2018 Libra Video Horoscope

Free 2018 video horoscope for Libra, yearly 2018 video horoscope for Libra prepared for the period of the year of the Dog.

Some have earned knowledge, others have earned enlightenment, and in 2018, Libras have earned peace! For you, dear Libras, a new period will arrive in 2018, a year which is ruled by the Yellow Earth Dog according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The upcoming year of the Dog will, on the whole, have a tendency towards receiving the results earned from investments in the preceding periods, although for Libras such trends will be significantly stronger. But what does peace mean for a Zodiac sign such as yours, dear Libras? For some of you, this could be a real challenge. By living with wide open eyes, thirstily swallowing up every moment of life, aspiring to get ahead of time, you won’t be able to imagine what peace is. With inactivity you will only sense your nothingness and infirmity. But peace is a broader concept, also containing in itself restoration and recuperation – which may not have been possible for you for a long time. For you, dear Libras, the most difficult thing in 2018 will be the transition towards the model of behavior which is so new to your Zodiac sign. Despite the difficulty on this thorny path, we are confident that you will manage, good luck!

Well, for Libras, who are patronized by Venus, 2018 could become a period of rest and recuperation. The Dog, who will be the symbol of this year, belongs to the element of Earth, whereas your sign belongs to the element of Air. This means that circumstances will not be hostile towards you, on the contrary, the position of the heavenly bodies will effectively untie your hands, enabling you to do what you want, and not what you have to do. At first, several Libras may fall into a stupor, because the period of activity will change quite drastically into a prolonged period of calm. However, you will quickly adapt to the new rhythm, it will be enough just to show a bit of flexibility. This year will be good for reconsidering your positions, perhaps you will change something in yourself, without any risk of ending up in a difficult situation. Your worries and cares will suddenly recede into the background. The Dog recommends that you make use of a breather to the utmost, so that you can once again get back onto the horse of your desires and sprint forward, racing against the wind! The situation can only be made harder by your unwillingness to change something in the world around you. These are age-old doubts, characteristic for Libras. But now you really shouldn’t give in to them.

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