Oriental 2019 Horoscope for Monkey

2019 Chinese Horoscope Monkey

Oriental 2019 Horoscope Monkey, for the Yellow Earth PIG Year

The year of a Pig for a Monkey (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

Monkey 2019 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Pig Year

Monkey 2019 Horoscope

The sign of the eastern horoscope Monkey refers to the elements of Metal. This is the first triangle of the Chinese Zodiac system and represents the energy of Yang. In the year of the Pig that is protected by the elements of Water, the representatives of the Monkey's Zodiac sign will confidently accept the challenges offered by Fate and will come victoriously out of all the battles that are headed in their direction. It is a time of self-realization, a period of successes and achievements which are fairly described as life-affirming. There will be many events and many acquaintances, long cycles of activity will alternate with short-term vacations, but rightfully, the Monkey will not relax. In this cycle, your resourcefulness and curiosity will play well and will allow you to surpass competitors and ill-wishers on all fronts.

From the financial point of view, 2019 will not be the same as the representatives of your Zodiac sign had earlier expected. This year will surpass all expectations! Monkeys will earn more, projects will bring a good income, and everything will develop in your favor. However, this will not be because of a lucky coincidence (although, to be honest, Fate will be on the side of the Monkeys beyond any doubt). Of fundamental importance is the efficiency of the representatives of your Zodiac sign, as well as the ability to fight and win, and find an innovative approach to solving the problem. Now you need to focus on yourself, on your goals and your methods. Let the others act as they want and Monkeys should invest in those areas that you have identified for yourself as the most promising ones.

If the Monkey has his own business, then in the year of the Pig you can let everything go a little. Total control is not required, but everything will be in order with some discipline applied. It is important only to pay attention to how the colleagues and, more importantly, your nearest competitors are feeling themselves. Perhaps some of them may need help. You read it right - this period is all about the unexpected nobility, which will inevitably result in new achievements for the Monkeys. And you will also get new friends and earn fame. The main thing is not to lose interest in what is happening around you.

For Monkeys who do not have their own business, 2019 will not be so dynamic but definitely not any less promising. Here it is necessary to focus on one's own state and ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Do you want to change your department or career? There are no problems with that, only be sure the soil for that is prepared in advance. This is a good time for a change, but it should be thoughtful, not spontaneous. Fortunately, Monkey is a very flexible and competitive sign, therefore in the upcoming race you have many more chances than the others. Here Pig recommends not resisting the initiatives of the leadership in any case, as from them one can get an unexpected but significant benefit, including the one related to your work in future.

The Monkey in 2019 is waiting for a pleasant surprise related to his family life. And some important, but indirect, changes are quite likely to take place during this period. Perhaps a distant relative will now live nearby or someone from your close friends will change his social status. Changes will be for the better, and they should not be resisted at all. You should let certain events proceed independently as your instincts are telling you to do. However, let us repeat one more time again - the more the Monkey hears and sees, the more opportunities might emerge. You should decide what to do with those opportunities. Let us just note that this is a great time for creating a strong family. If there is no such desire, then you can just enjoy life without one.

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2019 fortune for the monkey 2019-02-07 21:41:47
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I'm the sign of the pig. And I'm never out there to ever ruin a monkey's day as I'd ever break his heart as much as I absolutely do regret all of it every single day from the past 3 years!! So therefore, if he really doesn't want to do ANYTHING with me anymore, then it's really all on him that he found it all that twisted against me to the point that he sure absolutely has no reason to ever go out of his stupid way to screw the Hell out of me from the past 3 years which has been totally coerced way way back!! This all figures why that there's more great looking monkeys out there!! 😍
BISU 2019-01-14 00:50:22
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Good luck.

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