2018 Scorpio Video Horoscope

Free 2018 video horoscope for Scorpio, yearly 2018 video horoscope for Scorpio prepared for the period of the year of the Dog.

Tossing from side to side and from extreme to extreme haunts your Zodiac sign. In 2018, Scorpios are destined to experience new challenges which you will hopefully overcome with flying colors! By its very nature, 2018, the year of the Dog, is prone to peace and receiving the profits from the preceding periods. But just not for Scorpio! In some way the erratic nature of your sign will come into resonance with the quiet time flow of the year of the Dog, you simply wonít take for granted what others are prepared to. And your main advantage lies in this, but also your main danger, because itís possible to go against the flow Ė this promises new horizons, but also colossal expenses! First and foremost this concerns physical exhaustion, the area of health and relationships with loved ones, who in 2018, under the effect of the development of negative trends in other areas, could be subject to reconsideration. So how should you be and what should you do? We donít think that even after learning about such warnings you will somehow stop in your development, but we can advise Scorpios in 2018 when making decisions to take into account more factors, which exert an indirect influence on the adjacent areas of your life. It wouldnít be excessive to decide on your priorities, to decide what is really important to you, and this especially concerns your family, or a loved one. In the fervor of fighting, you will find it easiest of all to forget about them, but hardest of all to recover them, even when what you said under emotional pressure has already lost its sense.

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