2018 Color Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Libra

Libra Color Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

Libra's colors are pink, light blue, and lavender. Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra, and this is Venus' positive sign. This means that it expresses itself more overtly in Libra. Venus's color is pink, which is not always easy to wear for men and women. Men can add a dash of pink in their ties and socks. Women who are not fond of baby pink, can choose other options in the pink palette like rose and cerise which are more wearable tones.

Venus starts the year in the sign of Capricorn. The colors are pink, black, deep brown, and dark green. This is a time for establishing goals and planning success for later in the year. There will be a focus on home and family values now.

On January 18th, Venus goes into Aquarius. Wear electric blue and ultramarine with pinks and light blues. This is a good time for Librans, as creativity will be stimulated and romance may flourish. Now you can share your discerning artistic eye with others. Spend your time with loved ones and on entertaining activities.

Venus enters Pisces on February 10th, and this is her sign of exaltation. Here you can choose to bring in deeper mauves and aqua to complement the pinks. Wear rosy hearts for Valentine's Day, and feel free to share your love and gifts with others. Add sweetness to your life now through good food or drinks.

On March 6th Venus enters her difficult sign of Aries. Wear combined red and pink to harness the energy. This can be a time to protect your love with the style. Be prepared to defend those who would take your partner. Within your relationship, you may have to overcome frustrations as well. This will pass, but it may be seen as a shake-up in your love life.

On March 30th, Venus is now in Taurus and comfortable again. Step your colors up to warmer pinks, like coral, and throw in some white and green. This is a good time of the year for Librans because your planet is not stressed. Relationships can become steadily intense, and you may take them to the next level.

Venus will move into the sign of Gemini on April 24th, and now you can wear yellow with your pinks and blues. This is the time of the year to take a break and travel a little. Stretch your thoughts and get out into the big world. You could also be attracted to some armchair travel from a comfortable spot.

On May 19th, Venus enters Cancer where the colors will be pink and silver. Your career will be improved for a while, and others will look on you with benevolence. If you seek a promotion, others will feel inclined to help you in a gentle way. A woman may help you at work or offer some aid for getting a promotion.

June 13th sees Venus in Leo so the shades are now orange or gold with pink. Jewelry with gold and pink diamonds will work as well as watches in rose gold. Your friends will be good support now and associates may lend a hand. Remember to thank your friends and give them tokens of your friendship with small gifts. Be gracious to those who are on your side and remember they don't have to be generous, but they are.

On July 10th, Libra's ruling planet enters her other difficult sign Virgo. Now the spectrum shifts to pink and earthy greens, navy, beige, and gray. This is the time to ease back and withdraw somewhat from life. Don't start new things but rejuvenate yourself through quiet reflection and self-care. Attend to good sleep and evening wind-down practices.

From August 6th to September 9th, your planet is in its home sign of Libra. This is an excellent time for all Librans. Wear pink, light blue, and lavender to your heart's delight. Be yourself and true to your core. Don't apologize for who you really are. Live in your truth. Your inner glow will show through and be attractive to other people. This is an excellent time to reinvent your image to reflect who you truly are, not the person others want you to be.

On September 9th, with Venus stifled in Scorpio, wear pink and black, poison green, magenta, and crimson. This time of the year you have to slow down and be quieter. You will not be able to move your life forward easily now. Situations will strain your natural ease and test your patience. Cash may not flow and overdrawn accounts are a possibility.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Libra

From October 5th Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, and this suggests you should wear darker tones of the two colors so pick ruby, raspberry, black, and burgundy. Take time out to relax and double-check all things you did recently, especially for work. Don't buy new things or start new romances whilst Venus is retrograde. Never marry at this time. Plan a wedding for later, but don't purchase anything.

On October 31st, Venus returns to her own sign where she is strong, and because she is still moving backward, your colors should be similar but deeper like a strawberry pink combined with fuchsia.

Venus direct

On November 16th, the backward movement comes to a halt and your planet once again moves forward and quickly gets back to full speed. Again choose to wear lighter shades of pink and brighter, clearer Scorpio colors like cabernet. When Venus is back in, Libra you can glimpse the light again and have a clear focus. Be yourself and enjoy life to the fullest as your planet passes through your sign.

On December 2nd, Venus slips back into Scorpio and now you can step-up the intensity of your colors. Choose deep, intense red-pinks and deep purples and black. This is a good time to expect a financial boost and an improvement of your self-confidence. Consider every offer, both monetary and romantic. There is no rush to decide, so let the year end on an interesting romantic note.

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