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♏ Scorpio Health Horoscope 2022

Scorpio might have quite a wild year ahead, but as far as health goes, things couldn't look any better in 2022.

This big wave of good health is attributed to Jupiter, which will be transiting through your 6th house for most of the year. The 6th house is the one that deals with health and your routine around it. Having Jupiter in that house is both good for your mental and physical health. However, if you want to maximize this transit's benefits, this would be a good year to either start trying to gain mass or revamp your workout regime. Jupiter is the planet of grandiosity and expansion. Usually, in old texts, they'd reference to Jupiterian bodies as large, solid, and kingly, so the Scorpio who has been trying to get stronger is in for good luck.

You might already be thinking this, but if Jupiter is so good for gains, what happens if I'm not working out? Depending on the planets that you have in your 6th house (especially if you already have Jupiter in there), this could imply some weight gains. Knowing that, you just have to stay active to get on the positive end of this transit. Besides, if working out doesn't interest you, gaining a little weight is not necessarily related to being unhealthy. Our bodies fluctuate in weight from time to time. As long as your conscious of your body's needs and occasionally seek the assistance from a professional, there's nothing to worry about a couple of pounds.

The next rather favourable transit for your health happens much later in the year. In October, Venus cazimi in your 12th house might bring just what you need to get your mental health in check. This is a transit that really lasts through all of Libra season and is suitable for building confidence and integrity. Take the month as a time to reflect and recenter yourself. This Venus transit is especially good for social matters. If you have any anxieties regarding interacting with people, deep mediation on those topics can bring some intense clarity. This is especially true if you do so during the October 9th Full Moon.

With all of the positive stuff out of the way, there's one transit that you want to be paying attention to, or rather a series of transits. The South and North Node are both respectively transiting through your 1st and 7th house throughout the year. This means that all the eclipses of the year will be in those houses. I left this for last because the 1st house doesn't always have health implications—though it can. With that said, you want to be extra careful and attentive to your body's condition around the eclipse season of May and November. The ones you want to pay more attention to are, of course, the Scorpio solar and lunar eclipse. Though, taking steps to be extra careful all throughout these two months wouldn't hurt.

Without ending on a bad note, the areas that explicitly deal with health in the chart are rather positive. Eclipses just always require a bit of extra care due to how unpredictable they can be. With that said, all the cycles are temporary, and even if there are some minor bumps in the road along the way, all will be well. Have a blessed year, Scorpio.

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