2018 Love Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

All Gemini's can look to Venus the planet of beauty as it brings love and harmony to their dating and love search. Your first flirtation will begin under the blessing of Venus. The only thing is that you may choose a good-looking person over a worthy one. The lure of a siren will tempt you into your first tentative kiss long before the other signs have given love a thought.

Your romance planet is Venus and she will support your love life from August 7th to September 10th when you may fall in love easily. This it the time of the year for Twins to take love where you find it. You will not be so picky and once you get past the initial meeting you will find that love comes in many guises.

The Sun brings its energy to bear as well from September 23rd to October 23rd and this lets light and life to your romantic side. Get out and about during the morning and spend time together in daylight when the Sun is up. Evenings and nights can be spent at home doing things together and planning the next day's outings. In this way you can tap into the energy of the Sun for your romances and add energy to your love life

Venus the planet of love once again stimulates your love life between November 1st to November 16th but this time there can be challenges to love or things get in the way. You may be faced with a third person trying to insert themselves into your life. This will pass but it can cause damage if your girlfriend or boyfriend is tempted away. Even a stolen kiss at this time will have repercussions, and if it is you that is drawn into intrigue by another, know that even a simple gesture at this time can cause untold destruction to your love life. Be true and stay the course.

There will be better vibes from November 16th to December 3rd as Venus once again bestows her beauty and fragrance over your dating and boyfriend/girlfriend connections. If there was trouble in the first two weeks of November this is the time to fix things before Venus moves on in early December. Events may get upsetting but if you truly love each other you will survive this time and be stronger in your love later.

Committed Relationships

When Gemini's finally make a commitment it is truly life changing and your journey has just begun. The day that dawns with a soul mate in your life will be the start of a different phase for you. This is more so for Gemini's as you have the largest planet Jupiter ruling your permanent relationship sector. Jupiter will bestow greatness and bounty to your romances. This often shows as you being better together than apart. The coming together under Jupiter provides the energy for great things that can be done with your lover.

Mars enters your partnership zone fast and hot on January 27th and this brings excitement and energy to your relationships. This busy mood will continue until mid-March. You will be inclined to do joint activities and spend more days with your partner. This is the time to do plenty of outdoorsy things like hiking or playing sport rather than passive activities like being flopped on a beach or watching the TV. Get up and out to enjoy life.

Towards the end of the year your relationships will receive a massive boost as the largest planet Jupiter brings bounty to your marriage from November 9th as it provides growth and opportunity for weddings and committed relationships. You should wait until November 16th before tying the knot. In these next twelve months when luck and good things are bestowed onto your one-to-one partnerships it will be a fabulous time for announcing an engagement, moving in together or getting married. If you are already married, then Jupiter will bring a focus to the benefits of just being together. The world can be a harsh and cold place but at this time you will appreciate the benefits of going through life with someone special at your side. You may be called on as a couple and have better luck when together.

Further to add to the positive vibes of being together the Sun will add its energy to your partnership zone from November 23rd to December 22nd and this is the best time in 2018 for Gemini to be in a couple's relationship. You can be completely honest with each other as your love grows. At this time your life will orbit around your partner and you will not have time for other people and their demands on your time. Use this period to reinforce the bonds of your relationship and to explore each other fully.

Lost Love

Avoid excessive romantic gestures between March 9th to July 11th as you may fall prey to going overboard in empty signals of commitment that are just for show. The danger here is that you could promise undying love and then change your view later in the year after July 11th when your planet of committed relationships once again gets back up to speed.

Expect a downturn in your love life from October 5th to November 16th when Venus the planet of love and partnership is held back. This is not a good time for most but it is particularly difficult for Gemini's as Venus is your planet for romance and falling in love in the first place. If you do fall in love at this time you will change your feelings later and by the same token, if you feel the love has gone, you could reevaluate these ideas after November 16th. The point is that the planetary energy between these dates brings challenging times for romance and you need to be aware that all is not as it seems.

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