2020 Money Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2020 Money Horoscope Pisces

Pisces Money Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

The financial picture for Pisces this 2020 year of the Rat isn't bad, but it's not especially sexy. It essentially boils down to this: save your pennies.

Sorry to not bury the lede, but given your temperament, Pisces, it seemed to make sense to get that right out there. What does need to be spelled out is how you should save and be frugal and what pitfalls you need to watch out for in 2020. For that, please read on.

Start the 2020 year of the Rat right with a good, solid budget and financial plan for the coming year. You might already do this, but January is the time in which you're going to enrich and enhance that. It's not enough to keep a record of your bills and maybe tracking your spending. No, you need to take a cold, hard look at what you're doing with your money and how you can do it better. Are your utilities through the roof but you've just assumed that there's nothing you can do about it? No more assumptions. You're going to comb through every expense you currently have and figure out some possible alternatives - even the crazy ones - to cut them down. Look into solar panels. Get yourself a bike for local transportation. Grow your own vegetables. No idea is too outlandish: at this point, you're just brainstorming alternatives. Don't think you're going to become the local oddball completely off the grid (unless that makes sense for you), but also don't just accept every expenditure that you're making.

By spring 2020 you should have been following that plan for a little while, at least long enough to establish it as a good habit. Hopefully, it's all starting to feel a bit more comfortable, or at least easier. Spring also means s pring cleaning. Beyond the spiritual benefits of a home purged of clutter, keeping only that which brings you joy, it also means a garage sale or eBay store. Don't think you can't make a pretty penny off of the unknown treasures in your garage. Your prime time for this is April 2020: either set up a sale or an active online presence with the goods from your attic. And most importantly: take any money you make off of that and put it right into your savings. That's going to become more important later.

You don't need to be completely austere come summer, but you will want to be frugally fun. Thinking about a lengthy trip? You might want to postpone it until next year or modify it to something a little closer by. Less cruise to the Bahamas and more road trip to the nearest cool city. Don't think you'll never get to do the extravagant things again: just wait for a year in which Saturn isn't looking down on you (like, for example, 2021). By all means, enjoy yourself and treat yourself right. But this is not the year to splurge or financially over-extend yourself. This applies to any household additions as well. You can postpone that kitchen remodel another year or two. That said, you should do a household audit for anything that will save you money in heat or water. Wrap those pipes!

Remember all those pennies you've been dropping into your savings account? Well, the end of the 2020 year is when that's all going to pay off for you. You most likely have a good-sized amount in there, or at least enough to want to do something with it. November is the time for using that cash. Note that's "use", not "spend". While you certainly can spend it on a long lusted after video game system, consider maybe opening an IRA or rolling it into your current retirement account. Again, it's not sexy, but this 2020 year of the Rat is all about preparation for you, Pisces. You want that prep work done so you can live fabulously large in the future.

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