. Youíre very sensitive to this scene during this time, as well as any chemicals or pollutants.

Your dreams take over in January, in the literal sense. Youíre more susceptible to lucid dreaming this month, especially in the beginning. Keeping a dream journal is important now, as many of your dreams will give hints that youíll need to pay attention to. Starting on the 12th, youíll be enthusiastic about your future and ready to take anything and everything on. Your energy is high right now, so be sure not to waste it!

Your high energy carries into February, until the 20th. Keeping busy is key right now so you donít feel too restless. Keep your body in motion, whether it be working or exercising. Youíll get irritable if you donít get to spend this energy and enthusiasm. Youíll be more susceptible to fighting with others if the energy falls unspent. By tiring yourself during the day, youíll be able to sleep like a baby at night. Itís an extreme way to think about it, but during this month, youíll need to live this way in order to stay happy.

March comes, and youíre oozing confidence. Youíre more grounded, and feeling more surely of yourself right now, especially mid-month. Youíre feeling very calm, safe and content with life. Your life is under control, and you can breathe and relax. This will probably be the only time you feel this way in 2015, so take advantage. You want to figure out why you feel this way, so you can take this feeling in a bottle and uncork it whenever you need to. Look into whatís changed, and keep it saved in the back of your mind for the next time you feel stressed to the max.

April is yet another busy month for you, Pisces. Your schedule is packed to the max, and you like it that way. Youíre feeling sociable right now, so moving along social circles is no problem for you right now. Others love you right now, and that will help with your social butterfly attitude youíve got going this month, especially mid-month. Your energy is super high yet again, so keeping busy will keep you happy. If youíre not busy, your relationships and your sleeping schedule will suffer greatly.

May has you feeling nostalgic in the beginning, and wanting to reach out to a formerly close loved one. You want to reconnect more than anything right now, but youíre wondering if this is the right time to do so. Before you go calling, make sure that this feels like the right time to reconnect. Think it over carefully, because you donít want to try to contact this person and it go drastically wrong. There might be a reason why you have lost touch with this person though, so make sure that whatever happened has fully blown over. If you feel fully ready to reconnect, pick up the phone and dial!

In June, youíre ready to better yourself, body and soul. Youíre ready to make yourself healthier, physically and mentally. Joining a gym with an attached smoothie bar or yoga room is a great way to do so. The extra money you need to afford the membership is a small price to pay for bettering yourself. Watch what you eat, and start to exercise slowly. Donít fully throw yourself into a healthy routine. Baby steps work best here, and once youíve got a good routine going, then you can work harder and stronger. On the 18th, Neptune enters your sign, and youíll have a hard time seeing reality. A good exercise session will help to clear your head.

Youíll want to feel like a kid again in July, especially towards the end of the month. Being playful and having fun is what being a kid is all about, and youíll want to harness that energy. If you have children in some aspect of your life, spend more time with them to bring out your inner youth. You can even use this time with children as a reason to act like one, just be careful that this doesnít carry on too long. No one likes to be serious all the time, and letting loose every once in a while never hurt anyone, so go out there and have a good time!

August has you feeling a bit lazy, so to speak. Any work you need to get done this month will suffer. You want to get work done, and not leave anything unfinished, but your body is fighting you big time. Youíve gotten a lot done so far, but youíre nowhere near the finish line. Do whatever you need to do so you can finish what you have in front of you. Motivation is key right now to not falling behind.

You and your business partner arenít seeing eye-to-eye in September. But, donít throw in the towel just yet. In the beginning of the month, youíll feel the strain and the urge to cut ties and walk away. You know deep down that thatís not the way to go, so the best idea for right now is to take a break from the business and each other. When you get that time away, youíll be able to come back in the end of the month and work together better than ever. You donít want to throw away this partner, theyíre your greatest key to success. Plus, you work well together normally. So, ending everything over something menial is not a good idea at all. Walk away, recharge, and come back refreshed.

October is all about your goals in life. Take a look over them and evaluate where youíre at exactly in life compared to what your goals are. Succeeding is a high priority on your list right now, so you feel that if you havenít been victorious in any of your goals right now, even if youíve gotten far with them, youíre not doing it right and you need to throw the goal(s) away. Keep in mind that succeeding right away isnít the key, working diligently on your goals is what life is all about. Just work hard and do your best, and youíll be able to feel victorious.

Youíre everyoneís favorite person in November. Even those who donít like you normally, are fans of you right now. Your charisma is high mid-month, and you should use it to your advantage. If there are contracts and other important documents you need to be completed, you should think about working them into this month. Negotiations will go your way as well because of your charm. You will have no problem getting what you want this month, and youíll walk away from everything feeling happy and confident.

December has you thinking about your future yet again, especially moving towards the end of the month. You want to move closer to obtaining your goals, and you know just how to do that. By doing a bit of investigating in your goals and planning your goals along with your everyday activities, youíll move closer as quickly as you want. You know just what to do in order to make your dreams a reality, but it may require you to come up with a new idea to get you there. If it fits in with your life path, then go for it. Your dreams are only attainable by what you can do, so get out there and make your dreams a reality!

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