2018 Love Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Libra

Libra Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

As a Libran with the planet of love Venus as the driver of your sign you can look to quirky Uranus when you seek a boyfriend or girlfriend. This lets you go out with all sorts of people and thus you can make a balanced decision, or this is what you tell yourself. You may date someone for a while but then the love fades and you hang on too long. Learn to find harmony in your love interests and get real as soon as possible.

On February 15th the dynamic solar eclipse in your romance zone augers well for new love to start. This can be the beginning of a beautiful romance and you will enjoy the tender feelings evoked in you now. This is a time to find romance. People you fall in love with now will be around for at least six months and this will provide the time for you to get to know them fully. If you are married, you will get a new beginning or see your lover in a new light. This will probably be for the good as the eclipse promises the conception of new love that springs from your depths.

Mars stimulates your drive to find a mate from mid-May to mid-August and then again from mid-September to the end of October and this means you will have an active love life and enjoy your chosen one. This dynamic energy can bring a friend as a lover or make lovers friends as well. You are happy and full of life and others find this attractive now. Your sheer animal instincts can be the driver for attracting a mate.

Unusual Uranus rules your romance sector and this can offer fireworks and surprises in your love life. Take advantage of every moment to seek out love as it is a very human need to have a someone to be with and adore. You are more likely to choose a mate who is different in some way to what people would naturally think is a good choice for you. You will require a free thinking and quirky knowledge person who can hold their own in groups or just be weird on their own. Do not look for boring lovers that anyone can have but rather choose some who will keep you interested for the next twenty years.

Committed Relationships

You may be surprised when you do get married that you did not see it coming. Libra's marriage planet is feisty Mars and this energy takes no prisoners. You will rush to wed and not endure a long engagement. The ardour you feel on your wedding night will last through your time together.

You have experienced many years of challenges in your marriage as Uranus has been lingering in your partnership area for several years now and finally in May it will leave. This means the unpredictability of your marriage or committed relationship will settle down, slow down and may even become somewhat boring. All the irritation of past years will fade and you can once again get back to normal.

Venus enters your marriage area from March 7th to April 1st and brings love and beautiful things to your partnerships. You will be very happy now. This is a good time for Librans to marry as your partner is more important than you are as an individual and this is a desirable state of harmony in relationships.

The Sun lights up your relationship areas from March 21st to April 21st this year which overlaps with the strong Venus energy already blossoming for you. Enjoy being in love and being one part of a whole. Librans need to find a partner and this time of the year supports a partner that loves you as well. You may be more inclined to announce your love weeks before your girlfriend or boyfriend is comfortable doing so. They can be somewhat put off by your urge to make a firm commitment but this is your way of weeding the unsuitable out from your life. There is no time to waste for Librans to discover a good partner and your strategy although a bit gushy will clear the way for a better person for you. Be yourself at all times.

Your communications may get garbled from March 23rd to April 15th as Mercury the planet of talking gets snagged up in your partnership zone. This means that you will misunderstand and be misunderstood by your spouse. Take the time to get all messages and thoughts sorted out clearly otherwise there can be errors.

Lost Love

Challenging times for you in your relationships will happen around the first two weeks of August even with the earlier positive energy of Mars. This may be a difficult time for Librans for love as your romantic planet stops pushing forward and changes direction. This can be reflected in your feeling that you either now do love someone or that you no longer love them. It depends but the change will strike you suddenly without warning.

When Mars is retrograde from June 26th to August 27th your relationship may move at a slower pace but it will still be active. This will give you time to take a breath and relax together more. The continuous go, go, go of Mars driven partnerships can be exhausting and this is the time to take a break. Go on holiday or a retreat together but spend your together time is less demanding pursuits. Consider this a downtime period for your marriage. Maintain the love but take the pressure off.

For Librans in general never have a wedding when Venus is retrograde and this year avoids marrying from October 5th to November 16th as Venus is not moving forward. It is always a challenge for love in general when Venus is darker by motion. This is a time to slow down and reassess your love life. It is not the moment for proclamations of undying love as, even though given in honesty at the time, they will not last. If someone proposes marriage to refrain from answering until after November 16th.

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E. 2018-03-05 17:52:49
Me too. I read both Sun & Moon sign here since Idk if Goto focuses on Sun or Moon. So I read both. I TOTALLY HEAR YOU! On Allll levels; everything has to be a damn battle. Forever & ever & ever. Every year drags when that's the case. I can't even say 'maybe this is the year' anymore. It doesn't matter how strong you are, the universe breaks who it wants for as long as it wants. It would take something very special, life changingly good & last more than a few hours for me to believe things even have a chance at changing. So here's my love to you anyway to help make you feel a little better hopefully ;-*
Libraslady 2018-01-06 19:51:57
I hope this year is better for you, sounds like you are having a real hard time of it.
To Librasman 2018-01-04 16:43:37
hahaha ... "almost shitty love life" SO THERE BE HOPE!?! But that's pretty funny that your partner is "almost shitty." LIES LIES!

It's all about how you frame things. Maybe you're luck will come after 32 y.o.
Youksee 2017-12-17 14:15:47
Yesss it wass fricking a rollercoaster when u think your close your 5 steps behind...cat amd mouse year
Librasman 2017-05-24 09:40:34
This year so far had me feeling like im suffocating, i honestly thought it was going to be a breakthrough for me, shitty job, shitty finances, almost shitty love life. shitty everything.And to make it worse, the year is draaaagging. i can't anymore, im tired.
G 2018-03-06 22:32:19
Dude SAME - I'm literally counting down to 2019 and it's ONLY MARCH... UGH... Kicked off the year with a flu cough then my cruise in January ended up with me going to the ER instead... my "bonus" negotiation got stalled at work due to my company selling out... FUCK ME... I've been so good to everyone I can (obviously not perfect) but seriously WTF... this has got to end and soon... exhausted little Libra

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