2015 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for 2015, the year of the Green Wood Ram. 2015 Horoscope for people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

According to the horoscope, the Zodiac sign of Pisces with all its mysteriousness represents the quintessence of the whole Zodiac circle.

In 2015, despite Pisces' typical introvert focus, you will go through changes - the changes that will open your eyes to the world around you...for the first time in your life! Surprisingly enough, in 2015 Pisces will be unusually focused, tolerant, eager to finish what they have started and achieve results; you will do everything to get what you are after. You will want to introduce some changes to your work place, get more authority, more work, and more freedom. One can even say that you will turn into a workaholic and careerist who has been dormant for a long time and now is crying for work - the more the better. You shouldn't refuse yourself the pleasure of doing what you want. The harder you work in 2015, the more opportunities to reach your goals will be there for you.

Do you think it is not typical for Pisces to have a successful career, be open to the world and accepted in "respectable" circles? Not at all; it is just that every person manifests their Zodiac sign general properties in a different way, with a different degree of intensity. Besides, quite often social pressure makes the Fishes suppress their natural abilities by adjusting to the norms of the public morality. All life long, by hiding behind the mask, the Fishes lock themselves into the cellar of eternal sadness without realizing that they are slowly killing themselves. In 2015 you must destroy the constraining shackles and open up to yourselves again! And instead of hiding the best of your ideas in order not to annoy people around you, listen to your heart and follow your intuition. It is not that glorious to follow others' rules! It is very easy to obey the others - it's way harder to make your own decisions; however, this is the only right way to go if you want to get at least somewhere instead of helping others realize their dreams.

In the first half of 2015 you will find that work and career will be on your agenda a lot. You will be able to easily find a job you like - perhaps the job you've been dreaming of for a long time. During this time you should pay more attention to the relationships with your colleagues and the overall atmosphere at work. It may not be easy for you, but one way or another it'll be your colleagues who will help you find the job of your dreams. If you are happy with your current work and don't even think of looking for a new job, then in the first months of 2015 you may expect promotion. But in your case promotion will bring many more responsibilities. It goes without saying that new duties or a new job will have a positive effect on your financial wellbeing. The only thing to beware of is not to overdo it. You will be so involved into what you do that you may completely forget about yourselves and your own health. Rest is simply a must, and in 2015 the best way to relax for Pisces will be a sanatorium where you'll be able to rest from a busy work schedule and improve your health.

In the second half of 2015 your attention will be drawn to the sphere of partnership relations. Even though nature outside your window seems to inevitably be losing its bright summer colors, in the fall of 2015 spring will come to your personal relations when everything is blossoming, emitting exhilarating fragrances and the air is filled with romance, love and warmth of personal relations. Those Fishes who are already married or common law partners will crave more care and attention from their significant others. And you can absolutely expect to get it...despite it all, since your horoscope for 2015 has very clear indications that your partners may be very sorry if they fail to pay you enough attention during this time. Those of you who are still single will have a wonderful opportunity to find your other half and finally settle in your personal life. During this time you may have not one, but two or even three interesting options. Even if you wanted to opportunistically try on a role of a servant to two masters you would still have to face an inevitable choice. Moreover, no matter how much you would want to choose the pretty package, you should do your due diligence and evaluate your partner's moral virtues.

Additional Information for 2015 Pisces Horoscope

The Fishes born from February 20 till February 24 will be under Saturn's very pronounced influence. In 2015 you will find that many questions can't be answered, you fail to come to an agreement with many people and that you run into obstacles when trying to accomplish something. You should neither rush things nor resist their natural flow. The best option for you, dear Pisces, will be to let matters run their course; then, by the end of 2015 you will have reached your goal with the minimal losses.

Those of you who were born any time between February 25 and March 1 will be largely affected by the planet of Neptune - your ruling planet. It is Neptune that will make your intuition more acute, implant a desire to move mountains and do what you wouldn't let yourselves do in the past. It is this planet that will turn you to a gourmet both in food proper and "food for soul", i.e. everything wonderful, kind and timeless.

Those Fishes who celebrate their birthday any time between March 5 and March 8 will find that in 2015 they will go through drastic changes which will split their life into "before" and "after". Everything obsolete and irrelevant will move to the backseat and be forgotten; its place will be taken by everything new, inspiring and invigorating.

If you were born in the period of March 5-12, you'll be able to successfully arrange your personal life. Single Pisces will surprise everybody by finding its other half; if you have been in long-term relationship, you may reevaluate your attitude to the notions of family and marriage: you will either solidify your union or set off to look for a better life. Don't be alarmed, though: in the end even such drastic changes will be for the better.

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Sathish 2015-08-05 00:16:13
K Sathish kumar am born on 01 may 1981, 8.36 am, last one year facing to many and also I have no job, please suggestion
K Vijaya Srinivas Rao 2015-05-31 02:35:34
Where are the details of 18th MARCH
ayan khan 2015-04-28 20:35:34
Hope sooo i'll get my better life sooon 🙂
nomvula 2015-03-16 12:14:10
Why is it that what I read it goes hand in hand with my life bt I dnt get the result I have read or even similary to that
Codie 2015-02-11 09:39:02
This horoscope seems accurate to my life and the challenges I'm facing. But I'm born on the 16th of March like many other Pisces and would love more depth and detail. As many of our lives are changing 🙂 ??
Patricia 2015-02-10 23:14:46
March 2 wasn't mentioned here...
luche 2015-01-13 15:56:51
Thank you .hope it will come true
trisha 2015-01-07 17:47:04
what about the 20th of march which is the cusp what can we expect >>>
modestas 2015-01-05 23:33:36
i was born march 3rd and im not mentioned here, oh well...
rach 2015-01-01 04:45:13
Are you sure they are the correct dates in the last paragraph as you have repeated March 5 again. Is it meant to be March 8-20?? Please advise.
Coco 2014-12-31 23:24:45
I was born on March 14
I have a good outlook on 2015

Hopefully no emergency room visits for 2015
Best wishes to everyone!!
Erika 2014-12-27 12:48:45
How about after March 12?????

clarisse 2014-12-27 08:03:47
How about people born on March 2??
Anna 2015-02-10 23:13:13
Yeah what about us March 2 people...
joshay 2014-12-26 19:19:45
where are the details for March 19????
Hari 2014-12-19 18:00:55
Hey, you didn't tell about the people born after March 12th in the additional info
indramohan 2014-12-01 14:07:40
family problem 6years wife and son gone away from me wife name urmila son name siddartha
our sarname kota ,
iam suffaring court case since 6years what happens to me

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