2017 Horoscope Gemini

2017 horoscope gemini
As always, the coming year 2017 will be highly varied for members of your Zodiac sign. Oh, my dear Gemini, at the heart of your personality you are so bright, flashy, and diverse in temperament! How interesting, scary and unclear it is with you... Take a look at all that happened and your eyes will well up with tears. How much stupidity did we accomplish? Strangest of all, no matter what approach one takes -- it's completely unclear what to do with you! How can a person remain themselves and not go mad being with you? Answer honestly, at least to yourself: what, in fact, are you looking for? In what is the true sense of your life, ideas, deeds, plans? Can everything be in the realization of the moment here and now? The search for truth? Where are the sources of your strength that will drive you to craziness and action, impressing everyone around you with your daring? But don't say that it's all about self-affirmation! By doing this you break our heart. But even if your true goals are mundane, everyone around you wants to believe that in the deeds of Gemini there is something else, definitely something more than banal self-determination...

What then is practical for each Gemini in The Year of The Fire Rooster 2017 but to either present a surprise, or to present an important life-affirming lesson, knowledge of which will accompany you yet another year. In the Year of the Rooster 2017 it's possible that what had until now slipped from your view will become accessible to you. In particular, 2017 will not pass by without a trace; new knowledge will surprise and enrich members of the Gemini sign. For example, it might be a surprise for Gemini that there is on this earth a shared soul able to influence even the most candid members of your air sign? But even the Devil himself can't control you! Not only are you informed of this, but also everyone who knows you personally. One way or another, in 2017 surprises await not only you, dear Gemini, but also all those who are directly close to you or connected to you in some way. Especially in relationship to your zodiac sign, we can claim what we said at the start; The Year Of The Red Fire Rooster 2017 will be quite a diverse and varied period for those born under the sign of Gemini.

Let us try to analyze the tendencies of 2017 in detail; everything that in the coming year will provide you, dear Gemini, with assistance, bring benefit, or, conversely, cast a pall over your existence. Let us begin with the elements of 2017. The thing is, the current element of this time period is Fire, at the same time as Gemini - whose sign is Air. And how does Fire interact with Air? To a highly relative degree, if you ignore a simple physical fact: Without air (in particular, without oxygen), the process of burning is impossible. This tells us that at this life stage Gemini will hardly receive from the representative of 2017 any exceptionally useful indications; rather they (Geminis and the Fire elements of 2017) will coexist in parallel, intersecting on only the rarest of occasions. Nevertheless, you don't live in parallel universes, so the connection is preserved. Intersections will have a place and it's necessary for Gemini to clearly understand what to do in those moments. Besides, in 2017 it's necessary to take into account that Saturn, the exaltant of Gemini, will now turn out to be not as strong as you wanted, and Mercury (steward of the so-called zodiac house of Gemini) will be the opposite, controlling the reins. Each of these nuances individually carry no substantial high-quality characteristics, one way or another defining a life of heroes of this horoscope, but in sum all of this paints a fully concrete picture, which vividly divides 2017 into four successive stages, each of which will bring a certain unique trace into the life of Gemini.

The first step will begin with the arrival of The Year Of The Red Fire Rooster (let us remember, that this is not at all January 1st, but February 28th) and will last on average until the end of March or the beginning of April (but in total might constitute no more than one week). This interval of 2017 might be characterized by an intensification of situations in the sensual-emotional arena, so this claim might to an equal degree concern extremely varied situations, but by no means in a negative way.

Lonely Geminis can now look more "soberly" at their life and realize that in reality they want to strive for something (or, more precisely, for someone). Married people will have the unique ability to look at their relationships from another point of view, although, of course, not everyone will experience positive emotions. On the other hand, if we rid ourselves of frankly disastrous relationships, which bring you no creative impulses, but only cause suffering, then wouldn't it be fair to get rid of such relationships, no matter how difficult it might be? The question to a great degree is philosophical; nonetheless, it is necessary for Gemini to answer it in this stage, and, truthfully, not just once.

The next time period, which begins with the arrival of April and concludes approximately in the second third of July, will be more dynamic for Gemini. However, it is highly curious that here the decisions which were made in the beginning of 2017 will have practically no meaning. This doesn't mean that they weren't important in principle; they are important, but we will talk about this later. Now it is necessary to focus on work, although you needn't think that this will be an especially "technical" question. Communication, personal relations -- the emotional sphere -- will also have great meaning in this very high quality stage. The Red Fire Rooster may try to "buck" and for this you especially, dear Gemini, must be ready, so that in a negative situation it may be easy to lose the position you had earlier gained. In this time period not everything in the work arena will be smooth, so don't rush into initiatives. Focus on what you consider the most important for yourself at this moment in time, but make decisions only when it is objectively necessary, and not when you feel like it.

From the end of the second third of July and right up until the end of October is a time period which will have as special a significance as those decisions which Gemini made at the beginning of the year. In general, for those of your zodiac sign The Year Of The Fire Rooster 2017 is like a chessboard in the sense that moments when it is necessary to emphasize the emotional sphere will alternate with periods when it is better and more productive to focus on work. In fact, the third step in many ways will repeat the first; only here you'll have to work with old material. You will strengthen specific tendencies related to the personal realm, while others you will abandon like something unneeded and already obsolete. Remember, however, dear Gemini, that it is important for you not to become too absorbed in play. Despite your desire to rise, it's necessary for you to try to remain yourself, attempt to adequately evaluate and measure your own abilities. This also concerns the spheres of relationships with close friends and family members. Here it is true the Fire Rooster will help you greatly, pointing out your weaknesses and shortcomings. Instructions won't be very obvious, because unfortunately some Gemini's, especially those who don't understand hints, may present themselves in an unfavorable light. Remember, not everything revolves around you, and it isn't especially worth it to "bite off more than you can chew." You need to be smart and bow to the needs of other people. There are no other options. But if you do everything right, you will find those relationships you always dreamed of.

The two final months of 2017, along with all of January and up until February 15, 2018 (this is the end of the Year Of The Red Rooster in the Eastern tradition) will be the closing stage of the current time period for Gemini. For many zodiac signs these months always embody the harvest, figuratively speaking, taking stock of the year. That is, we gather the fruits of our labors, delight in our successes, bemoan our misfortune, but in particular we don't yet undertake any dynamic action. This is natural, and in this sense 2017 is no exception for members of the Gemini sign. At this time you need to focus to a large degree on work because it is namely there that some especially meaningful events will occur.

Mercury advises you not to lose faith in yourself under any circumstances. Yes, quite simply, be yourself -- this is now the most successful and, shall we say productive, strategy. In the love department a frank peace will become clear, although it must be pointed out that for the majority of Gemini's all of this is quite relative. But this same "peace" might be like the lull before the storm, or like natural harmony or repose. Naturally, little will depend on you here due to all the key decisions you already made. And here in the career area certain nuances still remain in the realm of potential. It makes sense for Gemini not to slack off at work. In this period of 2017 certain important decisions are possible which will significantly influence your future career. If you act correctly, the Fire Rooster will undoubtedly be proud of you, and you will receive substantial satisfaction.

Dear Gemini, in summary I would like to wish you a happy 2017 and the start of a period in which many roads open for your zodiac sign. Remember, in The Year Of The Fire Rooster 2017 you will be able to achieve much. However, avoid being friends with a certain person, do what you want, but don't be trite in your undertakings! Your nature is such -- you are fickle and unique in essence -- that only in such a way can you be happy!

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Jackal ur done 2017-01-06 03:20:21
The item u were looking for is now refound along with a video and also testimonial of some of the people u thought helped u
Matey watch 2017 it's happening good forbid I and my ex become friends just watch
More people u messed with all creating a comeback
Ur f**ked

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How to catch the jackel 2016-12-31 02:44:49
A animal who feeds on left overs
A animal who can't win like a lion

Play with its ego set up a trap and then watch it chase it own tail round and round
We are watching it's so funny

Change it from theon to Reece

The art of war battles are to lost wars to be one - this jackle set up its own trap hilarious just laughing at it daily

I guess it's a lone animal no loyalty between it's pack

Time to realise the documentary lol 2 lovely videos

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Let's get him 2016-12-25 16:24:02
For sure a stronger alliance is one where everyone who don't like him is friends

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Game of thrones 2016-12-21 08:31:44
I'm a Lannister
I love women I call my sisters what's wrong with that
It's on video on you tube
Btw it's not slander it's my own words at a speech

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Neighbour hood watch 2016-12-22 19:27:06
Sloppy seconds the factuated one

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Ms Indian 2016-12-21 14:21:55
Your a s*ck f*ck

You need to get exposed

I bet you like try to expose others

Guy like you will never get any real loyalty you don't deserve any

Watch how faith spans out on you - s*ck f*ck I bet you don't even keep your promises you will try to get out of them

Remember sister lover what goes round defo comes around

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The nights watch 2016-12-24 08:22:57
I think I know who he is

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Sachem 2016-12-18 07:54:11
Bring it on in 2017

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Ajay 2016-12-16 11:59:58
Yo trap setter I know that one
A Gemini guy I know stuck his nose to show everyone he his a big man - know those same people look and blame him - this fella got set up deep down he knows he has been play - love this guy we always make him think he is wining lol
He thinks he is great he thinks he has loyal friends he thinks a lot we ( new people now) love playing with his ego
He don't even know it - Bham bham

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Fatty jay 2016-12-15 09:53:31
Wait bro it's happening

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The trap setter 2016-12-11 15:32:49
All ways plays with a mans ego
It will bring him down without him even knowing

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Willy good boi 2016-12-07 17:15:30
Will I get blesssing ? Feel like I am being watched everyday by people from my past and they all in a group
I am good boi now with lots of loyal friends drinking and partying

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Master game player 2016-12-06 17:15:59
Look who's laughing now mr willy made you do all that without you even knowing hehe
Blame faith for a bit of good luck

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AVENGERS 2016-12-05 05:39:16
The first avenger
Then assemble
Avenge avenge avenge

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Mr C I D 2016-12-04 14:51:05
Strike whilst the Iron is hot
You will have all the support in 2017 from multiple sources -
It's seems like the structured plan is coming to fruition- well done group

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Not Important 2016-11-28 22:13:14
gemini's destiny/fate is full of troubles. most of the times people can't/don't understand that gemini's mutability is not because of what he/she wishes rather because of the worst fate which forces him/her badly always to change the course of life. you can understand it clearly by this example, suppose you have such a bad luck that you're getting barrier or accident in 2-5km interval while your destination is 150km. if you fall in accident 10 times to pass 40km and then see the road is block and its impossible to reach your destination in time, wouldn't you change your path if you get chance ? and then wouldn't you change again if you get same issue in other road ? so, those people will never understand the gemini who never get experience of such a worst luck. I can say this from my life experience.

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Not Important 2016-11-28 21:39:33
'at the same time as Gemini -- whose sign is Water'- isn't this a mistake ? I knew Gemini is an Air sign, not water.

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Surprise me 2016-11-27 15:53:06
It's a exciting year can't wait for me big surprise
Come on fire roaster me and the teacher are waiting

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Darwin 2016-12-02 10:26:25
it will come when you don't even expect it

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