2018 Money Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2018 Money Horoscope Leo

Leo Money Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

In 2018 Leo will be one of many signs for whom it will be virtually essential to spend money.

The thing is, already at the start of the year you could get lucky. Either you'll win the lottery or you'll get a prestigious job. Of course, this may not lie entirely in blind chance, you will also make an effort yourself, but this doesn't have conceptual significance. In accordance with the position of Mercury, you shouldn't put too much money in your own hands, otherwise the risk of an accident or of other problems which depend on external (unpredictable) factors will grow significantly. You could deposit money in the bank, you could start building your own house, or spend everything on currently really needed things. The important thing is not to spend too long in one place, not to slow down too much. Still, don't pay attention to your own emotional state, as now you could be constantly dissatisfied with your own position and your own achievements in the area of finances.

But even if constant dissatisfaction is natural for Leo in the year of the Dog, the absence of real progress is actually a problem. What we mean is that in order to achieve the optimum in 2018, you will have to prove yourself. This concerns female Leos in particular, since career will now come to the forefront. And you mustn't do anything about this, no matter how mercantile this sounds - feelings will wait. At least for a time you will feel like a real business lady, to whom career is everything. This will enable you to significantly improve your financial standing, but with special sacrifices. Aside from that, this period will be brief - it's hard to pinpoint the exact time frames, but the stars are certain that you will understand immediately when you need to start acting, and when you should minimize your efforts. Male Leos will have to 'roar' at a certain time, just like a lion, to show that someone is in charge here. Of course, doing this will only be necessary at a very specific moment. If you fall within the right time frame, you can expect financial success. If you make a mistake... in general, you had better not make a mistake.

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