2015 Virgo Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for virgo
Youll see Jupiter entering your sign this year, Virgo, and youll welcome it with open arms. Its slated to enter around August 11, and stay there for quite a while. Be sure to take full advantage of this event, because you wont get many other opportunities like this. Jupiter entering your sign always brings goodness into your life, and great opportunities as well. From September 25 through November 12, youll have Mars entering your sign. This will, no doubt, be the best time for you when it comes to grasping opportunities. Youll be completely driven, focused, and will be oozing confidence during this event, so take advantage of it and take part in a project that youve had your eye on for a while. The solar eclipse on September 13 will fill you with happiness and new opportunities. This is another event you cannot miss, because it wont be happening for a while again! But, luckily for you, this isnt a one-and-done event. It will last you for quite a long time. The good energy during this time is fairly obvious, and youll feel nothing but good vibes, no matter what goes on. Now, of course, what goes up, must come down. Neptune will be opposing your sign, in Pisces, from June 11 to November 18. During this time, beware of getting lost in fantasy and not seeing any kind of reality. Also, beware of some people that youll meet during this time. They may only be taking advantage of you, but you wont see it as clearly as you typically would. See things as they are is hard for you right now, so work as hard as you can to be as realistic as possible. Mercurys retrograde, a pain for anyone, will be especially hard for you when it goes backwards in Gemini, a hard square to your sign, from May 19 to June 11. Miscommunication is usually the problem with this retrograde, but youll feel it doubly, and will have trouble trusting your inner thoughts and any kind of mental discipline will be hard to come by. Getting through this retrograde will be extremely difficult, but remember its only for a short time.

January starts off fairly well for you, and youre feeling productiveand then, the second half of the month comes. Since youre used to having a great work ethic, not being able to get anything done will really wear you down. Stress is probably the main culprit here, and its because you keep coming upon obstacles that constantly get in your way. If youre not feeling well, your work will suffer. If one thing is out of place, your work will suffer. If you can, it may be a good idea to either work hard to get the important things done toward the beginning of the month, or maybe save the important stuff until the next month.

While youre usually content being alone, Februarys lovey-dovey vibe is wearing on you this month. You crave special one-on-one time with your loved ones, and you really want to commit to them and give them your all. Theres nothing at all wrong with this, and believe it or not, itll be good for you. Naturally, mid-month is when this feeling will hit you hardest, and youll enjoy it. Savor every second of this, Virgo. This is just what you need.

March has you thinking about financial opportunities. Have you been thinking about forming a business lately? Or have you had an innovation on your mind that you know is a great idea? Nows your chance to act on it. Thanks to the solar eclipse on the 20th, youll have a perfect opportunity to start up this idea. Its so big that you wont be able to do it on your own, unfortunately for you, and youll need help. While you typically like to do things alone, finding a business partner thats not constantly up your rear-end will be great for you and your ideas. This has the potential to be long-lasting, at least until the latter half of the year, so bite the bullet and go for it!

In April, you wont help but feel insecure and sensitive. The lunar eclipse on the 4th is causing this, and it may just be time to work on those insecurities and end whatever is causing them. Youre used to not having all the confidence in the world, its nothing new to you. But this month, its really bothering you and you just want to figure out what has you feeling so low. Dont worry though, youll figure it out and feel much better in no time.

Youll feel very uncertain about many parts of your life in May, and you can thank the Mercury retrograde that will start on the 19th. Youll have a lot of self-doubt at this time, although youre not too sure where its coming from. You want to change what youre doing and completely go a different way in life, but hold up on doing anything that could be drastic. This feeling is not going to last, and it wouldnt make sense for you to change course when youll feel better about the path youre on in a couple weeks. However, if youre still like this beyond June, you may want to look at your life and change it so that youre comfortable with the path youre taking.

Have you ever heard the phrase, let it go and it will set you free? This is your motto for June, Virgo. Optimism never really was your thing, but youve been really down in the dumps lately. You could never quite put your finger on it, but its almost like the fog has lifted from your eyes, and you know what you need to do to feel better. Letting go of the weights that are holding you back will not only help you move on with your life, but youll feel a million times better. Once Mercurys retrograde is gone by the 11th, youll really be able to free yourself and be happy.

July has you really heated over something, and annoyed with anyone and everyone. You feel like everyone deserves a piece of your mind this month, and you have no problem delivering. But slow your roll, Virgo, as going off on everyone is probably the worst idea you can come up with. The beginning of the month is the worst for you, and youll be stewing inside. But, you have to learn to bite your tongue and not say something that you will fully regret. While youll be feeling better as July comes to a close, any hurtful words youve said will resound with those who caught the worst of the abuse. Think before you speak. It is for the best.

August brings the entrance of Jupiter into your sign around the 11th, and the start of a pretty good time for you, Virgo. Dont be afraid to take chances, as there will be opportunities abound for you with this transit. You can better yourself in so many ways, and you can just feel the positive energy pouring out of you. Act on opportunities you normally wouldnt. Since you have a better chance of scoring them now, you really dont have much to lose.

You have a couple great transits in September, including the solar eclipse on the 13th and Mars entering your sign on the 25th. While it wont really hit you until the end of the month, this will be a great time to keep pursuing opportunities! But, be careful you dont go too gung-ho with your money. Finances are the one downside this month, and youll need to keep an eye on what youre spending and strive to be your fiscally responsible self.

October is your high-energy month! Thanks to the Mars transit continuing into this month, youll have the focus, the drive, and the energy to get anything and everything done. Just make sure you keep yourself completely busy, or else this energy could make you restless and work against you. Thinking too much is your kryptonite, so keep busy so you can avoid this as well. Take on as many projects as you can, and youll be super successful this month!

November is the beginning of the holidays, so it makes sense that you want to be all about your family and loved ones right now. But, youre not in it for the togetherness. Youre dealing with an internal issue that you cant quite describe. Its making you insecure, and its so deep down that its hard to grab at. Once you think about it though, youll understand that the reason why you keep thinking about home and family is because they may be the root to your problem. You want to avoid any confrontation, especially with this, but you know something needs to be done. The end of the month may be the best time to face your fear of this and fix the root of your insecurity.

Remember back in November when youre trying to figure out why youre so unsure about your family life? Youll finally be dealing with it in December, and its not as dramatic as you feared. A good house cleaning and clearing out unnecessary clutter will make you feel so much better, and youll enjoy the space more to boot. Simplification is the name to your game, and by having a clean space by the time the holidays come around, youll be in your element. Breathing room is better than having a bunch of stuff thrown in a room, and while you wont admit it freely, youll see how great it is and appreciate your work. The beginning of December is your clutter-cleaning time, so make sure to put as much energy into this as you can, as your physical and emotional self will graciously appreciate it.

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