2018 Color Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Color Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

Gemini's color is yellow. Not the easiest color to incorporate into your wardrobe, unless you're a professional clown, or you wear a Hazmat suit to work. Stick to accessories if you're not comfortable in wearing clothes that bright.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which moves through the zodiac quickly. In 2018, it will change signs quickly, so the colors associated with Gemini will subtly shift more often. Mercury's color is green and it is associated with patterns of paisley.

Mercury starts the year off in Sagittarius, so you can tone it down, so to speak, and dress in yellow, violet, and royal blue. Spend time with pleasant people who make you laugh. You may be a bit scatter-brained, but you will make others laugh. Hopefully, they're laughing with you.

On January 11th when Mercury enters Capricorn, wear yellow and black or brown. Others may give you written or verbal support. This is a good time to seek letters of recommendation or get formal approval from a superior.

On the January 30, Mercury enters Aquarius. Now you can add bright blue to the yellow. For the next two weeks, plan to travel or take a weekend getaway. You may also be a middleman for some foreign arrangement or deal. Make sure you stick to legal arrangements and deals, as lies and deceptions will blow up in your face at this time.

On February 18th, Mercury enters Pisces, a difficult sign for Mercury. Throw in a little aqua and sea green with yellow. The focus will now be on discussing work and career, and possibly negotiating a career move. This is a good time for interviews or negotiating a promotion.

On March 6th, Mercury enters Aries. Now the colors for Gemini will be red and yellow. Spend time building your network of friends and acquaintances. Make strangers welcome.

Mercury first retrograde period

On March 23rd, Mercury starts his first retrograde for 2018. This will occur in the first fire sign, Aries, so it's a double challenge for this planet. Now choose deeper yellows, like mustard, and dusky reds. During this time, Gemini will have the opportunity to reassess reorganize ideas and long-held beliefs. On April 15th, Mercury goes direct again. This pivoting movement signals the start of clear and direct communications again. Wear lighter colors again.

On May 13th, Mercury enters Taurus. Your colors are yellow, pink, and white. This is usually a quiet period for Gemini, as your planet passes through you area of reflection and solitude. You may be concerned with your own thoughts and are less likely make your thoughts known.

On May 29th, Mercury comes home to Gemini. This is an excellent period for you. Wear yellow and green. Be yourself now and live in your truth. You will at your most comfortable with yourself, and the world will be accepting of who you are and what you want to be in the world.

On Une 12th, Mercury will leave Gemini and enter the sign of Cancer. This short time is for focusing on earning money and adding value in other ways to your life. Now wear a combination of yellow, silver, dusky blue, and mauve.

On June 29th, Mercury enters Leo and will remain there for over two months, so you should choose yellow, orange and gold. This extended period in Leo is in your area of communication. The good news is that's what you're good at. There will be many conversations, meetings, and messages back and forth in this time. Just make sure that the content is all worthy of communicating (and not to be kept in confidence).

Mercury's second retrograde period

July 26th, Mercury, still in fiery Leo, goes retrograde. Now earlier arrangements may have to be changed and will be in flux. There may be changes in plans, ideas, and in attitudes.

Mercury goes directly on August 19th and moves forward once again in Leo. As Mercury gets back up to full speed, all the issues from the past few weeks will be finalized. At this time, you can move forward with confidence.

On September 6th, Mercury enters his other home sign, Virgo. The colors are subtle, so try yellows with olive green, navy blue, and khaki. This is a good time for Gemini's as your planet is well placed, even though it's another sign. Attend to family issues and discuss how your home life may be changing as family members come and go.

Mercury enters Libra on 22nd September. Now wear yellow, pink, blue, and bright green. Romance and creativity are high. Speed dating may be an option or you. Others may shamelessly throw themselves at you, and you don't mind at all.

October 10th, Mercury goes into Scorpio. Now wear green black, dark red, and magenta. This is a good time to revise your will or other important papers, like a mortgage. Credit and other people's finances are an issue now. You may be asked to lend someone money. It's better to give than lend between family members, as loans can make relationships awkward.

On October 31st, Mercury enters Sagittarius again and remains there until the end of the year because of Mercury's third retrograde period. Wear yellow, royal blue, and royal purple. Spend this short time focusing on your partner's thoughts and ideas. You may be told you are not paying enough attention to them. If this relationship is meaningful for you, then you had better listen up.

Mercury's third retrograde period

On November 17th, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius. Now the colors are darker like mustard, denim blue, and plum purple. You may have a bit of deja vu as you and your partners or lovers go over old territory, rehashing old arguments and discussions.

Mercury will continue to go backward into Scorpio from December 1-6. Choose darker shades now, like goldenrod, amber, black, burgundy, and maroon. Mercury goes direct again on December 6th. Wear deep yellow, crimson, and poison green now. This can be a dangerous time for a relationship, as talks and arguments may be hurtful even if true. Walk away from disagreements with your partner and live to fight another day, or you may find yourself without a partner to fight with.

On December 12th, Mercury re-enters Sagittarius and remains there until the end of the year. Go back to bright yellow and bright blues, like sapphire. This will be a time for clarity in your relationship. Things may be hashed out once and for all. Move forward confidently and accept that opposites do attract...to a certain extent. Now you can sweet-talk your significant other back into the fold, or break up with permanently if you wish.

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