2018 Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Libra

Astrology forecast for the 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth DOG

Home and family continue much the same as last year as Pluto is in residence but now in 2018 you will draw the line on family members who are asking too much either of you or others in you family like parents and kids. This is as Saturn's energy is brought to bear. You will put a stop to hemorrhaging of your family's vital life forces. Anyone being a bully toward, or within your home, will be curtailed now.

Libra 2018 Horoscope Part 1

Libra 2018 Horoscope Part 1

Your working life continues to be a bit of a mystery and you may start to think of changing jobs. If your did take on new work last year it could be challenging to keep it going and you perhaps will want another one. This is the nature of Neptune in your work zone. The grass always looks greener on the other side and only once you are in a position will you really know. Do what you think is right and ignore the comments of others.

When Chiron enters your partnership sector on April 24th , you are likely to consider marriage. Do be careful as the person you choose may be needy and ask too much of you. Know your limitations for healing others and don't rush into marriage now. If you are already married or in a committed relationship, it may come up that there is an unbalance of power and you are doing all the support for your spouse without much in return. Know that this is a phase and will eventually pass but it could bring you to the brink of a decision.

There is a strong financial flavor for Libras this year that begins to build in April and reaches a peak from May 15th onward. This is as Uranus enters your joint financial sector. You will be surprised about what your spouse has and owes and what your commitments are to creditors and banks. Later on, your finances will have the opportunity to grow as you begin to value yourself better. Do all your Christmas spending before November 28th, or you may face the end of the year learning a lesson about overspending.

The year starts for Librans with home and family matters taking precedence. Finding any peace in your own home may be an issue. Decorate a special place for yourself and make it your own.

From January 21st, you are attracted to getting out and about, and you will love entertaining people with your elegant appetizers and sparkling conversation. If this seems too much throw a little soiree, cocktail party, or dessert party for your fans.

Libra 2018 Horoscope Part 2

Libra 2018 Horoscope Part 2

By the third week in February, the fun will cease as your get back to work. Your daily rituals can go a long way to support a good working day. You can prepare your clothes the night before and get enough beauty sleep to see you though this busy month.

Your partnership sector is illuminated for March 21st when you view the love of your life through rose tinted spectacles. If you are dating someone special this is a good time to make a commitment to them. If you are single there will be moments when you see your soul mate and they may be something different to what you imagined. Get real and speak to genuine prospects. You are confident in romance now.

After April 21st focus on your joint finances and help your partner face the reality of their situation. If you are constantly being asked for a loan, see it for what it is. If you keep lending consider if you are enabling them into debt. This month you see borrowed money for what it is so use this time to improve your life. When Uranus brings its energy to bear on this issue you will wish you had got a grip on your partner's debt and your own lines of credit beforehand.

After the Sun enters Gemini on May 22nd you can plan for a better future. You will enjoy some travel or other cultural activities. At this point you are still in the planning stage of the year. Choose what you want to do with your life and take steps to make it happen.

During August and September it sets the stage for your planet Venus to let you live in all your Libran beauty. This can be a fragmented time but the energy of the planet of beauty and harmony in your sign of balance and fairness cannot be underestimated.

At the equinox the Sun enters Libra and brings light to your life. Plan to spend this month doing outreach and network with other to improve your life. You can harmonize with the Earth and see beauty in simple things. It does not need to be a grand gesture but an appreciation of natural beauty.

Venus moves backwards from October 5th for six weeks which will be a time for a slower pace for Librans. Use this time to reassess your life and your love life. Find peace in your financial affairs and make the necessary adjustment to how you live. Do not start new jobs, relationships or get married in this time frame. Let Venus shake off the retrograde period and then things will be lovely again.

November 23rd shows you will be attending to money issues be they too much or too little. The best way to handle this period is to balance your budget and don't spend what you don't have. You may receive a one-off bonus cash injection now.

Wait until November 16th when the reins are released and you can get back to normal before your start to spend.

Do all your seasonal shopping and entertaining between November 23rd and the solstice. Remember to thank everyone who was there for you all the way down to building caretakers and service people. Get the decorations up and all the preparation work completed before December 22nd.

On December 22nd stop work and go home. Give all your attention to your family and those living in your house. They want to see you as well. Spend the end of year activities in the comfort of your own home and languish in the knowledge of being welcome.

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