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August 2019 finds us in need of exactly what it will provide us: Confidence, direction, and ample energy to get organized. August will be a good month for finding inner confidence and figuring out how to manifest it in life. There will be a lot of work to do both inside and outside of ourselves.
The first few weeks will be about gathering that inner strength, as the Sun will be in Leo. The Fire sign will likely fuel us to accomplish our dreams and face any fears we have within. There is likely to be an adventure this month, and it would be best to do it as it comes and not plan it out too far.

As August continues and the Sun moves into Virgo, we will find that our energies shift from Fire to Earth, moving from adventuring to reeling in our exertion into the home. It will be important to pay attention to matters of the home. We will suddenly find that those things we've been putting off can no longer be neglected, whether it be simple things like chores around the house or bigger issues to do with finances. Our energies will be easily directed to these issues and with some focus that will come easily, they will be dealt with. This will be the more efficient side of the month, where we will feel like we have everything under control.
Work in the beginning of August will likely find us feeling frustrated and antsy, especially if it's a job with little exertion and energy used. We won't be alone in this, and the atmosphere is likely going to be the distracting variety where it can be, as everyone is looking to distract themselves from drudgery and would rather be social and chatty, so there would be a bit of an escape there, though not always a good idea to do so. Jobs with more active days and a lot of brain power will be far more exciting, though it's likely that days will still feel repetitive.

As August continues, work will become more enjoyable, even the smallest of tasks will become more interesting. Things to do with compiling information and restructuring systems will be highlighted at this time. We are more likely to be interested in the very things that we were avoiding previously. The social and distracting atmosphere will calm down and there should be a general feeling of determination and concentration on the work that needs to be done. Though teamwork may run into some cohesive issues, everyone should generally be heading in the same direction, which will be useful in its own way.
Socially, the beginning of August will be exciting and filled with new acquaintances and the sorts of friends that seek out adventure. There is likely to be a surge of social activity in our lives as we shift priorities from examining our lives to living our lives. As August ends, it is likely that social circles will shrink to our very core friends, with gatherings becoming steady, cozy operations that make us feel loved and grounded. There will be a shift in interests and conversations. Likely we will feel better rested and more satisfied after social interactions.
During the first part of August, our inner selves will be searching for distractions from things we don't want to deal with. We will have moments of introspection that may result in moments of impulse.

There is going to be a lot of joy during this time, though it will feel temporary and possibly not as satisfying as we would prefer. This is the time of fleeting highs, the time for adrenaline and excitement, things that bring us into the moment almost violently, but then leave us behind just as quickly. There is a caution to not do anything with long-lasting repercussions at this time. The bigger impulses we have should be held off.
As August continues, it is likely that we will find our energies becoming more easily satisfied with small accomplishments. There will be a shift in what we concentrate on inwardly, and we are likely to be more critical of others as well as our own actions. There is a chance we might feel a little more controlling as well, but it's likely we will focus on our immediate environment with these energies.
Overall, August will be a time of changing our surroundings, from making things more exciting for ourselves to making things more efficient for everyone. It will likely be a month to remember; a well rounded month with both things to brag about what we've accomplished and things to be deeply proud of.

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