2018 Gemini Video Horoscope

Free 2018 video horoscope for Gemini, yearly 2018 video horoscope for Gemini prepared for the period of the year of the Dog.

Geminis will meet 2018, the year of the Yellow Dog, with joy and with hope. In the soul and life of representatives of this Zodiac sign, there is not a single vector which gives a clear representation of your plans and goals, and in this regard 2018 will be absolutely no different from all the preceding periods. At the end of the day, Geminis are still Geminis, and the world keeps spinning as beforeÖ What, leading up to 2018, will inspire you, dear Geminis, with hope? What will subconsciously inspire your heart with confidence in the games you know you are losing, even in situations of zugzwang? It is definitely hard to answer these questions. However, we think that the answer lies in the very nature of your Zodiac sign. 2018, the year of the Dog will be a fair and responsible period, when everything which is going on is exactly what it seems, and only you, dear Geminis, are allowed to be yourselves! In 2018, your predictability will not leave any chance for opponents. And you, dear Geminis, will sense this somehow. You will not see the people around you even as worthy opponents, and so in 2018 you will be capable of fighting for the trophy you have your eye on!

The situation surrounding the area of love will develop in a very interesting way for representatives of your Zodiac sign. We wonít jump ahead too much, but this year Geminis could meet that unique person who will really understand you. Itís not guaranteed that you will stay together for a long time, but still you must be aware that not everyone is able to understand Geminis, but if you have met such a person, be indulgent!

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